Evil Crocs, Dock Buddies and Naked Duels

Not too long ago I was commenting on the dwindling community atmosphere in WoW, but that sense of camaraderie appears to be alive and well among the fisherfolk. We know we’re the weirdos of the WoW world… we accept this. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I saw how fishing actually brings folks together. Yes, it seems strange that this solitary activity would create bonding moments, but where there’s a will and some booze, there’s sure to be a way!

The fishing daily on Llane yesterday was the Stormwind quest. This is the only fishing daily that has the distinction of being available to any level 70 toon who has trained the basic level of fishing, you don’t have to be a Master Angler. Being the useless junk hound that I am, I took 3 of my 4 70’s down to Slimer (err Silmyr) Lake to pick up the quest. My rogue had a fishing skill of 31 going into the quest, my hunter had a fishing skill of 1. Since I’m lazy as well as bag-space challenged, I purchased a lure and a fishing pole from the NPC at the Stormwind docks. After two casts I got my croc, sold the pole back to the NPC and hearthed to Shatt.

Later in the day I took my hunter to the Stormwind docks for the same drill and was pleasantly surprised to see our guild “Queen” Mamabear was already there. A few minutes later my friend Squorg came down with his shammy to get a croc. I went through two lures (and got to 49 skill) before I got my own croc, but we had several other guildmates wander through while we were fishing (poor Mama went through 4 lures before her croc popped, those random drop rates are evil!). A number of us (me included) were also bringing our alts out and doing the quest multiple times, which extended the fun. What I liked best was having the time to banter with folks in the casual fishing atmosphere, it was a nice change of pace.

It was after my third round with Kaliope that someone piped up with “Naked Duels at the Lake!” Of course, I had to investigate. Sure enough, some guild had a dozen or so folks on the shores of Slimer Lake and they were running a naked duel event =) This sounded like a lot of fun to me, I’m not sure if there was any booze involved but surely there would have to be if folks were running around in their skivvies. I would hate to leave the scene to everyone’s imagination so…

Naked Duels outside Shattrath

I think it’s cute that folks are enjoying the new content and having fun. My theory is that because fishing is relaxing (aka boring), it gives people the opportunity to be silly that perhaps they don’t get during raids or daily quests. And that’s a good thing!


2 Responses to “Evil Crocs, Dock Buddies and Naked Duels”

  1. Ratshag Says:

    heh! What funs. Thanks fer sharing it. Fer some reason I’s yet to see the “baby croc” quest on me server – lots of jumbo shrimp and world’s biggest mudflumper.

  2. ClemSnide Says:

    I think I’ve been through all of them on Silver Hand, but the Stormwind quest is one of my faves. Mostly because it doesn’t require a lure! But also because– being a 70 with a banking alt in Stormwind City– I seldom get back to the old place. It allows me to walk familiar streets and get bombarded by requests to run someone through Deadmines (I think; hard to tell with the Eleetspeek).

    I do notice patterns beginning to emerge. The Canals around the Mage Quarter are the favored fishing spots, I suppose because you don’t have to go far to get to it from the portal. There’s a fork in the river south of Tuurem that I use, and it seems, others use as well– again, becuse it’s a reasonably safe area and the closest river to Lake Silmarillion– er, Silmyr. The Feltail daily brings people to the huge polearm that Agonarr’s corpse carries, since the demons and slimes don’t travel up it normally. For the others– well, it’s catch as catch can (pun intended).

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