The Heart of WoW Beats On

I know it’s hard sometimes when you’re on your raids or doing your normal farming, daily quests, et cetera… to take time to smell the roses. Plus in the last 14 months we’ve had an influx of new players who don’t even remember the early days of WoW (frankly I don’t remember the EARLY early days, I joined six months after release). But in some ways the game has lost some of the small community feel, the silly side of life that I remember clearly from those earlier times. You know things have changed when you hardly ever see naked chics dancing on mailboxes anymore. Luckily in my guild, we have Mamabear to get drunk and try to pet the pink elephants (heheh Mama!) and remind us all that it’s just a game and we’re there to have fun.

But for others, perhaps they don’t have a goofy group of older folks to keep them grounded or help them appreciate all the light touches that Blizzard so kindly adds to the game. There are players who don’t even bother doing the Holiday quests because they are “stupid” and don’t provide any “lewt”. Clearly these poor souls are related to the Greench in some fashion, but I digress. In my normal wanderings through the WoW forums, I came across this post which reaffirmed my confidence in the heart of the players:

Enchanting and Terrible Guilt

I, too have felt the guilt of killing an Ogre or a Netherwing drake. I have a hard time bringing myself to slaughter the beautiful winged creatures who allow me to just waltz right up to them. Even though Kaliope is a leatherworker, she hasn’t killed any drakes in months. I can’t even bring myself to move beyond neutral with the Netherwing because I fear I may have to betray them at some point in the future in order to craft some new piece of armor for myself or my brethren. And the Ogres are so pitiful when you kill them after you become their Queen, I don’t think Kayree could bear to farm them at this point for their Enchanting recipe.

Now I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t read the quest text and I certainly don’t know all the lore from Warcraft II, III or XXIII. But there are still things that touch me or tickle my funny bone in WoW and I love the fact that I’m not the only sap in Azeroth. I truly enjoyed reading their stories and comments on the various things that tore at their heart. The fact that they still feel these things, even knowing it’s just a computer game is refreshing and sweet. Fellow sentimental fools – I salute you!


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  1. Demon Says:

    I totally agree about killing the drakes. I so want the armor but after realizing the number of those cool look creatures I will have to destroy has halted my progress toward my ebon netherscale set.

    It is really odd walking around after becoming exalted with the ogres and killing them, disturbing.

    Fun game, interesting quirks.

  2. Aurik Says:

    Yeah I got a bit cut up the first time I killed an Ogre and called me a bad King… I didn’t want to kill him in the first place either but he aggro’d on me when I was taking a mining node (weird bug, that..) Luckily I have no skinner that needs dragon scales so I’ve not had to go massacring the dragons…

    I do miss the old moments of craziness. Even though I joined wow a little bit later (about a year and a half after release) there really seemed to be more random stuff happening. Seems like very few people do stuff for ‘fun’ any more – it’s all about big phat purples – who cares about the fiery festival brew etc. :( ? I love the in-game events and the silly things that come with them, long may they continue!


  3. Kevin F Says:

    On my druid I completed the initial Netherwing quests before I ever started Netherstorm, so last night I had to declare war on the netherwings to get some quests done. I did feel a bit bad about that. But it was a quest, so it was for the greater good right? At least I wasn’t just harvesting them for their skins…. :P

  4. Kunrak Says:

    Its funny you say this. My wife plays, and when we are both on, we are not allowed to kill Elephants or Gorillas. As for the holiday events, I dont think people are skipping them because of the lack of ‘phat’ loot (although that might be the case for some). I know I skipped many of them this year, because they are the same quests as last year. Blizzard needs to either add ‘enhancements’ to the various holiday events each year (such as the holiday hats on random dungeon bosses).


  5. Armath Says:

    WoW has grown from a big game into a HUGE game – it’s easier than ever to find other people that play WoW, but harder than ever to find someone who plays WoW on the same side of the same server, and I think that’s part of why the community feels like not so much of a community any more.

    I understand completely about your regrets, though. I don’t like having to kill the friendly Netherwings in BEM to get scales, or having to fight ogres (or alliance or horde) when I wander too close to one of their areas, but I’ve adopted a more philosophical approach that eases my conscience – the game may call it a “kill”, but it’s really more like a “knock out”. Nothing ever *stays* dead in WoW, so we’re not really actually “killing” anything. We’re just knocking it out so we can take it’s loot.

    And yeah, okay, this kinda breaks down when I’m skinning these poor creatures I’ve only “knocked out”, but I try not to think about that too much… :-)

  6. Rimar Says:

    I’m one of those types that doesn’t do the festivities. i tried getting into them during the Valentines deal but the quest became too much wasting time (I am new to the game from November 5 of 2007). I spent a few hours at those quests and finally gave them up.

    Yesterday I was playing a low level toon and found an easter egg (I didn’t even know it was east lol) but I had heard over general chat someone asking about easter eggs, so I picked it up.

    If Blizzard wishes to make holidays in the game, they should make them fun to do and a get away from the normal quest/quest/endless tries garbage.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Kunrak: You’ll be happy to know that while they didn’t update the Easter festivities, there are lots of new things in store for the Summer Festival. I tested some of that on the PTR a few weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to it going live. While they haven’t updated every holiday, they seem to modify at least half of them and I can live with those odds :)

    Rimar: If you are still leveling, it makes sense that you would be less interested in noodling with holiday events. Those of us who are at the level cap are more likely to participate and enjoy the change of pace that a server event entails. The Valentine’s event was also a complicated one to cut your teeth on – give the Summer Festival a try. I think you’ll find you get more out of it with less time investment.

  8. Rimar Says:

    Yes valentines was my first wow holiday. I do have a level 70 hunter and he was the one trying to make that quest work. After a few hours of frustration I just gave it up.

    I have 4 other toons now around the level 6-12 range.

  9. DaddyGamer Says:

    I havent really gone all the way to exalted with any faction. But killing your subjects seems really awful…

    About the grind that kills the game and the big community. I really feel that too. I play less and less frequrently. And tire quickly. The grinding has really affected me back. My enthusiasm is nowadays the one thing that feels like grinded to dust. New content is sorely needed.

  10. ClemSnide Says:

    Personally, I stop levelling, grinding rep, questing, etc. during the festivals and throw myself into them. At least one of my charas is highly active in the seasonal spirit; even my evangelist Paladin was wandering around lecturing people on the true meaning of Winterveil! (Though I dearly wanted an Easter– er, Elegant Dress on the 23rd for my clothes-horse Priestess. No luck, but lots of chocolate, so that helps.)

    As for Gamers’ Guilt, I wrote an article about Guardian Stones, I think for Allakhazam, where I said “At first I was a little hesitant to kill these gentle giants, who had never done me a moment’s harm. But then I remembered the last time a 40-story tall Devilsaur snuck up behind me and killed me. A Guardian Statue was wandering by and didn’t do a thing to save me. Huh! Curse them! They all deserve to die!”

    People in real life can justify almost any behavior; just think about it a little and I’m sure you can justify game behavior.

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