Thoughts on Faction Grinding

A surprising result of our WotLK Crafting Wishlist was the high ranking of faction grinding, which tied for second place. Obviously faction grinding isn’t something any of us enjoy, but it must be a prominent part of our game lives if we rate it near the top of our wish list for the expansion. With that thought in mind, I wanted to turn my spotlight to faction grinding and how it affects us.

Something I heard through the grapevine was that Blizzard was considering some sort of account-based faction sharing (please don’t ask me where I read this, I’m sure I won’t remember!). I would love to see something like this implemented, but I can see where the devs and even some players might consider this unfair. Imagine grinding to Exalted with Consortium for Jewelcrafting recipes and unlocking Exalted recipes for 5+ other toons on the same server. Could this actually be a problem or an unfair advantage? What if it were Violet Eye rep which went to Exalted for all your toons because your one raid toon hit the cap?

In terms of the economy, I think there could be a perception that unlocking high-end recipes for my 63 Alchemy alt would be unfair to other players who worked hard to grind that rep on their main. Then again, if everyone benefits from the same system, then everyone would be gaining the same advantages. We can all agree that this would absolutely result in more high-end items on the market, since recipes could arguably be in the hands of 3-4x as many crafters. As it stands right now, my 63 Alchemist will never see any of the Revered/Exalted recipes, I just don’t have time to play him that much.

Factions without a companion dungeon are especially troubling (Kurenai and Consortium, I’m looking at you) in terms of the time invested. At least running a dungeon 5+ times per toon can give you the novel experience of clearing it using a different playstyle. You can’t even get that minor break from the drudgery with solo-grinding factions, you just have to keep killing the same stupid ogres. This is why I only have one toon who’s Exalted with Consortium, the others never even made it past Honored. Once you’ve done it, why would you ever go back for Round 2 (or 3 or 4)? This is definitely one of those situations where I could easily justify unlocking Kurenai for all my alts once I reach Exalted with the first toon.

Since I have serious doubts that Blizzard will be nice enough to implement something like this, I’d like to propose a compromise. Perhaps for each faction I grind to Exalted, I automatically get boosted to Honored on all my other same-server toons? This way I’d only have a partial grind with subsequent characters instead of the full 42,000 points. For those alts that already have some rep, perhaps they’d just have the base rep of 9,000 points added to their current tally? This could be a reasonable middle ground between giving away the farm and offering an acknowledgment of the hard work involved in reaching Exalted on just one character.

I’m certainly open to other suggestions, so if you have thoughts on this issue please post a comment!


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  1. Mordokchi Says:

    Quickly off the top of my head:

    For each rank above neutral, alts get x% increase per rep gain.

    i.e. (x=10) If one of my toons has Exalted with Consortium, all my others would gain 40% more rep. with that faction.

    This might even allow you to pick and choose which alt to grind which rep with. A healer could grind out in dungeons (i.e. group situations) leaving the solo grinds for your lock/hunter/rogue.

  2. Tlo Says:

    I guess I have a different view on what I want from expanded faction grinding. I would prefer to be able to solo-grind all factions to exalted without PvP (a la Hellfire Forts). My problem is fitting instances into my real life schedule – I would like the option to get to Exalted for factions/toons I’m interested in at my own pace and on my own schedule.

  3. Drainar Says:

    i like the idea of the % rep to alts…like for every 100 faction your main gets the alt gets 5 points or something liek doesnt need to be huge to help..only suggestion i have for Consortium is daily dungeons all give Consortium as well as whatever rep the dungeon faction is. slow but it helps :p

  4. Solidstate Says:

    > Factions without a companion dungeon are especially troubling (Kurenai and Consortium, I’m looking at you)

    Just curious, is there any real benefit – yet another type of mount doesn’t count – to grinding Kurenai rep?

    As for Consortium rep, there is an instance, although people (rightly imho) don’t like it too much – Mana Tombs. Regular will take you up to Honored, while Heroic mode will take you the rest of the way. You’ll get ~2.4k rep from a full heroic clear.

  5. Terroxian Says:

    I think every faction grind needs to have multiple ways to exalted. I would dare say that each faction needs 1 instance, 2 repeatable PVE quests, and 1 PVP quest. That way…no matter your play style or how much time you have, you have a way to get there.

    For shared rep, I welcome any way to decrease this very boring method to extend gameplay. I like your idea of honored for all alts. How about ‘vouchers’ that any toon could buy from the quartermaster that give a 1 time boost to any other toon’s rep for that faction?

    I have an insanely better idea though. How about Bliz putting all the stuff we really want behind quest chains instead of rep grinds and leave rep grinds with rewards for new mounts, title changes, pets, sparkle/shine effects for armor/weapons, and any other fun things that aren’t really necessary but might be cool.

  6. spinks Says:

    This would be great if your main happened to be a dps type character.

  7. Fearstalker Says:

    Factions really need some work.

    If I manage to find some of the Sunwell patterns in the AH, I’ll go LW on my hunter, but, I’ll likely not get the patterns for the Nether armour kits, as I can’t see grinding Honor Hold and CE rep to exalted just to get them. Just don’t have the time/energy to do heroics anymore… (especially when there will be a new armour kits in the expansion, so the nether kits will be a thing of the past.).

    The Kurenai grind wasn’t actually that bad. I did it for a talbuk for my Draenei hunter. I got sick of elleks.

  8. ClemSnide Says:

    Kalliope, I personally like your solution, which is the easiest (trust me, engineers prefer things that are easier to program– why do you think we have the 1980-style inventory system?).

    Thes best part about it would be that it would be a one-time event, but one that would save a lot of the drudgery. I can’t tell you how tired I was of looking at Deadwoods trying to get all my charas to at least Unfriendly with the Timbermaw so I could pass through taht silly tunnel! But I can foresee a few problems.

    First, things like Brood of Nozdormu (I’m staying old-world here, since that’s the bulk of my experience). You start off Hated and have to do some significant quests to get past that. Getting to Exalted and gaining Honored with your other charas would mean that a significant part of the experience– the introduction– was missing. (But I’m sure that there would be exceptions to the account-based factioning.)

    Second, several factions have quests that are available only at the lower levels of reputation. Jumping to Honored would eliminate those quests, and perhaps the quest rewards.

    Third, creating a new chara– the server would have to look through all your records and see whether you should get the bump in the newbie’s reputation.

    There might even be a problem with people who have different teams’ charas on the same server; sure, I’d love to have Honored with Undercity on my Humans! But these issues are just the reason that I imagine this is an idle rumour. Love to be proved wrong, though. Even though it would mean that I wasted all that time grinding skeletons for Argent Dawn rep…

  9. Ngita Says:

    Something would be nice, I have 17x exalted on my main and actually did some work on my gnomeregan rep last saturday. But i dinged 70 on new alt last night, brought a mount and trotted around the various rep vendors to pick up a few pvp blues as upgrades for hellfire blues and quest greens. But he is a JC and the sheer amount of work I will need to put in on his reps was just daunting.

  10. OChousing Says:

    i just dont think grinding for it really worth it, right after expansion comes out the entire thing will be changed, and I’d just wait for expansion, besides, after you get higher level it would be a lot easier to grind lower level stuff if you really want

  11. tlo Says:

    OChousing – sometimes it’s not easier to grind older reps at higher level. For example, for some of the old world factions like Cenarion Circle and Argent Dawn, if you are level 70, you only get token rep for some mob kills (2 rep points). If you are lower level (while the mobs are still green to you) you would get 10 rep points for those same mobs.

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