Shattered Sun Offensive – The Daily Report

I mentioned in a previous article that I would be compiling a review of the new daily quests that are coming in 2.4, and I finally feel ready to present my information. As I’m sure most of you know, the number of daily quests is being increased. This is surely due in part to the sheer number of dailies available for the Shattered Sun Offensive. Right now I have about sixteen new quests listed on my chart, and I’m not confident I actually found and documented them all. But I’ll share what I know so you’ll be more prepared when 2.4 goes live.

There are a handful of quests that start in Shattrath City, including the lead-in quests for the Isle of Quel’Danas. The Outland dailies include the new gathering quest, an easy non-kill quest in Nagrand, and some kill quests in Netherstorm, Blade’s Edge, and the Throne of Kil’Jaeden. There’s also a daily that you pick up in the new zone, but requires you to return to Outland to complete it. I believe Blizzard located some of the SSO quests in Outland to encourage players to stay in Outland and not flood the new zone. We’ll see if that actually helps or not. If you decide to stick with the Outland-based quests, you could rake in an easy 1500 rep/day without torturing yourself with “Honor Hold on Release Day, 2.0”. Here’s my take on the Outland quests:

Multiphase Survey (All Phases) – Simply ride out to Oshu’gun in Nagrand and zap the spheres of fire. Do it every day, it’s easy and takes so little time, there’s no excuse. Unless it’s overcamped, and then you can be excused. That actually happened to me one day, no spheres in sight after 15+ minutes of riding around.

Gaining the Advantage (All Phases) – The gathering quest. Complete as often as you can without torturing yourself if you’re having bad luck on drops. I will continue to test drop rates on the PTR, as of my last sample about a week ago the mining drop rate was decent but herbs were still low. **Update** on the live server I was able to get a reasonable drop rate from herbs in Terokkar, could be a fluke since it was just one day.

Blood for Blood/Blast the Gateway (All Phases) – Throne of Kil’Jaeden quests, can be done together somewhat. Involves killing the various mobs in the area, can be annoying if you are having bad luck with drops. The “blast” quest has you killing fire elementals to feed your pet. If elementals are over-camped, just run around and feed it from other people’s kills (tacky, but it works). “Blood” involves killing the demons for their blood and then channeling it at an elite caster. On my server the elite casters are so camped it’s not funny, you may have to group for this or tackle it during non-peak hours.

Intercepting the Mana Cells (Phase 2) – Interesting quest in Blade’s Edge, I’d do it at least once just so you can see what it’s like. It’s one of those that can be frustrating on drop rates, so you may end up skipping it eventually.

Sunfury Attack Plans (All Phases) – Kill Sunfury mobs until you get the attack plans, no brainer. I had to kill about 15 mobs to get mine, not sure if that’s typical. This one might end up on the cutting room floor if the drop rate is terminally bad.

Now we get to the Isle… where all the fun really is. I’m not going to talk about every quest that’s available, as I said before there are just too many to detail them all. One thing to keep in mind, not all of these quests grant 250 rep like you might assume. This could affect your long-term strategy for working the area, but personally I didn’t find it a problem. So here’s some general tidbits that may help you when you first arrive:

Sanctum Wards/Erratic Behavior (All Phases) – Do these together, the mobs are hanging out in the same place near the beach. They are both fairly easy, although the robot one is quicker. For the Sanctum Wards you need to collect mana drops from the undead and use them to zap the red crystal near camp. Once your server reaches Phase 4, you can also knock out “Open for Business” and collect the berries in the same location. These quests actually grant lower rep than some of the others, but they are so easy to finish that I think they’re worth doing.

Making Ready (Phase 3) – This quest involves killing Naga to get their keys, then opening lockboxes for loot. I hated it, the drop rate for keys was awful when I did it. Maybe that has changed, but I haven’t bothered to try it again.

Distraction at the Dead Scar (Phase 2) – This quest also sucks, you are tasked with bombing elites from the air. Seems cool, I know. Folks on the PTR were griping just this morning that you can’t kill the stupid things. It takes 2 bombs to kill one elite. You fly through pretty fast and the bomb has a sluggish reset rate, so it’s hard to kill one before it’s out of range. For those of us who don’t have spastic reflexes, this quest can require 2-4 passes to finish. I tried it a couple of times and was never able to achieve a reasonable completion rate, so if you’re the non-twitchy type like me you might wanna pass.

Charitable Donation (Phase 4) – 10G for 150 rep, sign me up! No excuse not to do this every day, you’ll easily get your money back on the other quests you do.

Intercept the Reinforcements (Phase 3) – Another flying quest, but much easier than the elite one. It also has a kill quest component, but very easy. This should be on your ToDo list when you’re at QD.

Taking the Harbor (Phase 3) – Straight up kill quest, if these are easy for you then go for it. I personally didn’t do it much.

Know your Ley Lines (Phase 2B) – This is easy, just some travel involved with incidental killing. This quest is required… if you care about getting home again ;) Upon completion you get a scroll that takes you back to Shattrath. Plus, it’s easy.

Disrupt the Greengill Coast (Phase 4) – Another quest at the naga camp, but I recommend this one. The drop rate on the quest items was pretty good from my testing, over 50%. You only need 4 or 5 of them to complete, plus the “revenge” aspect of this is so delicious, you should do it at least once =)

Overall, what I love about these new dailies is that Blizzard has gotten creative with the rewards. Some of them offer the usual cash, but there are a few that also include a “gift box” with a random green item. One of the quests at the Throne of Kil’Jaeden gives you Aldor/Scryer Tokens as the reward. There are also quests that give you potions and stuff. Personally, I love getting free potions more than cash, so I think this is a great addition to the daily scene. My favorite is the Bloodberry Elixir you get for picking Bloodberries in Phase 4, it’s like an Elixir of Mastery except that it lasts two hours!

For those who are unaware of the progression involved with the Isle of Quel’Danas, there are four phases of accessibility that rely upon players to unlock the next level. When I refer to phases in conjunction with the various quests, this is to denote which phase unlocks that particular quest. Initially players only have access to a sub-set of these quests, although I believe all the Outland quests I listed above are available in Phase One.

One final note: this morning Krystella hit Honored with the SSO (woot!). I didn’t put that much time into the grind, other than testing the various quests and putting in a few visits to QD to try out dailies. I didn’t want to get burned out on SSO before it went live, so I took a slow pace and still made it to Honored without much effort. I also purchased my first epic gem for Kaliope with 15 Badges of Justice and Krystella cut it for her with her new epic gem-cutting recipes :) Still hard to believe that we’re getting all this great stuff, but I can’t wait for 2.4 to go live.


10 Responses to “Shattered Sun Offensive – The Daily Report”

  1. frank Says:

    Great review! Thanks!

  2. Kevin F Says:

    Thanks for the overview Kaliope. Supposedly you can get Badges of Honor from the boxes. Did you see any?

  3. kaliope Says:

    Kevin: I never saw anything other than random greens from the boxes I received. I have wondered if there were other goodies available, but my sampling was too small to make a solid determination. I think I might have gotten 5-10 boxes of loot between my toons and their various questing activities. As I mentioned, I wasn’t hitting the dailies too hard, I’m hoping to avoid burnout after the content goes live ;)

    Other readers can feel free to post their experiences if they saw anything different.

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    I have done llike 10 or so dailies so far, and I can say that I have gotten a couple of badges from them. The green might be good for something else besides enchanter feed, but you will need to be really low in the totem pole to even consider using them.

    Sunwell in the PTR is really crowded, the experience might not be that bad when they hit the live servers, and it will really depend on the time you do your quests.

  5. Dorgol Says:

    Personally, I’m going to avoiding the new Dailies for awhile. Since my mage will be hittin 70 this week, that should mean more of the Outland zones will be “PvP free” and I can continue questing for cash.

    Once the excitement dies down, I’ll start them up. Especially on my Paladin for the Alchemist Stone recipes.

  6. Lomberth Says:

    omg i really need help whit this cause i’ve beed looking around like 4 days the Lead-in quest; i already visite all the NPC’S named here but nothing (some NPC’S doesnt exist and the orther NPC’S dont give me any quest).

    My big question is

    ¿Does i need to have any orther Pre-Requirement whit any orther Clan in shattrat City to open Shattered Sun Offensive quests?

  7. kaliope Says:

    No, as far as I’m aware there is no pre-requisite for these quests. My latest toon just hit 70 last week and immediately all the SSO quests in Shattrath were open to him without preamble. He also teleported to the Isle of Quel’Danas and did some quests there without picking up a lead-in quest.

    That said, there are lead-in quests. If you go to the Inn for your Shattrath faction (Aldor/Scryer) there should be an NPC on the balcony who will give you a lead-in quest. So pick up any quests you see on your faction’s balcony, likely one of them will be the quest you want. Good luck!

  8. Lomberth Says:

    well i am a warlock whit Aldor Faction and just now i look in all the places around the aldo’s rice and no one of then give me quest, i was just a fe minutes in Sunwell plateau looking for quest too, and still nothing.

    i really dunno whats my problem and i really need reputation whit SSO cos im Jewelcrafter and Shaan sell me the last and best Tomes for my Jewelcrafting profession.

    all i need is that jewelcrafter ssupplies vendor in Sunwell plateau, and i read too it NPC spawn when i make a quest there.

    something important (i think) is all ppl in Sunwe3ll is yellow for me (my reputation whit they is 0); then my question is:

    Do u know any Mob to kill i mean kill mobs to win reputation until im friendly whit SSO?, i think about it cos some u can upgrade ur reputation killing mobs (Cenarion Expedition for example).

    I hope u can help me buddy

  9. Domice Says:

    Ok I was wondering if you can grind some random mobs for rep. I killed a Shattered Sun Offensive guard while not paying attention and I became unfriendly with them. Thanks for the help

  10. kaliope Says:

    As far as I know, there are no mobs you can kill for SSO rep. I think the guards jump in on any fight that starts up between PvP flagged players, so you were probably an unlucky recipient of some related action along those lines.

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