Hijinks at the Midsummer Fire Festival

As I’m sure many of you did, I spent most of this weekend doing Festival activities. If your guild is dealing with the doldrums like mine is, this is a great opportunity to spark some fun. In my previous post, I touched briefly on the quests to collect fire from the opposition’s city fires. This requires you to infiltrate their city, locate the fire and click it to grab a token. If you get 1 city fire, you can turn it in to your city Lorekeeper for 25 blossoms. If you collect all 4, you also get a crown which goes with the festival outfit.

This quest has all the makings of a memorable guild event. You’ve got cross-faction taunting and the whole thing can be done while naked and/or drunk.  What’s not to love?  Last night I had planned to work my way through Kalimdor on my own, but a group of druids from my guild had already formed and was in the process of hitting Orgrimmar. I decided to venture there too since it was 2am server time, I hoped the city population would be light. I had no problem sneaking into the city and clicking the flame (hint, hop on the tent next to the fire, the Hordies don’t seem to look up). I was even able to restealth and walk away, but unfortunately I got lost and was busted trying to find the exit, doh! After that the Hordies were camping our corpses and killing us every time we popped up. It was quite a challenge, but we were happy to have our Orgrimmar flame token.

After hitting a few more Kalimdor spots, we decided to try Silvermoon City as our last hurrah before we called it a night. It was close to 4am server, so we really thought we’d breeze in and out. We made our way up there without incident and tried the same stealthing parade we used in Orgrimmar. Unfortunately one of the kitties got busted by a stealth-eye guard and we had to kill a bunch of guards and NPCs that were nearby. At this point, no Horde were in the area so we decided to just hack and slash our way through. We went all the way to the bonfire, killing all the various Silvermoon denizens who got in our way. Luckily we had come in a side entry and it wasn’t too far in :) We also picked up a couple of Level 8 Blood Elf groupies along the way who were watching the show. Once we had our fires, we debated stealthing back out, but we had killed everything. So it was decided that we would do a “Victory Parade” on our mounts and ride out in style! I have to tell you, there’s not much that compares with the rush of waltzing through the enemies’ city on your Sabercat while lowbies look on in awe. It was great, I highly recommend it!

Now I realize we did this at 4am with a handful of friends, but surely you could get a full guild raid going at prime time and achieve the same result. For guilds that may be looking for a way to jazz up the rank and file or lure folks back to the game, this would be a really fun guild event.


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  1. Demon Says:

    That sounds like a riot! Nothing like “raiding” with purpose!

    The +hit bonus on the bread and the thrill of the steal definitely makes this a fun game, especially with 25 blossoms per token.

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