Ahune Update (Frost Boss in SP)

Ahune Update: A group of guildies went in again last night to try and get this boss down. This time we took 2 druid healers, a warlock, pally tank and shadow priest. The shadow priest was in blues/greens, but the rest of us were in T4+ gear. This was a long fight, and I had to innervate myself once and pot a few times, but we did finally get him down with no wipes! The only change we made in strat from the first try was beefier tank (18k hp vs 15k) and two healers instead of one. When the boss was vulnerable we all went on DPS, healers too. I’m sure our DPS went down from the original group and it took us four waves to get him, but we did it. BTW, the epic staff dropped and we gave it to the shadow priest :) That thing is very cool looking!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you can’t beat this guy cuz the adds keep wiping you out, try adding an extra healer instead of more dps.


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  1. Elfshine Says:

    Yes, a warlock makes all the difference in this fight. I’ve tried it innumerable times, with some seriously overpowered tanks/healers/DPS and failed miserably, except when with a warlock. I am obsessed with the pets, and yes, the pet dropped in regular mode, and I lost the bloody roll! Arg. Whenever we’ve downed him since, no pet. Had one time when the damned useless cloak dropped three times in a row. No staff as yet for us, enchant has dropped several times. Only once for the pet. Done both regular and heroic, and trust me, heroic is not for the squeamish! Warlock needs to seed the big elementals, and make them blow up a wad of the adds. Helps tremenously. And remember, hitting the boss while he’s “up” does no good. Put all DPS on the adds, only hit the boss when his core is exposed.

  2. Solidstate Says:

    I’ve done many heroic runs with 2 healers, the going is a bit slower but the survivability of the group is so much higher.

    So I actually prefer such a setup instead of the classic tank+healer+3xdps, except maybe if the group is OP compared to the
    heroic. For example for heroic SP or UB which are easy heroics, I would rather have more speed as surviving is not a problem with my guild’s gear :)

  3. kaliope Says:

    Nother update: Tried this boss again tonite with a guild group, but no dice after three tries. It would appear that a warlock and pally tank are practically required for this fight. We had a druid tank, 2 druid healers, hunter and mage all in Kara/T4 gear. We could not get past the second phase with this mix of classes. I suspect that the only groups who can do this fight without a pally or warlock in the mix are those in T5/T6 gear who wouldn’t need the Kara level loot anyway. This boss is way too hard for the loot he drops!

  4. Kyilen Says:

    Ahune went down (repeatedly) to our little band of guildies last night, after kicking our butts (repeatedly) previously. We defeated him on “normal” difficulty with an extremely overgeared T5+ warrior tank, a fire mage and an ice mage in partial KZ gear/blues, a beast-spec hunter in solid KZ gear, and a holy priest in solid KZ gear.

    Our mages stayed on add duty, and the hunter (me) misdirected to the warrior tank every time that elite would pop out in the first phase. I’d throw in Multishot as often as possible, to try to help mow down the adds.

    We (the same bunch of players with a different character mix) failed this fight repeatedly with a nonheroicly geared paladin tank and three mages. Failed it previously with a T5-geared skilled paladin tank, same two mages and priest healer, and a young warlock.

    I think the overall gear level of the group, rather than the class mix, made the biggest difference in success or failure. The spikes which pop up and throw you through the air are most annoying, especially to those of us who are aged *cough* and not quick on the reactions. It was helpful, as a hunter, to be able to continue fighting while flying through the air (Kill Command! Mend pet! Arcane shot! *splat*).

    I completely agree with Kaliope: This boss is way too hard for the loot he drops!

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