Are You Prepared???

Since folks are clearly in the pre-expansion doldrums, I’m wondering what types of preparations everyone is making for WotLK. Not only will we have an increase of the level cap for tradeskills, we’ll be gaining a new profession. I still haven’t decided who or how I’ll work this new craft into my lineup, but I’m already building a stash of mats for it.

Based on the unofficial leak about herbs, I’ve started setting aside some of my old herbs in anticipation. I’m also saving some of the random bits that often come into play with older recipes (essences of XX, stacks of cloth, various types of leather, etc). My existing cache of herbs is by no means comprehensive, so over the summer I plan to do some actual herb farming to beef it up. My goal is to have at least two stacks of each type of herb, hopefully more if I can get it and I have the room in my faux guild bank.

I’ve also started setting aside extra fel iron and adamantite ore for the inevitable push to 450. I’ve got three toons who use ore, so I figure I’d better have a decent amount of it on hand to cover all of them. If BC is any indication, it may be possible to gain your first 15-25 skill points on old recipes and I want to make sure I have the goodies to support that plan. Obviously there will be new ores as well, but I don’t expect to be able to farm that in quantity the first few weeks (months?). By saving some old ore I may be able to grind out some early points and stay ahead of the crafting curve, that’s the theory anyway :)

I realize that we could be looking at possibly six months before WotKL hits the shelves, perhaps my planning is a bit premature. But I’d prefer to do my farming before the rest of the server wakes up and starts driving prices through the roof on lowbie items. So what about you fellow crafters out there… is this even on the radar yet? What sort of preparations do you have in mind for WotLK?


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  1. Wulf Says:

    I was just about to write in my blog about my WotLK preparations. ^^

    I will share that I plan on squirreling away ore, herbs and maybe leather (if I get my skinner up in time) as a method of making money. I’m not sure how it was on your server, but on mine pre-BC Thorium could be bought for under 15g a stack then after BC it was almost doubled. $_$

  2. Solidstate Says:

    Wulf, of course prices post-BC went up… since making gold became much easier :)

    Kaliope, what “unofficial leak about herbs”?

  3. kaliope Says:

    Ack, you call me to task! Not sure I recall where I read it, perhaps WoWInsider… this isn’t the post I saw, but it seems many were taken down and this is all I can find currently:

    Since this is the reference cited on the WoWWiki as the source of the rumor, I guess I’ll roll with it:

  4. Solidstate Says:

    Inscriptions relying on plants… weird… where’s the logic in that?

    I don’t think I’ll pick herbs in advance.

    For one thing, I see this as too highly theoretical right now to put in any serious effort. Assuming the entire profession is herbalism based, just on the basis of a single recipe (which itself may change between now and release) is just too much of a stretch in my opinion.

    For another, I’m lazy and lack the bag/bank space to save up so many plants :)

  5. Tlo Says:

    I’m preparing for the expansion by leveling up my alts. I’ve pretty much stopped playing my 70s because I believe my time is better spent getting alts to 70. With the expansion, levels gained will not be obsolete – most items will be replaced, and BC rep may not play much of a role in Northrend.

  6. Terroxian Says:

    I’m like Tlo, I’m lvling my two other alts to 70 and working on getting at least a few purples on each (as much as a casual gamer can get) to help with their lvling in the expansion. Also, I’m working on their crafting skills to get them maxed as well. I’m not really hording anything up as of yet until I get a better feel for what will be in demand for WOTLK. But, I’ll be reading your blog regularly so I’m sure you’ll let us know if something becomes factual. Thanks for all your craft reports!

  7. kaliope Says:

    I also have another toon I want to get to 70 before WotLK – my 63 alchemist/warlock. He’s also my herbalist, so presumably I can kill two birds with one stone :) I’m not too worried about beefing up my herb stash tho – potions and flasks are always in demand. But rest assured, I’ll write up anything I find out and with any luck I’ll rustle up a beta key at some point too.

  8. Rarefire Says:

    I am not bothering to build up mats. It is much easier to build up gold at the moment and then just buy what I will need later on. I am making a ton with JC and have 225 K stashed for WotLK. Seems easier than farming, especially when we are not sure of the mats yet.

    Incidentally, my guess would be that Inscription will need Enchanting mats – but that is just a guess I will admit!

  9. Jim Moreno Says:

    My 70 voodoo priest is maxed with herbs / alchemy, yet herbs like nightmare vine are still orange and yellow. As of now, I have very little competition while out picking them. I’m betting that will change with WotLK, since, with us 70’s suddenly able to gain XP again, these herbs will become in dire need. So, I’m gathering all that I can now, while it’s much easier to do so. When the new expansion arrives, I’ll have a stockpile that I believe will bring in a huge cash influx, either from selling them directly, or from selling what can be made from them.

  10. Thunder Says:

    >Inscriptions relying on plants… weird… where’s the logic in that?

    Its all about the ink. Think about what other things go into making ink and plan accordingly.

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