More Fishing Goodies in 2.4

As far as I knew, the only new thing coming to fisherfolk everywhere was the daily fishing quest in Terokkar. Yesterday, Mamabear was telling me how she was looking forward to exploring the new zone and asked me if there were any new fish there. Now why didn’t I think of this?? I must be slacking on my reporting duties, thankfully Mamabear has my back :)

So after skinning too many Talbuks for my previous post, I took the portal to the Isle of Quel’Danas and set up camp right at the docks that are near the various quest-givers. I plopped on one of my new lures and started fishing, thinking I was going to end up with newbie zone junk. But lo and behold, new fishies started hopping into my bag! The first is called a Giant Sunfish and it is just a regular health regen food, I took a screenshot for ya:

Giant Sunfish

I also got an interesting array of other goodies from the waters around the Isle, including Jaggal Clams, Motes of Water, Seaweed (gray vendor trash) and Lightning Eels. Another new fish that turned up with pretty good frequency was the Bloated Giant Sunfish. This bad boy is just like other bloated fish we’re familiar with from the old world, you’re instructed to right click to open and there are goodies in it’s gut. Here’s a list of the stuff I pulled out of the 8 bloated fish I caught:

#1 Fish: 3x Adamantite Ore
#2 Fish: 2x Khorium Ore
#3 Fish: 1x Scroll of Strength
#4 Fish: 5x Stranglekelp
#5 Fish: 2x Fel Iron Ore
#6 Fish: 3x Adamantite Ore
#7 Fish: 3x Eternium Ore
#8 Fish: 2x Khorium Ore

Now some of that stuff currently drops from the crates we fish up in Outland, but overall this looks like a higher quality of goods than the current crates. I was pretty tickled by this, especially the green quality ore I was getting. The khorium in particular is quite valuable.

One other new fish turned up for me, this was called a Luminous Bluetail. It looks suspiciously like one of the rare fish from the Fishing Competition, but it has a ‘use’ ability that returns 450-585 mana. Interesting… I thought. I’m actually kind of excited at this idea, I mean Alchemists get to herb neato buff items from their flower picking, why not us too? Here’s a screenshot I took of the Bluetail:

Luminous Bluetail

Always one to try every new item no matter the cost to myself, I drained my mana with heal spells and clicked on one. I’m sad to report, it activated my mana potion cooldown so it’s not quite as wonderful as I was initially hoping. But, it may still end up being a part of the caster’s arsenal. I could see it potentially used as a cheap alternative to Super Mana pots (that sell for 2-3 gold a pop) in situations where you aren’t needing a huge mana boost. They also stack to 20, so at least they aren’t nearly the space hog that mana pots are. We’ll just have to wait and see how this item goes over with the general populace.

Overall I had about 80 successful casts and I noticed after my first lure that I wasn’t having any trouble with fish getting away. So I decided to do a few casts without my lure, just to see if I could narrow down the fishing level. With no lure I was still able to fish, but I lost 4 of the 10 casts. I think it’s not quite as high as Skettis, but perhaps a bit higher than Nagrand. Either way, be sure you bring lures if you’re going to fish here. I should also point out that I was fishing open water, no need to camp spawn pools for these results. Here are my final numbers for the fish I caught with 3 lures, about 30 minutes of fishing:

Giant Sunfish – 22
Mote of Water – 4
Jaggal Clam – 16
Bloated Giant Sunfish – 8
Luminous Bluetail – 15
Seaweed – 8
Lightning Eel – 7

On a side note, I felt a bit silly standing there with my fishing pole while everyone else was questing, dueling, etc. Then after about 10 minutes an Orc hunter walks up next to me and pulls out his fishing pole. Five minutes later a Blood Elf Warlock takes up residence on the other side of me and starts fishing, then he wandered off after a bit and a Night Elf hunter joined the party. It was kind of weird, since I’d never seen anyone fishing out here all the times Krystella had been out questing. I couldn’t decide if I’d started a trend or if word about the bluefish had already leaked out to the PTR folks. Either way, it was kind of satisfying to see other players come up beside me and start fishing too =)


6 Responses to “More Fishing Goodies in 2.4”

  1. Aurik Says:

    Wow it never occurred to me, either, that there might be new fishables. Well done to Mamabear and yourself for figuring it and then detailing it! I really like how the Isle looks so I might just spend a little while fishing there myself once I’ve done my dailies :)

    The little mana top-up fish could be useful as quick bites whilst grinding – is the cooldown the same amount of time as a Super Mana Pot too? Either way I do like how Blizzard are adding new types of things into the game ^_^! Especially all of these little added profession ‘bonuses’.

  2. Bob Says:

    The new hat for fishing is really nice.

  3. Si Says:

    This might be a bit off topic but ive looked everywhere i can think of. Can anyone give me the co-ordinates of this new fishing guy please? I looked that last time i was playing wow but cant find him. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Kaliope Says:

    Si: The new fishing quest NPC is located next to Silmyr Lake. I assume you know where that lake is – just east of Shatt :)

  5. Pinyon Says:

    Your experience is not normal. I did the same 30 minutes at 375 +20 + 100 lure fishing. I ended up with only 1 Bloated Giant Sunfish (along with 41 Giant Sunfish, 16 Seaweed, 3 motes of water, 15 Jaggal Clams, 5 Eels, and 12 Bluetails. Considering the rewards, I suspect my drop rate is closer to the true drop rate for the Bloated Giant Sunfish (it had 2 eternium ore).

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    Actually it was out of frustration that I started fishing on Quel’Danas Island; I went there moments after they reopened Silver Hand, and it was a madhouse. Heck, it was 4 AM before I got the Hellfire Peninsula dailies done.

    But fish I did, and my experiences were somewhere in between Kalliope’s and Pinyon’s. (And just to carp– ha! ha!– we have way too low of a sample size to decide whether someone’s experience is statistically normal yet.) In 30 minutes of fishing with Aquadynamic lures, Seth’s pole, a Lucky Fishing Hat and enchanted Fishing gloves, and of course my 375 skill, I landed a good quantity of fish: 2.5 stacks of the Giant Sunfish, 16 Luminous Bluetails, probably at least 15 seaweed, and five Bloated Sunfish. They gave up Khorium, Adamantite twice, and Fel Iron twice (unfortunately I didn’t keep track of how much, but it was at least 2 pieces of the Khoriu,).

    With the new gathering daily making it even harder to find mining nodes, I may just do a lot more fishing on the new island, especially since my second-string charas are now about 55th level and can benefit from some Sunfish sushi.

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