For the Love of the Alts

I’ve been wrestling with this problem since 2.4 went live, but I guess really we deal with it all the time. My Jewelcrafter needs Exalted rep with SSO to purchase all the new gemcutting recipes. My Enchanter needs to be Honored with SSO to get the two new Enchanting recipes. I haven’t even touched on gear needs yet, but my Enchanter could also benefit from a couple of the blue items at Revered and the epic shield at Exalted. And I’m sure any toon could potentially gain from the new necklaces at Exalted if they aren’t already decked out in T5/T6, which none of mine are. Given all the new goodies, how do you decide which of your toons to grind faction with?

Right now my primary focus is the Jewelcrafter – there are just too many new recipes to be gained. I’ve also been working on my Enchanter at the same time, at least when I have enough time to take 2 toons to the Isle. My current plan has been to work in pairs and get the JC and Enchanter up to Exalted first. Once one of them hits the rep cap, I will drop that one out and start grinding a 3rd toon. Right now I’m trying to do enough quests to get 1500-2000 rep on each of the two toons per day. Of course any day I’m not sucked into a raid I will try to do a few dailies on #3 and #4 just so they aren’t completely left out… but that’s a heck of a lot of dailies!!

But this really brings up the deeper question of how much love you spread around to your alts. Do you try to level/craft/gear them up the same as your main or are you OK with leaving them in quest blues or even green gear? I’m finding in my guild that folks are starting to get bored on their mains and bring their alts to raids. This means that my main (healing druid) isn’t as needed in Kara/ZA since other folks are now bringing their healers. So I end up bringing one of my DPS classes instead, which means they get gear upgrades that I never expected them to have. It’s pretty nice really :) But of course once you get one item you start looking at what else you can do for that poor sap. Next thing you know your main hasn’t seen the light of day in a month other than the daily fishing quest!!  Hmm, maybe that’s just me.

I’m just curious how others handle the dilemma of splitting their time among multiple toons. I know for me it’s getting kind of weird with the dailies, I’m actually making mental appointments with them now, something like “OK, from 8-9 I’m going to PVP with my hunter to grind more HP for her epic crossbow. Then at 9 I’m going to do the fishing quest on my druid and fly through Nagrand to see if any Pure Water is up. At 10 I’m going to switch to my rogue and do her SSO dailies, followed by the same dailies with the warrior. Then if I have time, I’ll farm some Windy Clouds before I log for the day.” Whew, I’m tired just reading it!

So how do you guys handle things with your alts? Share any tips or tricks you might have… other than 2-boxing cuz all my toons are on the same account :P

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  1. Bluegrass Geek Says:

    usually, I get bored or frustrated with one character, so I switch to the other for a while. That’s leaving my Warlock a little behind, but overall they’re keeping pretty close together by doing this.

  2. Tlo Says:

    I started playing shortly after the release of BC. Right now, my goal is to get my crafter alts up to 70 before the release of WotLK. All of my alts recently passed the level 50 mark. My main is relegated to SSO dailies just to fund crafting on the alts.

  3. Dorgol Says:

    I go in order of popularity. My main (paladin) is already exalted and still looking to keep running heroic MgT.

    I didn’t do any of the new dailies on any other character until the paladin was exalted. Since then I’ve got my warlock halfway to Honored.

    After that is where I’ll hit my quandry… I’ll have a warrior and a mage to choose from. Chances are I’ll be hitting it up on my mage, though, since he’s a JC and my warrior is basically retired.

  4. Lady Jess Says:

    After getting my priest geared out as my main, and finally getting my druid transferred to my server, I kinda quit leveling alts. At the moment I’m doing all the dailies on my priest in the mornings, then leveling my druid in outlands in the evenings. I guess when my druid hits 70, I’ll switch from evening leveling to dailies for her. But I don’t have the ambition to level any more to 70…lol so they’ll be the only 2, not counting my retired 70 hunter that never got anywhere.

  5. Kevin F Says:

    I did all available dailies with my enchanter/BS (main) and JC/miner (alt) every day till I got them to exalted. Now with those two I just do the quests that open Sunwell phases, and anything that gives Shattered Sun Supplies for the chance at a BoJ. My other alt is just a miner/skinner, so now its her turn to spend an hour or so running dailies.

    In general, my main is the only one I take to raids, so she’s the prime focus of love. Just got my 2nd piece of T2 last night! Even if we roll back down into Kara or something, I’d rather take my main to earn the badges.

    Also, now that Primal Nethers and Nether Vortices aren’t BoP, its alot easier to get good crafted gear for my alts, so I don’t need to rely as much on raid drops.

  6. DaddyGamer Says:

    Kind of funny to read this. Just posted at thing myself about the problem with alts. Although I was more concerned with us more casual gamers that have a problem with levelling up a second toon since it is such a drag between 60-70.

    And when our main cant progress further due to whatever reason and we don’t want to level our alts, we look for greener pastures in other games instead.

    I think that alt-grinders, like you Kaliope, is a smaller fraction of the audience and Blizzard would do well by making it easier in some way to get our alts up to speed if we have a main that have progressed further.

    Don’t have a good solution though.

  7. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    My main need the neck and my alt the JC recipes. I started with sharing the days. One day main one day Alt. And 1-2 days a week i had time for both. But i was able to go to the new instance with main so i focused on dailys with my alt and i catched up the main and i got the nice JC designs :) Im just waiting for the gem vendor to spawn no to craft my trinket and get some money through cutting other ppls gems :)

  8. Itam Says:

    I only had time for one char to do dailies at a time so I went with my main which is JC/enchant. My warlock needs the neck from Exalted so once I get my main the CE hippogryph and enough cash for my Lock to get a flying mount I’ll start grinding for exalted with my lock.

  9. Niegle Says:

    For all you JCs out there, I wouldn’t worry to much about those new recipes. Remember, people are going to be spending their badges on gear upgrade long before they worry about gaining a few stat points from an epic gem.

    With attunements gone, it is much easier and cheaper to get the recipes for the scales of sand rep people. My guild just started messing around in there a week ago and already friendly. The recipes there start at 6g and only go down as my rep goes up.

    As for alts, my main concern is getting every alt I have to 70 before the next expansion hits. I leveled my main from 60 to 70 in less than 2 weeks. This meant I was stuck helping everyone else run instances and get leveled. Why not have an alt or 2 ready to go to level with the slower people.

  10. Nels Says:

    I came to this problem a couple of months ago when my alt hit outlands. I decided that I did not have the time to rep grind with two characters, since my main still needed rep with a few factions. I turned my main into an alch/jc (formerly miner/jc) and my alt into a herb/miner (formerly herb/alch). The alt is going to be my farming toon and the main my raiding toon. The alt will be in the best crafted gear I can get for her, but she won’t be grinding rep.

  11. Drew Shiel Says:

    I’ve just started levelling an alt solely for the purpose of picking up enchanting (and later, inscription). I hadn’t even considered the rep grind, but I think my main (jewelcrafting and tailoring) will probably be maxed on SSO and Consortium rep before the alt hits 70 – I’m only playing the alt on rested XP.

    So the main will probably be put aside in terms of PvE play for a while when the alt hits 70 and can start the necessary reputation work, coming out for RP, crafting, and PvP.

  12. gardenqueen Says:

    Been playing for almost 3 years now and I’m a toon-aholic. I play one until I’m bored with it and move on to the next. Have almost 40 toons across a couple of servers. I need a real life.

  13. ClemSnide Says:

    Being a dyed-in-the-wool, 33-year role player, I prefer doing taht to all else– so my best RP charas get the most play. So my main, “Poor” Richard Saunders, is 70 and is working his way up the Blacksmithing chain. Unfortunately he’s hit that bump in the road where you need rare recipes and lots of exotic materials to get any higher. He also hasn’t decided on his Aldor/Scryer faction yet; I’m getting up the courage for a grind-to-exalted-then-switch technique so he gets the good armor recipes from both factions. Insane, yes, but that’s just me.

    For my other charas, I have a chart showing what levels they need with the various organizations. I try to level them not too fast so that they get full benefit out of rep-for-kills; Saunders, who wants Exalted with Timbermaw, will have to kill 5 times as many to get there as one of the others. Fortunately he’s where he needs to be with Cenarion Circle and Argent Dawn. (Thorium Brotherhood? I’m not such a dungeon delver, so the multiple trips to BRD are not in the cards for me.)

    One of my alts who’s quite popular in my guild is Pahukatowah, a Night Elf Hunter from a lost tribe of that race. I was hoping to do this controlled grind with him, but my guildmates presented me with an incredible gift: the Thick Netherscale Breastplate pattern! My guildmaster also gave me the materials to make it, and I applied myself exclusively to gaining skill to be able to do that. Which, alas, meant gaining a bunch of levels hunting Clefthooves and Talbuks, so he’s going to have Saunders’ problem with the Old World factions. But I think that’s worth it.

    As for the rest: I had tried to stagger my levelling by fives, so that the drops that one chara got could potentially go to another. But as I played certain ones I liked them better, and they overtook the planned progression. For example, I dearly want the Satchel of Cenarius pattern for my Tailor, so he can (1) make big bucks and (2) supply my Herbalist. So he needed to get to 58 to turn in the Twilight Texts that the others had accumulated, and now 60 to turn in the Crests and Signets. I’m kind of back on the program, and have been trying to get some of my less-played charas to 50 and into the Outland trainers.

    Which brings us back to Saunders. He needs to make his Breastplate of Kings, but that takes Primal Might– pricey is too mild an adjective to describe it. So I started playing my Druid Alchemist more. She’s closing in on 48 and getting most of her XP in Felwood, hunting Deadwoods.

    It’s complicated. It’s like a Chinese puzzle-box, trying to figure out which to level to supply the others. But, I enjoy it, and that’s what that’s all about!

  14. Spankyham (Thrall) Says:

    I have a full set of 70’s, one of each class. I tend to play whatever my guild needs so I keep them all gearad as well as possible. As far as SSO rep is concerned, I hit revered on 2 chars so far, Ill rotate in the next 2 soon.

    BTW, I may be mistaken, but I could have sworn that all 12 JC patterns were revered faction not exalted.

    GL with your grind mate!

  15. Powercrush Says:

    One interesting option is to start your alts across different accounts. By doing this, you can have all of them grind rep together except for collection quests, you can run quests once with all your toons on follow mode instead of several times, once for each toon. And if you are really good at multi boxing, you can actually complete some group quests by yourself…

  16. Healfdene (lightbringer) Says:

    I have the same problem. I cannot figure out the order in which to play my alts. When i started ages back I had two characters I played pretty much equally. As I didn’t know the game well back there I made some mistakes and one of them headed to the recycle bin quite early on.

    My main (Hunter) is now a troll’s whisker away from lvl 68 and has almost maxed out his engineering and enchanting skills.. he managed to grind timbermaw for the enchant recipes but that’s about it.

    recently I noted that enchanting and engineering wasn’t bringing in any G so I started two new toons, another hunter (mining / skinning) and a warrior (Mining / blacksmithing) but they are way behind my main.. the Hunter is lvl 20 and the warrior has only just left the noob zone and is lvl 9 I think.

    Rep is not a concern for them at the moment, but as My main reaches the “endgame” My friends are telling me I need some Rep gear for raiding. I now have this unsurmountable task. Gain rep in multiple old world/ outland factions, and dedicate a lot of time to BG’s and instance runs while ignoring my other two chars for … well … the forseeable future? or spread out my time evenly among the three chars, watch the lower two gain levels rapidly .. while my main has the slowest two levels in the history of the game??

    I know what I should do.. but I like being able to switch chars when i get bored. Am currently guildless (out of choice) and sometimes the solo grind gets a bit weary..

  17. kaliope Says:

    Heal: Since your main is a hunter, I would not torture yourself too much over the rep gear. Each faction usually has 1-2 items you can purchase at certain rep levels, but the pickings are rather slim for hunters in that dept. If there are Enchanting recipes you want, that’s a different story and you’ll have to decide if those are worth grinding. My best suggestion for gearing up your hunter would be to find a leatherworker to make you the Felstalker and/or Fel Leather gear. Also do as many group quests as you can for blue gear, there are a number of them with nice stuff for you. The Stalker’s Helm of Second Sight is a major one, there are also a few Aldor/Scryer quests in Netherstorm I’d hit. That’s the easiest/quickest way I know to gear up a hunter. Hunters are very high dps, so they don’t need to beef up as much as other classes for early raiding. For more specifics, you can check out under guides for a list of gear guides, or

    As for your alts – I’d play them when you’re in need of a break from your hunter. Right now the raiding is in a slump, so do what you enjoy :)

  18. typhoonandrew Says:

    “Jewelcrafter – there are just too many new recipes to be gained.” This is a wonderful problem to have.

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