Tailoring Goodies from 2.4.3 PTR

After checking every couple of days for the new Tailoring patterns on the test realm, finally they are there today. There are three new patterns sold by Haughty Modiste in Steamwheedle Port. They are novelty clothing and require 245-250 skill and mageweave cloth to craft. Here are some screenshots:

Dress Shoes

Haliscan Pantaloons

Haliscan Jacket

I also have a dressing room shot of these items for those who want to know what they look like:

Haliscan Outfit and Dress Shoes

The thing that strikes me odd here is that this outfit greatly resembles the Tuxedo outfit that my bankers are currently wearing. I’m not sure why we needed another “suit” look for our toons. I do like the dress shoes though, I wasn’t able to find a Tailoring recipe to make black shoes for my bankers. Some of them are wearing whatever they were “born” in, which doesn’t tend to go well with their outfit. One thing to note, the Dress Shoes pattern is a limited supply item, the other two are not.

One more Tailoring item to share, which I’m sure Herbalists are drooling over:

Mycah\'s Botanical Bag, 28 Slot Herb Bag

I think it’s great that they finally added a larger herb bag, since Skinners and Miners have had 24/28 slot bags for awhile now. Sadly the only large herb bag currently available is from the old Cenarion Circle faction, which would be very annoying to grind up now that no one hangs out in Silithus anymore. Not that Sporeggar is much better in terms of practical usage, but at least it’s in Outland. The ingredients seem quite steep though, I’m guessing these will sell for several hundred gold on the Auction.


7 Responses to “Tailoring Goodies from 2.4.3 PTR”

  1. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    the outfit is the same as what the new ‘miniboss’, Don Carlos, in Old Hillsbrad is wearing, and when you kill him, you get a matching sombrero.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Ahh, I thanks for posting that tidbit :) I didn’t realize there was more backstory to those particular items.

  3. Thomas Jespersen Says:

    Actually [Frayed Shoes] goes well with the Tuxedo on a bank alt :)

    Check the screenshot for yourself:

  4. ClemSnide Says:

    I generally keep ’em barefoot, or go with the Winter Boots. Long dresses or robes hide the furry part at the top.

    My main bnker, Zaneeta, has settled upon a Festival Dress and a Blood Elf Bandit Mask, which go together marvelously. Genericus is usually in his beginner robes, which have not been repaired since arriving in Booty Bay!

  5. kaliope Says:

    Thomas: The Frayed Shoes would definitely work, but that 3% drop rate would likely dissuade a lot of folks from going that route, especially if they have multiple bank toons to dress up. It’s an interesting option tho ;)

  6. Tlo Says:

    Hmm – when 2.4.3 went live earlier today, I headed over the Steamwheedle to grab the new tailoring patterns. I got the pantaloons and jacket, but didn’t see the Dress Shoes. Is the shoe pattern Limited Availability, or did I make a mistake?

  7. kaliope Says:

    Yes, the Dress Shoes are limited but for some reason the other two items are not. Makes the trip out to Steamwheedle a real pain if you don’t see the shoe recipe when you get there :(

    I have that info buried in the article above, but I will highlight it so folks who are skimming will notice!

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