Crafting Goodies in 2.4.2

New patch notes have been posted recently from the PTR and I’ve just copied my own characters to the Test Realm to analyze them more fully. Some are pretty obvious, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on these in the interim:

  • All 23-hour profession cooldowns are now 20-hour cooldowns.
  • All 4-day cooldowns are now 3 days, 20 hours.

Eh? While I like the idea of shortening the cooldown, I’m not sure this 4 hour reduction is doing anyone any meaningful favors. What I’d prefer to see is a separate CD for different item types, especially for Alchemists. A reasonable breakdown might be to separate Primal-Primal transmutes vs Metas and Mights. I know for me, since I only have one CD for all I tend to use it for Meta Gems because that’s where the largest profit is. Anything else is just throwing money away.

  • Removed the cooldown from Void Shatter.
  • Void Shatter recipe now correctly requires 375 enchanting.

This is something to rejoice, that’s for sure! I’m pretty happy to see the CD going away completely for Void Shatter. I had originally stockpiled a handful on each toon so they could make Large Prismatics for their personal chanting use, but the CD has forced me pace out my shattering. I realize they don’t want the market flooded with cheap shards, but I think losing the CD will do more good than harm.

As for the enchanting requirement – that shouldn’t have gone live in the first place. I’m sure I’m not the only chanter that was caught with her pants down after finally grinding the SSO rep for the Shatter recipe only to find that I needed max Enchanting and the uber-rod in order to execute a shatter. That sucked since the skill requirement didn’t match the rod requirement, but I suppose it did force me to suck it up and grind those last few points on my Enchanting skill :P

  • The Engineering supply item Delicate Copper Wire will now properly fit into engineering bags.


  • Brilliant Glass no longer requires a forge.
  • Brilliant Glass now has a small chance to make an epic gem.
  • Quick Dawnstone, Reckless Noble Topaz, Forceful Talasite are now all available at the Quel’danas gem vendor

No forge needed – woot! I can’t tell you how annoyed I get every time I go to make glass and have to find a friggin’ forge – bah :P  Small chance to make an epic gem – woot! woot! I’ll take free epic gems =) Haste gems going on the QD vendor: once again should have gone live this way. I kept thinking I was bonkers cuz I couldn’t figure out where they were, clearly the problem wasn’t me. What I really want to know is… where’s the CD removal for Brilliant Glass???

  • Completing the quest “The Journey Has Just Begun” will now properly teach how to make an Onyxia Scale Cloak.
  • Greatly reduced the reagent cost for Glove Reinforcements. Also reduced the skill gain range slightly.

Hmm, is anyone still doing the Ony chain? Not sure why this is important to fix at this stage of the game but whatever. But depending on the reduction, the glove reinforcements has the potential to be pretty helpful. I know I’ve considered making one several times, but didn’t because of the significant component cost. I will have to investigate that one more fully to see what the story is now.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on the various changes. Perhaps if we’re lucky there will be more goodies added to this list.


5 Responses to “Crafting Goodies in 2.4.2”

  1. Tsark Says:

    The 4-hour reduction in cooldown will actually make sure people can consistently take advantage of the daily transmute. I log in more or less at the same time every day, and normally I transmute as soon as I log in. However, if one day I log late and the following I log in early, then the CD is not finished yet, and I cannot transmute. Then I start doing something, and next thing I know I transmute 3-4 hours later than I normally do, which means I will lose the next day of transmutes….

    With this reduction, the CD will always be up whenever I log in (or at least, it has more chance to be up :-D)

  2. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I already started saving greenies for the Glass after patch for the chance of epic :)

    The onyxia think may tell us someting. Maybe its comming something new involving onyxia and we dont know it yet. Nothing blizzard do is without reason imo :)

  3. xcal Says:

    I love that 1or4 hour reduction. What it means to me is that on those few days that I can play 2or3 days in a row after work, I don’t have to wait until EXACTLY 10pm to make a brilliant glass or primal mooncloth, then the next day it becomes 10:20pm, then 10:40pm…now, I can work in the *other* direction and get to 8pm instead. BEAUTIFUL:-)

    and I just read that bit about no forge needed…hunting for a forge added to taht 20min gap each night ;-)

    yes, I’m repeating what Tsark is saying;-) WOOOOT

  4. Tsark Says:

    Oh on Onyxia – no, I think it’s just that they set right something they broke with a previous patch. Nefarian’s shadowflame effect makes you die at the end of it, so you still need an Ony scale cloak to survive it, and some people (errr like me :-D) are completist and want every single recipe available, so it was annoying to them that one of the recipes was impossible to get

  5. ClemSnide Says:

    “This Friend speaks to my condition.” That’s 18th century Quaker talk for “I agree completely.” Tsark’s joy at not being tied to a particular moment is just what I’m feeling, now that the tourism season is in full swing and I don’t get to be online as often as I am over the winter.

    I should also mention that the cooldown is now less frustrating to people who work at regular jobs, and who might log on for that transmute late one day, then lose a day because they have to leave for work before the cooldown is up the next day. 20 hours is enough to prevent a huge influx of goods, but makes it more convenient for us working stiffs. So huzzah for Blizzard on this one!

    I also tried to exploit the non-BoP nature of the faction recipes. I was Exalted with SSO (it’s ridiculously easy, just takes time) and got one of the gem recipes from them for my lower-level Jewelcrafter. It went through the mail real horrorshow, but when it landed it still required rep with that organization. So now she has a recipe she can’t use for another 27 levels cluttering up her mailbox. Ugh. Serves me right for trying a sort-of exploit!

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