My first Premade on the Test Realm

It’s been awhile since they offered premade characters on the PTR, and I personally have never indulged.  Since I’m generally there to test crafting items and occasionally noodle with class changes, I just copy my own characters.  This time everyone was making such a huge fuss over getting premades, I thought I’d do it just out of curiousity.

I picked a PVP druid and while the options didn’t allow me to choose a healer, somehow I got one :)  I haven’t actually done any PVP with her yet, but she’s got full Season 3 gear, 500 gold and 250 Badges of Justice!  There’s one other thing I wanted to show off, just for drool factor:

Here are the HUGE bags I got on a premade character

Makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?  I know you’ll appreciate the description text as well:

Uber Bag Description Text

Dunno about you guys, but I’m leaking tears just thinking about having one of these for my very own!

This post dedicated to Mamabear and her never-ending quest for the biggest bag in existence so she’ll have enough room for all her herbs and potions.


6 Responses to “My first Premade on the Test Realm”

  1. ClemSnide Says:

    One of my guildmates, Mylan, went farming so that he could get the 20-slot general gear bag. He’s also making Primal Mooncloth like a madman to have enough to make for all his alts and friends.

    My thoughts (published elsewhere on this site, maybe) is that I’m going to wait. All of my charas have hit 50, with the exception of banks and one guy I’m leaving to switch to the new craft to be introduced in WoLK; therefore I have enough recipe fun to go through without specifically farming one recipe. (I casually try for the BoP Khorium set Blacksmithing plans when Saunders is in Netherstorm or Nagrand, though.)

    Also, I have the idea that there will be larger bags that are easy to make– like to 16-slot Netherweave bags which duplicated the Mooncloth bags of pre-BC fame. You could either find 4 pieces of a rare material drop from a limited subset of critters that was a good distance from flight points, then undergo two four-day cooldown cycles; or you could kill any Humanoid in all of Outland and buy a little common Rune Thread. Not the hardest decision in the world…

    I would even suspect that there will be a purchasable or craftable item which makes obsolete the dearly beloved Cenarion Circle herb bag patterns. Though I slogged through the reputation mill for what seemed ages, I got ’em, and don’t make too many of them because the profit is not worth the material cost, either in grinding or purchasing. So I’ll upgrade to the new ones and wave goodbye to 130g worth of bag. That’s life.

  2. ClemSnide Says:

    Oops– wouldn’t you know it, there already is a bigger Herb Bag, long before WoLK. I just didn’t read the last blog post. Comments about general gear bags still apply, though.

  3. Tlo Says:

    I agree with ClemSnide on the bag issue. With the introduction of guild banks, many people got at least 1 tab for their bank/AH toon – a much more cost effective way to get extra space.

    I am guessing that normal Frostweave Bags will have 20 slots and that “imbued” Frostweave Bags will have 22 slots, so I’m just going to go for the 22-slotters when the expansion hits. Although I have enough cash for flyers for all my mounts, I am saving cash for 300 riding skill for all of them also.

  4. Tlo Says:

    oops – I meant “flyers for all my alts” – hehe

  5. kaliope Says:

    Tlo: I agree with you, I suspect the Netherweave bag equivalent will be 20 slots and the Imbued equivalent will be 22 slots. That’s why I’d rather wait for WotLK instead of spending 1200g. Of course, I’m known to be cheap ;)

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    I was doing a little figuring, as is my wont, and calculated that the materials cost of the new herb bag at current AH prices will be 360g. I know, you all have Primal Mooncloth and Fel Lotuses sitting around; but if the price of the bags are significantly lower, you could just sell the materials and make a greater profit.

    A similar situation occurs with Satchels of Cenarius. There are a couple selling on Silver Hand right now in the 100-105g range, typical for the bags (I’ve sold one for 125 but couldn’t sell another at a fair price) and the materials would cost 95g on the AH. At least you’re not taking a loss, but you have to wonder whether the game will be worth the candle.

    Remembering the rush on Copper Ore and Bars with the introduction of BC, my plan wil be to sell the materials first; no doubt they’ll be at inflated prices right after the patch. Then I’ll see how the bag price settles out. And in the meantime, it looks like my Mage will be swamp-romping until his rep is good enough!

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