First Badge Vendor Unlocked and other ramblings

In case some of you didn’t hear about it yet, yesterday the very first badge vendor was unlocked on the Proudmoore server.  Chaos ensued, rofl.  On my server the anvil is still around 50% so I’m assuming we have another 2-3 days to go.  Frankly I didn’t expect it to take this long, I think the PTR progress inadvertently set the bar a bit high for the live servers.

As a jewelcrafter, what I’m mostly waiting for is the gem vendor to be unlocked during Phase 4.  Sure I can buy some nice recipes from the Quartermaster, but I can’t actually make my new JC trinket until the gem vendor opens up to sell me my epic gems.  More importantly, I can’t cut epic gems until she starts selling her wares even though I’m almost Revered with SSO right now.  At this point I’m guessing I’ll hit Exalted before she’s unlocked *sigh*.  I assume we’re all (most of us) in the same boat sitting on a stack of Badges that we still can’t use.  I know I probably shouldn’t be in a rush since it’s rare for Blizzard to give us a huge server-wide event like this.  But the anticipation is killing me!!

In other news, I finally got most of the 2.4 recipes posted on Crafter’s Tome.  Being out of town the week of the patch has really thrown me off my normal update process, but the bulk of the new items are online.  There are a few still missing though, most notably the new cooking recipes from the vendors and the Steelweave cloak enchant.  There are also some holes in the data, but that’s mostly due to Blizzard not displaying drop rate information in the Armory yet.  I will continue to update my lists as the data rolls in, but for now many of the Sunwell drops are lacking solid information.


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  1. Cadi Says:

    Your Server is better then mine. I am on EU Dentarg and we are still at 30% with the anvil!

  2. ClemSnide Says:

    68% earlier today on Silver Hand. But, I’m posting after y’all.

    I’m really liking most of the SSO dailies. I have a pattern: Pick up the Shattrath quests, log the Fishing daily (completed along the way betwen the others), Hellfire for the two dailies there and maybe the Honor Hold one if the Horde has been active and has taken the forts. Cut across the Twisting Nether to Sunfury Hold, Blade’s Edge, Nagrand, and back to Shattrath for the turnins. Then it’s away to Quel’Danas Isle. Nice having a routine.

    The only one I don’t really like is the gathering quest, Maintaining the Advantage. My only 70 is a Miner and nodes are rare enough, Nether Residue-carrying nodes even rarer. Kalliope had posted on this before, and I know it’s random, but I seem never to be able to complete it without a good day’s work. (Even though an occasional node will give you 2, or even 3, Residue.) So far the three best zones for me have been Zangarmarsh, Nagrand, and Hellfire Peninsula, in that order.

    I got to Revered just after I redesigned Saunders to be a Protection build of my own design, and bought both of the Shattered Sun swords– one for soloing, the other for tanking. Nice items, though visually unexciting. And as luck would have it, no Blacksmithing love from SSO. Still, I have a ball doing the bombing runs!

  3. Illwind Says:

    I contributed every daily i could to opening the badge vendor on Azuremyst, and when it hit 98/99%… you could not see the vendor at all. There were flagged members on both sides dying left and right from the guards, especially because there was a Tauren Druid flagged in Bear form dancing on top of the vendor so you had to really time your clicks to be able to talk to her, otherwise you were gonna die…

    Needless to say, chaos to the max is what the new badge items brought.

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