Midsummer Fire Festival: Cheatsheet

There sure are a lot of bonfires in the world… of Warcraft (heh) aren’t there? If you have more than one toon, it can be confusing to remember who has been to which ones. This is why I copied the full list from WoWInsider and pasted it into a text document that I could print out. Then hubbie was kind enough to turn that into a printable that crams the full list onto one page instead of having to waste two pieces of paper. He thought you guys might appreciate me sharing it, since I’ve already printed three for myself :)

Midsummer Fire Festival Checklist

Now you can just print one for each toon and highlight the bonfires as you visit!

4 Responses to “Midsummer Fire Festival: Cheatsheet”

  1. Elory Says:


    I made the same list yesterday with a little extention :) On Wowwiki and anothe website there are coordinates listed for the fires. I assumed they were right and put those into the list aswell. This is what came out of it:


  2. kaliope Says:

    Thanks! Now folks can use coords if they have the mod for it :)

  3. ClemSnide Says:

    I use the WoWWiki list myself. It’s sortable, so I jkeep it up in the background when playing. I also only really run one chara through things like this at a time, so the confusion is lessened.

    Torch catching still eludes me, though, despite ramping up my video settings (Spell Effect is I think the important one, but I did Weather Intensity at the same time) so I could see the shadows.

    Definitely want that dancing Draenei flame girl brazier! And the halo will be great for my holier-than-thou Paladin.

  4. Hema Says:

    Did the bonfire continent hopping trawl on my level 70 first and was happy to make over 400g and a dancing girl without hitting every fire (missed maybe 1/2 dozen)

    Then tried the same with my 55 rogue…and was level 57 by the end :)
    Its a great xp boost though i wasnt making alot of money.

    Got another 4 level 70’s to go through so hopefully i should make over2k gold in total by the time im done.

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