Shattered Sun: What Does it Mean?

My next few posts are going to be focused on a recurring theme: the upcoming expansion. Personally, I don’t think we’re going to see a release until the end of the year, possibly even January next year. That’s because they just recently went to Alpha, so I would estimate Beta starting in Aug/Sept and release following 3-5 months after that. Nonetheless, I find myself thinking about Lich King quite a bit because it’s looming on the horizon. It doesn’t help that they released a slew of new tidbits this past week and I’m sure we’ll see more as we get closer to the Beta.

Where does SSO fit into my WotLK thoughts? Well they gave us a lot of new goodies that require significantly less effort than previous items of similar value. The SSO sells lots of very nice blue weapons at Revered that look to rival most blue dungeon drops. The epic items at Exalted are comparable to Kara+ gear, versus other epic faction rewards which are generally entry level epics. And more than any other faction, SSO is insanely easy to grind with 20+ daily quests – you don’t even have to set foot in a dungeon if you don’t want to. For those folks who haven’t done lots of dungeons and aren’t raiding, SSO is probably the place to be for easy upgrades.

Some of you may not have picked up on this if you already have one, but it’s also probably the place to be for epic mount money. Doing all 25 of your daily quests could easily raise your epic mount money in less than a month, pretty nice when you consider you’ll also unlock an epic necklace with the same exact effort, and for some classes an additional epic item (tanks/pallies/alchemists). Most classes could probably purchase a second necklace for their off-spec, I know my prot warrior did :)

All this easy loot leads me to speculate that unlike the last expansion, Blizzard is paving a gear path to WotLK. They are putting blues and even an epic or two in the hands of pretty much anyone. Another recent addition was the blue PVP gear sold by faction vendors. Practically anyone can get to Honored with the various faction vendors and unlock this gear, which means they have easy access to blue items that can fill any gaps in their current gear. Between all the various factions and blue quest rewards, I wouldn’t be surprised if the average player was able to fully equip themselves in blue gear with minimal effort outside of completing quests.

From which I conclude that Blizzard is likely tuning the new WotLK quests to folks wearing blue quest/rep reward gear. If I’m right, those of you still running around in greens better start gearing up :)


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  1. Tsark Says:

    I think you’re right Kal. One of the biggest problems plaguing WoW 1.0 at the end of it was the gear gap between raiders (Naxx gear was INSANE), hardcore PvPers (HWL gear was good) and everyone else. In BC, Blizz made everything they could to shrink this gap: season gear, badges of justice “seasons”, blues and epics out of rep. I like that: although I’m a raider, I’m not on the cutting edge, which means my main gears up relatively the hard way (did all the Heroics with the original badge gear only, etc etc), while my alts are getting an easier time (which means I get to spend less time on them, which suits me just fine).

  2. Fearstalker Says:

    Some of that gear is decent, but… depends on your class. The neck is good for everyone, so that’s cool. But for hunters, that’s basically all you get. The xbow is pretty weak, if you don’t have better already, you’re not likely reading this and you are carrying a +str polearm or something. Tanks do get two shields to choose from, but the rest of those blue items are pretty meh, ok for folks who haven’t done any instances, but that’s it.

    The cash is the big thing. And the effect it has had on PUGs. Dang hard to get groups when everyone is running around constantly doing dailies.

  3. DaddyGamer Says:

    One of the things i fear is the inflation that might come with WotLK. Inflation was pretty big between original WoW and BC. With all these dailys that might continue on for months – what will the prices be in Northrend?

  4. oops Says:

    I think the whole shattered sun thing was a real bit of a Red Herring. It kept most of us busy for 3-4 weeks, trying the new instance, getting the BOJ vendor released and racking up a bunch of gold while doing it.

    The only longivity in the content is the Sunwell for the raiders who have got that far, the badge vendor and its left us with a rampant inflation problem. I’ve read somewhere that they are going to introduce items for us to spend our money on before WotLK. lol.

    I believe they would have got much more longivity by reducing or having the option of existing content in 10 Man, with some adjustments to loot. It would have kept a large section of the WOW community who have been unable to 25 man raid, busy for a long time and given them some goals which is what really motivates people in the long term. Again as said above, too many people are doing dailies for cash and not getting involved in groups.

    It’s been said that they do not expect such a gear gap between TBC and WotLK as their was from pre-TBC to TBC.

  5. Fearstalker Says:

    All I’m doing now is farming gold, and will continue to do so unless I get some of the Sunwell BOE patterns. I plan on hitting WoLTK with 30K or more gold. Yep, there’s gonna be inflation. The only real gear upgrades that are worth chasing are those Sunwell drops. Everything else will be replaced by greens anyway.

    I’ve got about 12k G already, and really don’t have much to spend it on unless those patterns appear on the AH. Heck, if they hadn’t blocked point-selling, I’d just be buying arena points… :-)

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