More 2.4 Updates for Jewelcrafters & Gatherers

I have some bad news for Jewelcrafters. The new Brilliant Glass item has already been nerfed. Today I logged in and tried making a few more, and it now has a 23 hour cooldown. While I understand the reasons behind this, likely an attempt to avoid a flood of blue gems on the market, I’m still a bit sad. It was nice to think that I would clear my bags of all the green tribbles and make something useful from them. Ah well, at least the gem economy won’t go down the crapper 24 hours after the patch, right?

On a more positive note, I’ve been doing some additional testing of the gathering quest to see if the drop rates have changed. I’m happy to say that for the most part I believe they have. You can pay me later for getting Blizz to do it my way ;) It has taken me close to a week to make farming trips to Nagrand and Netherstorm for each of the three gathering skills. The ore drop rates are notably more impressive than skinning or herbing. I believe part of the reason is that you hit each node multiple times. As a result, Rich Adamantite nodes have a pretty good chance of dropping 2 nether residue instead of just one. I have yet to get more than one nether residue from a single herb node or skin drop. So at this point, assuming no additional changes, Miners will be collecting their nether residue more easily than the other two professions. On the other hand, ore is more heavily camped than the other two, so this could be Blizzard’s way of balancing that out. Here’s my sampling of the drop rates for the gathering quest:

Nagrand (20 nodes | 13 nether residue)
Netherstorm (20 nodes | 15 nether residue)

Nagrand (20 nodes | 5 nether residue)
Netherstorm (20 nodes | 6 nether residue)

Nagrand (20 Talbuk Thorngrazers | 7 nether residue)
Netherstorm (20 Talbuk Does/Sires | 3 residue)

As you can see, the drop rate is much lower for herbs and skinning. That said, with skinning I killed the Nagrand talbuks in less than 15 minutes. I’m sure had I kept going I would have gotten the last residue and been able to complete the quest in a reasonable time frame. I’m not quite certain why the drop rate on the Netherstorm talbuks was so low considering the mobs were higher level, hopefully it was just a bad run. With the herbs it’s a bit harder to estimate how much time it’ll take to complete the quest. If you are on during peak hours, herbs can be just as hard to find as ore. But presumably you herbalists know when it’s best to do your farming, so hopefully you’ll be able to work it out. Feel free to post updates here once the patch goes out if you want to contribute to the information pool.

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  1. Aurik Says:

    “I have some bad news for Jewelcrafters. The new Brilliant Glass item has already been nerfed. Today I logged in and tried making a few more, and it now has a 23 hour cooldown.”

    I have to admit… I was worried about this after I’d thought about it for a while. For a moment there was the glee of “eheheheh… I’m going to be able to make a tonne of blue gems” but it was quickly followed by the horror of.. “But so is everyone else and they’re really not going to be worth anything…” Adding the cooldown will mean a nice, steady trickle and won’t drop the bottom out of the blue gem market, like you say.

  2. Thallium Says:

    On the upside for up and coming jewelcrafters, the price of green gems shot through the roof as all the high level folk are holding on to them for transmuting. I’ve sold about a dozen Bright Blood Garnets for 7g a pop in the last three days.

  3. Halabar Says:

    Is it just me, or has the drop rate for blue gems when mining increased as well?.. I certainly have gotten more in the past few days than in the last few weeks of mining before the patch.

  4. Kaliope Says:

    Hal: Strangely enough, I’ve been thinking the same about prospecting over the last week. Of course, we could both be wrong and only *think* the drop rates are better when actually it’s just that we are mining/prospecting more thanks to the gathering quest :)

  5. ClemSnide Says:

    The Nether Residue drop rate from ore, “impressive?” Not sure that’s the word I’d use. I’d tend more toward “annoying” or even “disgustipating.” That last one is not an actual word, but accurately reflects how I feel.

    So far I’ve done the gathering quest (and the rest of the Shattered Sun dailes, which I quite like) twice. The first time it took me near a solid day of mining to get all eight residues. While I occasionally got two in one lode, more often it was zero, and I wound up with a boatload of Fel Iron Ore. (Fortunately it’s all good for my awaiting-level-50 Jewelcrafter, who’s overflowing with Outland gems now.)

    I mined 31 nodes for those drops. The second day it was a little better, 22. In both cases I wasn’t able to finish the gathering quest during travels between one daily location and the next, as I had hoped, but had to fly about looking for the dots on the minimap and hope that someone easn’t fighting near it. (I do not jump claims, even between teams.)

    Maybe 2.4.1 will help…

  6. kaliope Says:

    Clem: I didn’t intend to characterize the residue drop rate from mining as impressive in and of itself, merely better than the drop rate from herbs and skinning. I’ve experienced about a 50% drop rate on nether residue while mining. For skinning and herbalism it’s closer to 25%, so by comparison it’s impressive. In this case impressive means “could reasonably be done in one farming session” which I wouldn’t normally expect Blizzard to allow considering you get quest credit as well as crafting benefits from one activity.

    One thing I’ve noticed (at least I think this is true) that mining in higher level zones appears to have a better drop rate of residue. If you hang in Zangarmarsh, you are likely to have less luck than if you farm Netherstorm. Personally I do a circuit of Nagrand, then jog north across BEM and hit any nodes I see on the way to Netherstorm where I do a full circuit. Usually I’m able to get most or all of the residues I need, although it depends on how much competition there is. Some folks are skipping the gather quest since it takes 2-3x longer to complete than the other dailies. I will probably just collect residue with normal farming and if it takes a few days to get all 8, well that’s just how it is.

    And I agree – I don’t jump claims either. Sadly not everyone else abides by this rule of thumb.

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    Well, that’s the wonders of random numbers. By day 10 we should have some pretty well-founded statistics.

    I seldom actually “farm” as people do, but rather take opportunities that are presented in travel, which means my gathering is anything but purposeful. When actively looking for metals I stay away from places like Warmaul Hill, which always has people hanging around for the nodes in the caves. There’s even ahn occasional New World node on Quel’Danas Island, but if you can get to it before someone else jumps it, you’re speedy indeed.

    My impression of the various zones of Outland is that the mining and herb collection potential reflect the player density and type. In Hellfire Peninsula and Terokkar Forest, you get a lot of newcomers who are working their skill up at the same time as their combat level; in Southmoon and Netherstorm it’s a safe bet that anyone flying around is a node farmer.

    As for the rate of Nether Residue collected in those various places, I’ll have to pass. It’s such a self-selecting data set (you have to find the node first, after all) that I wouldn’t want to infer anything by it. Not yet, at least. Maybe it has something to do with the rarity of the metal? I mine a lot more Fel Iron than Adamantite or Khorium, but get more residue from the last two than the first.

    And I am glad to hear of your compassionate attitude toward claims. But then, we all assumed you were like that anyway.

  8. Jenjie Says:

    Not sure what it was like in test, but with the patch having gone live, I’m struggling to find any herbs let along get them to drop nether residue. i’ve had the quest for 4 days now and still only have 7 nether residue.

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