Blizz-ume for Kaliope of Llane

Since making her way into Azeroth, Kaliope has made a point of exploring and mastering all professions in the World of Warcraft. She has achieved a rank of Master Chef and Head Nurse on four avatars and Master Angler on one avatar. She has juggled her fully grown avatars to cover all but one primary profession: Tailoring. However, she does have an adolescent avatar who is an Artisan Tailor. Kaliope of Llane has 78 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes of experience in the World of Warcraft and with her sisters: Krystella, Korlyn and Kayree they have a total of 206 days, 5 hours, 52 minutes of combined experience.

Kaliope of Llane has over fifteen years of experience working with Matrix Punchograph terminals and security punch cards. She has executed a number of vital tasks including punch card quality testing and providing assistance to befuddled leper gnomes. She also had a brief one-year stint as an entry level Mechanic, so her knowledge of Matrix Punchograph terminals is comparable to advanced punch card operator. She has worked with Master Mechanics and Tinkers for many years and is very good at cooperating effectively with them, she even married one =)

The bulk of Kaliope’s experience has been focused on the sub-sector of Matrix Punchograph technology involving Gnome-Net. She has been assisting in the design, testing and maintenance of Gnome-Net nodes for the last ten years. She currently has her own Gnome-Net node called “Crafter’s Tome” with a sub-node known as a “glob”. Prior to that she helped with the nodes known as and along with a number of now-defunct nodes. Most of her Matrix Punchograph terminal experience is in punch card quality testing and punch card information management.

In the course of compiling the proper punch cards for her Gnome-Net node, she has gained solid experience with researching and documenting new recipes and craftable items. Kaliope has become intimately familiar with the tradeskill system in Azeroth and has an extensive knowledge that is probably rivaled only by Blizzard punch card technicians. It has been said of Kaliope that she is a walking ledger of recipe locations :)

Prior to the Burning Crusade conflict, Kaliope participated in the beta test and engaged heavily in valuable tradeskill-focused testing. Since then Kaliope has made a point to participate in every ‘Public Blueprint Realm’ or ‘PBR’ with a specific focus on reviewing and testing tradeskill improvements. Kaliope feels she would be a valuable addition to the Lich King beta test due to her excellent knowledge of crafting professions, her vast experience working with the mystical-minded Master Mechanics, and her high level of communication with fellow tradeskill enthusiasts.


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  1. Andre Says:

    Hahaha nice!

  2. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Very Good :)

  3. Tlo Says:

    I was just looking at this line from the WotLK beta notes:

    The following tradeskills are available to train up to 425: First Aid, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Enchanting, and Leatherworking.

    Anyone received a beta key yet?

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