Vestments of Summer

For those of you engaging in the Midsummer Fire Festival, you may have noticed that a few of the goodies for purchase are quite “pricey” in terms of blossom value. I myself was skeptical of the items since the descriptions are vague and you can really only afford one beefy object (maybe 2 if you do every possible quest and daily available). Therefore, it helps to know what you’re getting and that’s where this post comes in.

I’m sure most of you have seen the brazier in action by now, but not so many have seen the clothing. You may be wondering why you would spend 200 hard-earned blossoms on a pair of ugly brown slippers. I had the same thought myself, to be honest. While everyone else was buying the pet and the dancing chic, my weirdo son decided to be different and go for the outfit. Lo and behold – it turned out to be a reasonable choice! I just purchased two of the four pieces for Kaliope as well and here are a couple of screenshots:

Vestments of Summer Front View

Vestments of Summer Back View

As you can see, I have flames on my hands and my feet. The robe is what creates the flaming hands and the boots are what creates the flaming feet. You click on each item with a “use” effect to set yourself on fire :) The robe will actually cause you to start dancing as well. As long as you don’t move you’ll continue to dance indefinitely, unlike the brazier which has a 3 minute timer. You can also play around with it somewhat, my son was able to get his robe to shoot flaming arrows from his bow while fighting mobs in Shadowmoon Valley (this assumes you wear the robe while fighting, lol).

I also bought the brazier on my 64 warlock, since he’s a dude I guess he can indulge in some girl watching, heh. When you activate the brazier, it looks like this:

Brazier of Dancing Flames in Action

Apparently you can do a few emotes to the draenei dancer, including /kiss and /wave. If you do /dance, you will turn into a full size version of the dancer for three minutes. Here’s what my garden gnome looks like as a dancing draenei:

Brazier of Dancing Flames

I hope you enjoyed this visual guide of the quest items from the Midsummer Fire Festival. Next I’ll be purchasing the flame pet, which actually looks more like a wisp pet. So if you are expecting to get a flaming ball, don’t bother with this. If you like wisps and want one as a pet, then go for it!


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  1. Who Dinged Says:

    Hey they do look cool! I was sceptical when looking what I could get for my blossoms, but now I’m sooooo going for the flaming feet look :D

    More flammable stuff in WoW plz :)

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