The Alien has entered the the Building

After two weeks of waiting and going on minimal WoW status, I just can’t resist sharing my new computer :) Everyone has been Ooohing and Ahhhing over it since the FedEx guy brought it over yesterday. And of course I’ve been madly installing and copying all my crap onto it, lol. It’s amazing how a 200GB hard drive can be shaved down to 50GB in 24 hours. Without further ado:

You can’t see all the nifty custom lights on it in this pic, so I took another one with the flash off:

I loaded it up with WoW on max settings and it’s running at 60 frames/second even in Shatt =). No more round circles on the ground when I pop up in Ironforge either, even during prime time the people loaded almost instantly. It seems a shame to let this bad boy live on the floor, but it’s so huge and heavy I can’t justify keeping it on the desk – this setup was just for show. Needless to say I’m enjoying life in the fast lane, even if Vista is “da poop”!


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  1. Wulf Says:

    Gratz on your new computer. I ended up buying an Alienware PC too this year and I just love mine! Enjoy it!!

  2. Ratshag Says:

    Yeah, they make good stuff. Enjoys it!

  3. Solidstate Says:

    Gz on the dream machine! What’s the little mini-keyboard-looking thing on the left of your keyboard?

    Your pics make me wish Alienware had a branch in Israel :)

    I’m curious, how does it sound, especially after an hour or so of running WoW? Is it loud?

  4. kaliope Says:

    Solid: The mini kbd is a gaming keypad that adds lots of extra programmable buttons to your regular kbd. I just got it last month, so it’s not in heavy rotation yet, but I hope to add lots of macros and stuff to it so it will be really handy to use.

    I’m still using my old 3-pc speaker system set up with the new box, but it’s capable of some serious volume. Occasionally I forget to tweak something and get inadvertently blasted by the speakers at 20% volume, especially when switching from iTunes to WoW.

  5. Mikros Says:

    FYI… this is the gamepad she has:

  6. Teni Says:

    I am actually a pretty diehard fan of the Belkin Nostromo gamepad. I currently use the N52te, which I upgraded to from their older N52 because the keys actually feel better.

    It’s nice being able to touchtype all my spells.

    By the way Kaliope, what model/specs for your computer? I’ll be looking at getting one later this summer.

  7. kaliope Says:

    I got the Area-51 7500 system:

    with mostly the standard options since the basic build was still 2-3x better than my dead box. I did spring for the LightScribe though – I burn a fair number of CDs/DVDs and labeling with a Sharpie just isn’t classy, rofl! Haven’t actually tried that feature yet, but once I get all my Idol shows converted to mpeg I’ll give it a test drive.

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