At long last… my very own fishing hat!

After weeks of doing the daily fishing quest, I finally got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat in my goodie bag. Woot!! Of all the various items that drop, this was the one I most wanted to have. Having been to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza a handful of times, I have nothing to show for my efforts except the Eternium Fishing Line. It’s hard to feel like a Master Angler when you don’t have any beefy gear to help you look the part, so I was desperate to have this hat.

It’s been very annoying to fish every day and end up with more water-walking potions and fish hooks. But once I had my hat, I unearthed my 225 Tailor to make me some Blue Overalls to go with it. Here’s me hanging out with Old Man Barlo in my stylin’ fishing gear:

Me and Old Man Barlo

I really hope they continue to add new fishing content in WotLK. It tends to be the low man on the totem pole, but it’s SOOOO much better than pre-BC and I’d hate to see them drop the ball. Couldn’t you just see a folding chair with a cooler? Maybe even our own little rowboat to anchor off the coast of the Isle, heheh. Just add a brewski and you’re ready to kick back and relax while you wait for that 19 Pound Catfish to nibble on your line ;)



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  1. Hema Says:

    “Couldn’t you just see a folding chair with a cooler?”

    Well yes I can see this, just get the promo card from the TCG and hand it in :) Got one meself !;source=live

  2. kaliope Says:

    Heh, this is true, although not available to folks who don’t “card”.

    It also appears to be lacking the Turbo-Charged Portable Ice-O-Matic Dispensing Device with Hyper-Fizzled Eyesight-Enhancing Beverage Spout.

  3. ClemSnide Says:

    Ah, I do enjoy fishing. Mostly because it seems to annoy the minmaxers who can’t see why someone would waste their time plunking a hook in the water when you don’t get any uber gear from it. But then, it’s the same thing in real life, too.

    I’d like to see a fishing outfit modelled after then Blue (and other color) Dinner Suit, a one-slot clothes piece htat covers more than just its zone. That way we could change into our duds without carrying a lot around. I’d also love it if it were a craftable non-BoP item given as a result of the fishing dailies! (And boy would I love for there to be more than one source of those. Alsothe cooking dailies. I’m still waiting for the First Aid daily quest.)

    I’ve gotten some neat things. No Eternium yet, but a Spun Truesilver fishing line, the drink recipe that gives you a small bonus to fishing skill, and some jewelry. The Antique Silver Cufflinks I’m keeping for RP use, but I got two Gold Wedding Bands that I’ve donated to guildies who are getting married. …And enough dang fishhooks to supply all my charas. At least my Engineer won’t have to make the Aquadynamic lures again, ever.

  4. Solidstate Says:

    Big GZ Kaliope on getting the hat, I keep doing the fishing quest once every few days, trying to get that or the fishing line. No luck yet :(

    But now that I know someone has actually got it, I am once again motivated to go for it, so thanks for the post :)

  5. Mordokchi Says:

    “Just add a brewski and you’re ready to kick back and relax…”

    Captain Rumsey’s Lager (+10 fishing) :D


  6. kaliope Says:

    Actually Solid, there were two other people in my guild who got the hat before I did, so I know it’s dropping with some regularity despite the 1% rate on WoWHead. I’d say keep trying – you’re bound to get it at some point.

  7. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Gz Kaliope :) Im still hunting mine fishing, and fishing and fishing… i only got 2 crocs with both my characters until now ;)

  8. Stefson Says:

    Nice blog you got here.
    I recently got back to wow’sing (stopped right after TBC reelase). Started on a new server (PvE) on a brand new character. And i’m spending to much time fishing :) but it’s so much fun.

    Did they add new stuff for fishing with tbc?

  9. Tsark Says:

    Grats Kal! So far, I got the fishing line (on all characters except the one who is above 300 fishing, so I cannot use it still, GRR!!), the recipe, 2 gems and 2 crocs – no fishing hat yet :-( So I’ll keep doing the dailies, and leveling my fishing on 2 toons through the quests :-D

  10. Fearstalker Says:

    Hmm… sofar, 2 of the baby crocs, 3 of the truesilver line, 1 wedding ring (vendored) 1 pair of cufflinks (vendored) but no hat or “2” ring yet. If I had gotten the “2” ring at first, I would have sold it, prices were about 5k. Now they are down to under 2k so I’ll likely just put it on my pally if I ever get one.

    If I did get the hat, then it might make sense to actually get some of the other fishing gear.. as long as I’m not using it to fish in Skettis.

  11. Wrenzo Says:

    Congrats Kalliope! I’ve hit the fishing daily every day since it’s been out, missing 3 at the most. My scores have been Chuck, Snarly and the recipe for the Lager. So far no hat. I’m still casting though.

    I too hope that Fishing continues to get love in WotLK. It’s certainly more popular than it’s ever been which of course is good and bad! heheh

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