Midsummer Fire Festival Guide (2008)

Ever since I tested this content on the Test Realms, I’ve been anxious for it to go live. Mostly this is because I’ve been coveting that flame pet for over a year and no one ever wanted to run five dungeons to get it. This year, you can purchase the flame pet for 350 burning blossoms, and there are lots more quests to collect them. I have a few tips to share for those of you not familiar with this holiday.

Free XP Train

For those of you who are still leveling on alts, you can get some very nice XP visiting bonfires. There are probably 2-3 dozen bonfires sprinkled across all three continents. Each one you visit gives you a bit of XP, a bit of coin and 5-10 burning blossoms.

Level 64 Warlock:

5400 xp and 1.6 gold for each Friendly bonfire I visited
10750 xp and 3.1 gold for each Hostile bonfire I visited

Level 69 Hunter:

6150 xp and 2.1 gold for each Friendly bonfire
12000 xp and 3.9 gold for each Hostile bonfire

As you can see, the hostile bonfires that are manned by the opposite faction are more lucrative. They also set your PVP flag when you desecrate them, so be wary of hostile players. But I got about 5 bubs of XP in a couple of hours doing this, nothing to sneeze at. Here is a page on the WoWWiki that lists all the bonfires if you want a reference.

Blossom Express

For those of you more interested in purchasing the beefy festival goodies, bonfires are also the best way to collect “money”. All items sold by the holiday vendors are bought with blossoms, so depending on how greedy you are, you may need quite a few. There are new 2 daily quests you can do, which reward 5 blossoms each. Or you can travel to all the zones and gather 5-10 blossoms per zone. I know which one I’m doing :)

Doing Dailies

The dailies can seem really intimidating when you first attempt them, but I have a few tips to share that might ease the process. For the torch tossing quest (aiming torches at braziers), make a hotkey on your keyboard and use your mouse for targeting. It’s much easier to cast quickly when you can keep one hand on the keyboard and use the mouse to target the brazier. Also if your timing gets off, skipping the next brazier can help you get caught up.

For the torch catching quest, you have to chase your torch’s shadow and try to stay on top of it the whole time. If you let it get away from you, you won’t be able to “catch” the torch. Also, I understand that you don’t actually have to click the torch, merely stand under it (this is now confirmed). Just follow your shadow and make sure you are directly on it when the torch lands. This is much easier if you pick a city with low crowding, such as Darnassus or Exodar.

New Holiday Boss

At first I thought this was quite exciting because I was expecting another Headless Horseman with easy epics raining from the skies. Sadly, it didn’t really turn out that way. I went with a quality guild group to regular Slave Pens and it was quite easy to clear to the new boss. He’s in the first large room, you just clear the front area to give yourself some space. We had a strong group with everyone in T4+ gear, but after five tries we just couldn’t kill the guy. We kept getting overwhelmed with adds that jumped the squishies. We had 2 tanks (druid+pally), druid healer (me), mage and hunter. Seemingly a good mix, but it wasn’t working well for us. I’m sure we’ll keep trying until we figure it out. But for now, beware. He’s a level 73 boss and he’s quite difficult, despite his location in a low 60s dungeon.

Brazier of Dancing Flames

This item has a rather vague description of “click to place your brazier of dancing flames” which really doesn’t tell you anything other you will create a brazier if you click it and you can hope that dancing is somehow involved. Yet Blizzard has deemed it to be highly valuable at a cost of 350 blossoms, the same as the flame pet. None of us wants to waste 1-2 days collecting blossoms just to end up with a dud item, right? Since I was already traveling around getting free XP for my man-slave Murkery, he is the lucky gnome who will be sacrificing his hard work for a questionable item. He got 12 bubs of XP and a ton of cash, so he doesn’t get to complain ;)

I purchased the brazier and “placed” it, which put a brazier on the ground with a little fiery girl dancing on top. Not terribly exciting. So then I tried clicking it, but it’s not clickable. Turns out you have to target it and /dance to turn yourself into a fiery dancing girl. Sadly you will not be a fiery dancing version of yourself, but instead a full size version of the girl on the brazier (a draenei female). If you jump or move it will cancel the effect, but you can /dance again if necessary. You can also turn your camera position if you like without disrupting the performance. The item is on a 3 minute cooldown, so you can’t recast the brazier until then. All in all, an interesting item but I’m not convinced it’s more valuable than a flame pet. Personally, I had hopes that this would be a new “piccolo” style item, so I’m a bit underwhelmed by it.

I will add more info when I collect more, so keep checking back!

This guide was written in 2008 – for some updated information check our update post here.


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  1. Cameron Says:

    For dealing with the elemental adds, lose one of the tanks, and bring in a warlock. The elementals have approximately 2K of health, and so one seed of corruption will kill a whole bunch of them.

    Have your warlock spam SoC onto the elite elemental and the lesser elementals will die away…

  2. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Its my first time that i traveled the WHOLE World Of Warcaft in ONE day.

    I started early morning and i finished at 3 after midnight. I obtained all the fires alliance/horde and also i stole the 4 fires from horde which they give you 25 blossoms each.

    Undercity one is piece of cake as its a few meters of the main gate. The other 3 its a bit tricky but it depends of the population. (stealth units wont have any problems @ all)

    I got my fantastic [Brazier of Dancing Flames] and [Crown of the Fire Festival] (im officially saint now) from stealing all horde fires.

    Since i got all fires i can only do the dailies and i need 100 more blossoms to obtain the companion :)

    I love festivals… i hope they will bring us more !

  3. kaliope Says:

    TnT: I applaud you, a full tour of the world including the Horde cities! I hit about 1.5 continents in my day of traveling, so I’ve still got some work to do. Plus I’m hoping to get at least one uber-goodie on all four of my 70 toons, so I will be quite busy this week.

    Cameron: We did swap out a mage for a warlock at one point, but it didn’t really help. I liked having two tanks so you could have one on the boss/rock elemental while the other tank scoops up the little guys. I will have to run the SoC on the big guy plan by them, I think our lock was corrupting the little ones and letting the offtank deal with the big elemental.

    Anyone who beats this fight, post your strat! So far the info on this dude is rather skimpy :)

  4. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    It was a nice trip. I did the half of it with my GF it was so fun. I should record it…

    I would do it on my alt too but i dont have enough time due to exams. its funny and easy money making. If u have more than one 70 toon u should really do it with all of them, if not all at least the main cities :)

    I didnt tried the boss yet. when i do ill post some info also..

  5. Jooles Says:

    I was looking at the burning brazier and wondering whether it would replace my flint and tinder for cooking? Don’t know if you’ve tried but if it does I’ll be touring Azeroth ASAP

  6. Dave Says:

    With a pally tank, have him/her drop consecration up near Ahune & focus on the elite add. Most of the adds will then hit that consecration patch and attack the tank. Taunt the ones that miss, but don’t worry too much if some get past – they are weak enough that they don’t do too much damage. The most important things for the tankadin is to 1) keep consecration up, 2) avoid the ice spikes.

    Every needs to keep an eye on the ground, if ice forms near your feet, move immediately to avoid the spike.

    As soon as phase 2 starts, judge wisdom on the boss so that everyone can gain mana during this phase.

    Rinse, lather, and repeat. It’s a hectic, draining, and expensive fight (lots of potions!). Not my favorite. Personally, I’m trying to talk guildies into just doing a few heroics instead, since almost all of the drops are identical to badge items.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Dave: That was exactly the strat we used, with the pally tanking and consecrating and the druid bear picking up the adds. Unfortunately I was healing my butt off and the stray ones kept flocking to me. They don’t hurt much, but when 3-5 gang up on me it’s enough to reduce my lifebloom output. Plus then I have to heal myself and ignore everyone else, which adds to the problem. We would generally make it through 1-2 waves, but at some point we’d get overwhelmed by the adds.

    On the last couple of tries we were all looking for ground spikes, but were able to avoid only 50% or so. For some reason even if you run out before they finish forming, they would still punt you about half the time. I don’t think our pally tank was doing the wisdom bit, but frankly I wasn’t having mana issues (my mp5 is over 200 while casting). I was just getting toasted by the adds because I was healing so much.

    I would agree that the drops aren’t terribly appealing for those fully decked in Kara+ gear, we just wanted to try the fight and see if we could get him down. I had hoped it might be a good option for farming alt gear, but as hard as it is I don’t think our ungeared alts could take him.

  8. dorgol (bouderfist) Says:

    If you’re doing Ahune on Normal mode and T4 gear level… you don’t even NEED a tank. We killed him 3 times in 5 summons, only wiping when our healer DC’d.

    I don’t know how much harder it is on heroic, but I hope to give that a shot in the next few days.

  9. Dave Says:

    Maybe try having the druid switch to cat form, rather than bear. The small adds aren’t really ‘tanked’ so much as they are slowed down a little bit so that the dps can wipe them out. When they start getting to the healer, the dps needs to come to his/her rescue while the tank holds on to the elite (the tank could do both, but the adds can usually be killed before the tank runs over there).

    dorgol – without a tank, didn’t the elite add cause major problems?

  10. kaliope Says:

    Dorgol: I was wondering the same thing as Dave, if you don’t have a tank how can you “taunt” a mob from squishies? I suppose if a mage/lock pulls aggro from an add they can just try to kill it, but the healers don’t really have that option. Without a way to snap aggro off a healer, I would think zero tanks would be a huge headache in a fight like this.

    As for the DPS dealing with the adds and keeping them off the healer, I suspect that between running away from ground spikes, getting punted, and fending off their own adds, that didn’t leave me 100% covered for every add that popped while I was healing. I’m drawing major aggro with my lifeblooms cuz i’m popping them on 2-3 people at a time and there were times I would pop a bigger heal to save someone and 2-3 adds would spawn at that exact moment and head right for me before anyone could intervene. My standing in the consecration area helped, but didn’t guarantee my safety since I was pulling big aggro that one consecrate might not match. The main reason our druid stayed in bear was so he could hold multiple adds with swipe while the DPS were killing them and also taunt them off me if one got away.

  11. Sfinx Says:

    I tanked in bear form last night on regular. I stayed on the elite elemental while everyone else (Boomkin, lock, hunter) were pounding on the adds and then hitting the elemental in between. I would grab as many adds using swipe as possible, but had to put most threat on the elemental as the DPS crew was putting out a lot of damage. Trying to avoid the spikes was tough, but it was managable…even with a little choppyness from all the mobs and effects.

    After the elemental went down, I would stay in bear and try swiping to get as many adds as possible while the DPS crew banged on them as well. This funnily enough was actually the toughest part for me because by the time I targeted an add, it would be either dead or at 2% health or so. Because of this, it was a challenge to keep rage built up. But after the message popped up that the boss was vulnerable or whatever, I’d target him, feral charge, blow my CD’s, pop mangle, then start pounding lacerates with an occasional maul when I had the rage for it. Then rinse/repeated the 3 phases until he was dead.

    Took about 3 cycles for each completion. I ended up getting a nice tabard and two cape’s off of him. On 2 of the 4 sucessful runs, we lost one of the crew, but my BR was up and I was able to get him back with us without too much difficulty. One thing, stay away from the white ground directly in front of the boss…you’ll wipe pretty quickly if you spend even a few seconds in there.

  12. Gala Says:

    We killed him 6 or 7 times last night with a group that would swap out their 70’s, we used two of the stratagies listed above, both with a pally tank and a bear tank. Two mages and a druid healer. We didn’t even really worry about the ice spikes as it didn’t seem to cause too much fall damage, i was in the air alot. Have mages AE the adds down (SOC works too with a lock) and when he weakens have your highest DPS (regardless of adds) just whale on the boss. They knocked me (1085 unbuffed) mage on the boss and i got im over 25% down in the first phase alone, when my group joined in we had him to 30% before he phased back in. Once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy.

  13. Mordorlay Says:

    We did something similar.

    On normal, the biggest focus is have your tank on the main rock elemental (elite). Your dps should be knocking down the adds quickly (as a fire mage, I can 1-shot them with fire blast). That Rock Elemental needs to drop quickly as well, to free up your tank.

    From there, enter Curator fight round 2.

    Drop adds while you wait, and the moment he switches to phase 2, burn down the adds (Blast wave, SoC, whatever it takes), and then dow hatever you need to on the boss. Rinse, repeat.

    I did it on my fury warrior as well, with a tank that must have just hit 70 from solo’ing, because he was in greens and blues. Because of my high threat and our dps was lower, I ran around, taking on the adds to keep them off the healer. They usually died long before healing aggro took one of them. From there, focus on the Rock Elemental, drop him, deal with adds, then the boss.

    The biggest points are:
    -Move around a lot. Tanks, everyone. Those spikes will interrupt casting, and can cause problems overall. Instant casts are awesome for this.
    -Avoid the icy ground when moving. You will ‘slip’, causing a 2 second stun.
    -AoE (any class) is huge for adds, because they drop very quickly.

    Now on heroic, you’re looking at a lot more damage and control. My suggestion is either a tank that is good on multiple mobs, or a tankadin to pick them up. Drop the adds when you can (nearly the same life, but hit much, much harder), and make sure that rock elemental goes down.

    Hope this helps, I’m tired, so it might have been spacy.

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