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As I said in my previous post, my theme for the next week or so will be Wrath of the Lich King. People are thinking alot about it these days, what with the furor of 2.4 dying down and the realization that there will be nothing new to do until the expansion hits the shelves. Unfortunately, this dead zone is also coinciding with the summer months, when more players tend to drift away to greener pastures (and greener lawns, heh). I hear lots of talk about taking breaks for awhile, so perhaps there’s also some burnout setting in.

Honestly, it’s been a wild ride for the past 17 months. If you had told me that BC would rejuvenate the game for another 12+ months I would have laughed at that idea, but that’s pretty much what happened. Blizzard has done a good job of keeping the game fresh with fairly frequent content updates. They’ve also broadened it’s appeal to a wider variety of people, beefing up PvP for those who prefer that style of play and making high-end PvE accessible to more players through Heroics. Clearly they realize this since they’re expanding on the small raid/small dungeon concept by providing a 10-man option for every new raid instance in WotLK.

And as much as we crafters like to bemoan the marketability of our goods, they did improve on crafting as well. Prior to Burning Crusade, there was nothing my leatherworker could make to generate cash. Like many other casual players, I used to farm essences and other high-end crafting ingredients to make money. Tailors were only good for runecloth bags, which weren’t exactly lucrative. Blacksmiths had nothing if they weren’t also raiders and Engineers had nothing period. Pretty much the only crafters that were making money were Enchanters and Alchemists. Not that this is much different today, but at least every other profession has *something* they can make that no one else provides. Leatherworkers have leg armor, Tailors have spellthread and Engineers can farm primals if nothing else. I think Blacksmiths are still in need of a strong consumable item, from what I can tell they are nothing without an epic recipe of some sort.

Blizzard even gave cooks and fisherfolk some viability with better buff foods that players will actually pay for. Plus they have daily cooking/fishing quests that enable you to make a bit of cash even if you aren’t farming goodies for the auction. All in all we’ve seen some great strides in crafting, but of course there’s always room for improvement.

So I want to put the question out to my readers, what would you ask Blizzard to improve if they allowed user suggestions? What goodies would be on your Top 5 list to Greatfather Winter? I’ll kick things off with my thoughts:

1. Stronger upgrade path for BoP epics – I think Blizz was on the right track with the Smithing weapons, but this concept should be extended to all gear professions. My specialized leather hasn’t helped my druid since the last half of Karazhan. Considering the mats and effort that go into these items, shouldn’t they be best in category? It’s not like I was able to make myself a full set of armor, just 3 pieces. But why shouldn’t I be able to upgrade each item with Tier 5 or Tier 6 instance drops? Just add a Nether Vortex or some Hearts of Darkness and call it good. I know Blizz acknowledges this one, since they had it on their own ToDo list at a major trade show. I want to see this happen because I was very bummed that my Windhawk set didn’t even see me through Kara. Considering all the friggin’ Primal Airs I had to farm to make it, I wish it wasn’t just sitting in my bank collecting dust. You’re on notice Blizz, I’m saving it just in case :P

2. Give Blacksmiths some love — please! Most other professions have a crafted consumable they can make, and our sharpening stones do not count. From what I can tell, no one uses them with any frequency. And I don’t really consider the epic BoE recipes fair, those are seriously expensive! I suspect you’d be lucky to break even after spending 500+ gold on the recipe and maybe making a handful of the actual item for other players. Other professions got nice sellable recipes from faction vendors, why not us? I’m crying foul here – come up with something new for smiths please.

3. Let enchanters sell some thing on the Auction – something else I know is rattling around the rumor mill. I realize we can sell oils, but that’s pretty lame IMO. I kind of like the prevailing notion of limiting which enchants would be available this way, but it would at least give us barker-averse folks a way to profit from our hard work. Right now my enchanter only makes money farming primals… with her Engineering helm. I know, how stupid was I when I got drunk and did that to myself??

4. More consistent itemization – this covers almost all professions. There are a number of gaps in the professions where you have a high level of an item, but not a low level. Or a low level of something, but no beefier version in the upper tiers. Perhaps some of this is intended, I really can’t say. It just seems odd to me that there is no Transmute XX to Air, no Fel Iron Arrows, no Flashing or Subtle Blood Garnet, no buff food with +Defense on it … I could go on forever here. These seem like obvious gaps that anyone could spot during alpha testing if they took the time to review recipes lists in such a manner (hint hint… I’m available!).

5. More fun stuff!! Seriously, we all enjoy collecting silly pets and goofy items in the game. How come we can’t make shirts and party dresses anymore? Where’s the new and improved leather ball or Mechanical Egbert?? Granted, we did get the Winter Veil outfits, but that’s about it. I’d like to see more novelty craftables.

6. Ok, I said five but I’m throwing in a bonus one.  Give us dyes!!  ‘Nuff said.

So let’s talk people, what’s on your list?


21 Responses to “Our WotLK Wish List”

  1. Mike Says:

    I agree with all these profession wishlists, though I wonder if adding a lot of these will kind of put the game on easy mode. With easier leveling, a minimap to track everything, etc etc, would some of these additions make the game not as difficult? I already feel like I’m glazing through it…

    Also, they did confirm that enchanters will be able to sell enchants on the auction house. I think mmo-champion broke it.

    And inscription will probably be able to do the same thing with glyphs. It’d be cool if all the professions could sell something like that…

  2. kaliope Says:

    You’ve confused me Mike, you say that adding these might make crafting too easy, but the examples you mentioned weren’t actually in my post. I personally am not interested in easier tradeskill leveling, I think it’s fine to make the higher end harder since you unlock more powerful items when you reach it. Dunno about the mini-map thing either, but Gatherer has been around for ages so I don’t think tracking mini-map spawns would fundamentally change the game.

    But no, in general I wouldn’t be in favor of easy-mode crafting, just some ways to level the playing field between various professions. No matter which trade you pick, I believe you should have a few solid money-makers and a few high-quality items for personal use. I don’t feel Blizzard completely achieved that in BC, hence the list ;)

  3. DaddyGamer Says:

    Good list!
    As a blacksmith with my two primary chars and a tailor on my second alt I fully agree with the “Give us some BS love”:)

    Then the most important thing is although your #6. Dye is an important feature for any game where appearance is everything. Take a look at LOTRO with its outfit system.

    As a RP-PvP player I really like the things that add more depth to the character. Either appearance or behaviour wise.

    Dyes, outfits and maybe even visual enchant effects would be nice for the visual side.
    Modifiable emotes, behaviour patterns (like ability to decide which non-verbal emote your char does while standing still for a while. Instead of the usual scratch/toe jumping maybe choosing sharpening weapon or summon a small fire in your palm) would be nice behaviour changes.

  4. Solidstate Says:

    Enchanters will only be able to sell *lower-level* enchants in the AH. See the first (blue) post at:

    Salthem says “The higher end enchantments will most likely still need you to find an enchanter”.

    So this will still be the hardest profession to sell and my #1 wish for WotLK would be that Blizzard drop this stupid bias against enchanting.

    Another issue I have with enchanting is the lack of a strong self-use-only enchant. While Blacksmithing (epic BoP weapons), Leatherworking (Drums!, BoP LW armor items), Engineering (goggles, but really many other items), tailoring (epic clothing sets) and Jewelcrafting (BoP trinkets) all enjoy a strong BoP item or item only they can use, what do enchanters have? ring enchants. It’s not even funny as a joke :(

  5. Mamabear Says:

    My wish list, you hit some of the serious items I’m going to hit some of the more fun ones.

    #1. Give us something to do while we wait outside the instances. Kara has a fishing hole that will give you some fish that can be cooked and used. (not very fun but it’s something to do) But that is all I can come up with, some other’s have something you can kill, but once they are dead, what to do? Toss leather balls at someone and find out they are AFK? What about something to climb/jump on, make it high so we can spend a few minutes doing it. Give us all paint ball guns so we can shoot everyone and turn them different colors? If they don’t move after a certain number of paintball’s hit them, turn them into a paint blob. Give us something, it’s not unusual to see over 100 toons standing around outside an instance all doing nothing. How about something that will let us shoot the other faction and not go pvp? Paint ball guns would do just fine. Even leather balls with Alliance or Horde written on them.

    #2. More interactive pets, I just got the Mojo, and LOVE it, at least it does something, nothing like a rare flying frog to get attention.

    #3. I want a male Succubus, women play this game also.

    #4. I have a female Druid, I can find, with a lot of looking, some nice clothes to be seen in when around the major cities, BUT I have to go bare foot because there are no decent shoes for us, I want a pair of pumps with a 6 inch stiletto heel. You could even make it a weapon, with +1000 damage. OK maybe that’s asking too much. But I do want some shoes to go with my outfits.

    #5. This one is my favorite, I want a purse, I want it to hold a LOT of items, 50 is a good number and I would like to cause damage if we hit someone with it. OK that’s on the asking too much list also.

    You did say wish list, hehe. I am a resto druid, when I’m in a raid I do my job, and I like to think I do it very well. But when I’m not in a raid I like to have fun, laugh and make other’s laugh.

  6. Hema Says:

    I believe the reason for restricting the selling of enchants on the AH is that blizz want to maintain a sense of community in the game. You actually have to go and ask a person to enchant something, talk to them, meet new people…If everything was available on the AH some players might as well play this single player – it is a Multi-User game !

    That being said I find it annoying that when i get my staff of the forest lord at 4am it’s kinda hard to find an enchanter for new shiy epixx :(

    Oh and back to topic #1: expanded backpack…why do i have hundreds of 18/20 slot bags and all my characters still have 16 slot backpacks ?

  7. Andre Says:

    Give engineers some love! Seriously, apart from goggles and farming for primals, what can a gnomish engineer do that’s actually useful? As far as I remember, NOTHING.

    Sure, we got our only flying mount and all, but I’d really like to see more useful stuff. Not just a sporadic so-so risky item thrown here and there, give us gadgets!

  8. Tlo Says:

    I would like to see some more wands for enchanters to make. Why did wands drop off the list of craftables after level 29???

  9. Mikros Says:

    As Mamabear mentioned, I’ve often thought there should be more to do while waiting to enter a BG. I’ve also wished, at least with mid-level characters, that there was more to do with the honor points / markers you earn. It’s common to tap out the meaningful purchases you can make in a given level bracket before you’re ready to jump into level grinding again. Sure, you can pre-purchase things you can’t yet use, but who wants to be so mundane and practical 100% of the time?

    Why not solve both of those issues and create little games outside instances where you can gamble with your honor points / markers? You could win more of each, perhaps win various prize items, etc. Come to think of it, it might be interesting to have a full blown casino somewhere in the world if the mini-games were a hit.

  10. Mushimu Says:

    I want to see a WTB section in the Aution House. Where people can look and say hey this guy is willing to pay 10 each for 400 healing pots and then I can fill that order. Other games have a true market so should WOW.

  11. Elfshine Says:

    My wish list:

    1. Some more interactive pets from ingame quests.
    2. Reduce the number of dailies per day allowed to say, 15. Otherwise, it’s like a major grind. I find myself trying to do all 25 just because I can, and frankly, dailies are boring.
    3. Some new recipes for all professions as we progress through 70+. I am a spellfire tailor and once I outgrew my spellfire/spellstrike set, well, there’s nothing cool I can make for myself unless I get so lucky as to pick up the Belt of Blasting recipe.
    4. What’s with all the stuff Jewelcrafters got? Hello! There are a lot of other skills out there who would like some love. I agree with the BS thing, since my husband is a BS and he’s bored as hell. When are the cooking recipes for the new Sunwell fish coming out? How about some tailoring patterns to make some cool Blood Elf clothing, specifically for a class? Ok, maybe a Gnome mage would look goody, but then again, they pretty much look goofy no matter what they are wearing!
    5. Give us reasons to go back to the lower level areas and hang out. When was the last time you went to Stonard to wander around? It’s kind of cool there, but other than farming for an Emerald Whelping, and running to Kara, why would we go there? Put some random Elite in there to wander around, add some random recipe to buy from a vendor. I don’t know.

    Just some thoughts from me. See y’all around WoW.

  12. beta Says:

    I would love to see the JC xx stone statues being continued. That was a neat addition that didn’t go anywhere. Why can’t BS make shields and why can’t engineers make bows? I’d like to see better tool tips on items that don’t require us to look up what a buff does. That’s just crazy, Aldor buff for SSO caster neck vs scryer? What does Vitality do exactly? etc… I would love to chant my alts (actually, my chanter is an alt). How can we do that? Why can’t I DE someone else’s Binded item through trade ‘item will not be traded’ slot but I can enchant it??? Why can Horde have an alliance mount (RAM) but Alliance don’t get any Horde Mounts? (Tiger from ZG and loot card too)

  13. DaddyGamer Says:

    One more thing for the wish list.

    Make old instances playable again. Why not have a max level mode of every old one and make them heroic 5-man. Even the old raid instances like Ony/MC/ZG/Naxx and AQ.

    I mean – come on – you put a lot of effort in designing them. Tweaking the mobs and the loot for lvl 80 wouldnt be that hard huh? Much rather do heroic 5-man Ony some more times than grinding heroic Mecha.

  14. Terroxian Says:

    I just want three main things for each profession (non-gathering):

    1. Have at least 2 things that you can make money with off the AH (more is better but at least 2)

    2. For LW/BS/Cloth, have at least 1 set (5 piece) of armor that is from your trainer (no hunting for 1% drops from Heroics or instances of any kind) that are epics that would at least see you through the first Raid. And each needs a different set for how you might be spec’d (feral druid vs boomkin, etc). For all other crafters, increase the epics you can make for only yourself (alchemist’s finally got a boon with the alchemist stone upgrade)..also from the trainer.

    With the above two things covered…you will actually have a GOOD reason to constantly upgrade and work on your crafting that will provide some benefit to you.

    3. Make all recipes for all crafters non-BOP and let the market (AH) decide what to do with them.

  15. Terroxian Says:

    I thought I should qualify my #3 above b/c some people will scream “welfare epics” if this were to happen. However, I see a major problem with WoW in that the crafter’s recipes don’t scale well with what you are actually doing in the game. For example, by the time you get exalted with some faction, you most likely already have a better item from a drop and/or quest along the way. By the time you get the 1% recipe drop from some instance you are grinding, you already have a better item dropped from the next raid/instance you are already working on as well b/c you are bored with grinding the same one over and over.

    Furthermore, if I buy a nice epic recipe off the AH, I will still have to ‘work’ hard for it b/c the 20 Primal airs, 16 Primal waters, 36 Heavy Knothides, 5 Primal mights, 3 Primal nethers, and a partridge in a pear tree requires significant work to obtain. I dare say…more actual ‘work’ than running an instance with 4 other people.

  16. ClemSnide Says:

    I haven’t seen a few of these, so I’ll give my two coppers.

    1. Blizzard was very good through the 3.x cycle with providing low- and meddle-level content. Starting a chara (on another server, let’s say) will result in a significantly different levelling path today than two years ago. I hope to see this continue in WoLK: sure we all have a stable of 70s now, but show a little kindness to someone just starting out, and more importantly, give us a reason to enjoy making new charas instead of just going through the motions that we accomplished with our mains.

    2. Totally agree on the Blacksmithing issues. While I don’t mind slow progression near the upper rank, I do wish for something to make that will give me some cash. Though the SSO dailies are a lucrative way to spend time.

    3. I also wish for a change in the Old World raid instances, but I would prefer if they were opened to non-raid parties. I can’t find people to go into Zul’Gurub, for instance, but I’d dearly like to get some of those faction recipes. And a level 70 could probably do a creditable job on the trash mobs. So, please do allow entry to charas over the recommended level.

    5.More wands for Enchanters, yes! Wands, I don’t know why, seem to be the lowest dropping items of all. My Priest (level 47) is still using a wand ten levels south of her, because in all that time I haven’t been able to find a suitable drop in the world nor on the AH. I hope it isn’t just sour grapes for my chara, but it’s been a long time- and even longer since I actively play my whole stable, not just one at a time.

    6. There is no rule 6.

    7. Instead of a WTB section of the Auction House, as was uggested above, I would prefer a realm-wide, in-game bulletin board. I find that producing a piece of work for the AH is a risky business at best; someone else might be selling one, and then you get into a price war. Or you have to decide which item to make with limited resources. So, allow posts (perhaps even programmatic instead of free-form; few people in the game can handle more than three letters at a go) which would let people know that you can craft, say, Khorium Pants and Khorium Shoulders. Place the bulletin board beside the mailboxes and you can get in touch with the crafter, or (if trusted) mail the materials directly.

    8. I agree with the “more fun stuff,” but I don’t think you will have to urge Blizzard to do more of that– they seem oriented toward that already! I would, however, like to address the garb issue. There is a great number of items which look superb, but are unusable by a particular chara because of level, or that it’s soulbound to another chara. So I’d like to propose a “denatured” version. Once an item is denatured, it will not have a level requirement, Soulbinding would be gone, and all of its bonuses (including enchants) would de neutralized. Further, it would be impoossible to enhance a denatured item through faction buffs or crafted add-ons, like Leatherworkers’ armor kits. In fact, the only thing that would stay consistent is the item model. Now, not only could you give your old gear to your bank chara for those dress-up moments, you could send your garb to your banker for storage in moments when you aren’t actively RPing in a way that requires dressing! Guilds could even have a bank tab for their “guild uniform,” for use in public displays and events.

    9. More cooking quests and fishing quests. Much as I loved doing them, I stopped visiting The Rokk when I got all he had to offer. The Fishing master has some better rewards, including things that you can either sell or use (I got a Gold Wedding Band, and what do you know, a guildmate has an upcoming marriage), but I’d still like to see some more (and more unusual) fishing events.

    10. Richer emotes, including two-persom emotes. I have in the back of my mind an AddOn for doing dances with multiple people, but I’d much prefer if we had that inherent to the game. The Matrix Online had a superb selection of single and multiple chara emotes, and mood as well (/mood shifty, /mood regal, etc.). Heck, I’d even just like the bility to learn ahnother frace’s dance. Imagine a Gnome doing the Tauren dance…

    That’s all for now, and that’s more than enough, even though I will no doubt wake up tonight and say “Oh! And also…”

  17. ClemSnide Says:

    And at 3 AM I awoke and remembered these:

    11. More involved fishing. I’m a master angler. Why do I have to cast twelve times to get into a pool of fish? Can’t we have a targeting circle, that shrinks with skill levels, showing where our lures can possibly go? And even better, make fishing a true minigame. Select different lures and depths for the hook based on our knowledge of the waters and the types of fish that dwell there. Instead of pools, have visible very special fish who will only bite in a particular manner. You know, do what every Japanese console RPG has done for the past twenty years!

    12. Specialties for Cooking. The highest level recipes could only be performed by, say, a Barbecuer (meats), Piscatorean (fish), Vegan (vegetables), Cheese-maker (guess), and Chocolatier (desserts). For liquid refreshments, you could become a Brewer or Vintner. I’d like to see high-end cooking use some Herbalist products, similar to the way Delicious Chocolate Cake uses Mageroyal (*which I suppose is the local term for “cocoa beans”). And hey, since we’re making sweets now, why not hunter pets that eat those up? “Anyone have a stack of Bon Bons? My Mugwump is getting rebellious!”

  18. kaliope Says:

    Lots of interesting ideas here folks – should we compile a poll and start posting it around?

  19. Drainar Says:

    couple of them me and friends have thought of:

    1. dump BoP from instance drops…LOTRO has done it…no killing every boss and getting nothing anyone can use except to d/e

    2. shields…um….are they so hard to make a 375 BS cant throw one together?

    3. bows/crossbows….engineers can make something as complicated as a gun, but we cant make a crossbow or bow…huh?

  20. Andre Says:

    Kalipe, yes you should!

  21. kaliope Says:

    Ok, poll now open:


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