2.4.3 Random Fun Stuff

“Haris Pilton has launched a new line of bags and jewelry”

Being the chic that I am, this got me excited. The first thing I did on the PTR was visit Ms. Pilton to see what goodies she had in store. I took some screenshots to share with you guys:

New Bag from Haris Pilton

Big bag = big price tag. Clearly they don’t want folks stockpiling this bad boy. Frankly, I think I’ll wait to see what WotLK has in store before I plunk down 1200 gold for one bag. But for those of you with lots of cash burning a hole in your pocket, Blizzard is happy to relieve you of some! One thing I’d like to point out though, is the quote said “bags” and so far all I’m seeing is “bag”. False advertising – you saw it here first.

Now there are a few other items here for the discerning shopper to surprise their WoW sweetie. Personally, I’d rather get a nice crafted Epic for 3k if my admirer has that kind of money to throw around, but that’s just me. I think the caption is cute tho:

Pilton Eternium Band Sm

Another new item for test on the PTR is a few Trading Card codes that they are actually making available to all. I’ve never seen this sort of thing before, but perhaps I wasn’t paying much attention. I did get in on the action with this one since Blizzard was making it so easy to access these items. Here’s one of them, called a Path Of Illidan. It gives you a stack of 100 fel flames that last five minutes each. I took a couple of screenies of me playing with it while also using a water walking potion (they stacked):

Oh noes!  Eject!!

Kali Walking on Water

Heheh, I had fun with those things. Too bad most of us won’t be able to have them on the live servers <sigh>.

Just so you don’t think I’m a total slacker, the new Tailoring recipes weren’t on the PTR yet. Sorry, will have to wait a bit longer!

5 Responses to “2.4.3 Random Fun Stuff”

  1. Tlo Says:

    I was wondering whether the 22-slot bag would be unique or not. I guess 7 bags for your bank + 4 bags for your toon = 11x1200g!!!

    I actually do have that much cash, but I am saving up for flying mounts (plus one or two epic flyers) for my alts.

  2. Tsark Says:

    Tlo, the bags are not unique. I’m debating whether I want to spread them around (i.e. one for each of my alts) or concentrate them on my main….

  3. Solidstate Says:

    Considering the cost of a 20 slot bag (~400g on my server), I think the 1200g Blizzard wants for the bags is extreme. That’s 3x the price for only 10% increase in number of slots.

    Still I’ve seen plenty of people running around with the “I had 1k spare gold” title and even a few with the “I had 5k spare gold” mount so I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of people with these bags.

  4. kaliope Says:

    TLO: The bags are currently not labeled unique, but that may change before it goes live. It’s not unusual for Blizzard to make last minute changes to beefy items right before release. But I agree with Solid, this is a huge amount of money to spend on 2 extra bag spots. My personal guess is that we will be seeing similar bags in WotLK through the Tailoring profession. The folks who buy this bag may have the money and nothing better to do with it right now, but may also be feeling a tad stupid in six months when Tailors start cranking out comparable bags on the cheap to grind skill points ;)

  5. ClemSnide Says:

    I went for the mount, having accumulated 5K in about a year of playing. (What can I say? I’m not in it to have big numbers over my head. I feel a little sorry for people whose major achievement in a game is that they made a lot of money. We used to call that “work.”)

    It is actually very nice having a fast mount; I don’t use public transit when getting around in Outland any more, unless I want to nip downstairs for a snack. And it does put you on a comparable footing with the mining node snatchers. I promise, as always, to respect lower levels’ rights to nodes if they’re fighting or just in the area– people are surprised when I ask first.

    And those bags. Well, has anyone calculated how much the various Shatterd Sun Offensive dailies can get you? I’d estimate a C-note for the easier to accoimplish ones, not including the Ravager root quest (too much back and forth between Outland and Quel’danas) and the Black Temple metal purification one (ditto, plus it’s just an unpleasant place). Applying yourself for a fortnight gains you that bag.

    Not that I will buy one. I despise the very idea of Harris Pilton, especially since my perfectly sound RP chara Hal o’Peridol got flagged for renaming as a non-RP name and she didn’t. I wish Blizzard would follow their own policies… Coincidentally, Hal is a Tailor and friends with Mylan, who does know the 20-slot bag recipe. This takes a considerable amount of Primal Mooncloth and is not that easy to make. So I have my doubts about “easy” availability of enormous bags in WoLK. Maybe there’ll be an easier 20, but the 22 or (earnest prayer) 24 general bag will be as time-consuming and expensive.

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