More JC goodies from the PTR

“A new jewelcrafting recipe has been added to transform many green quality gems into a single random blue quality gem. This recipe is available from grandmaster jewelcrafting trainers.” — Yours Truly, Blizzard.

Squorg tipped me off about this yesterday (thx dude!), I didn’t actually spot this new entry in the test notes myself.  Today I popped in to check it out and I’ve got the skinny for ya.  I bought this for about 2.5 gold from the trainer in Stormspire, I assume you could get it from the others as well.  The item is called Brilliant Glass and it is a blue item when crafted.  It doesn’t say it’s a bag, but the tooltip alludes to mysterious goodness inside.  Since I had about a bazillion stupid green gems sitting in my bank, I made ten Brilliant Glass objects to see what we might expect.

The mats are 3x of each green gem, so basically 18 green gems to create one blue gem.  So far I’ve not seen any multiple drops from one of the ‘glass’ baubles.  Hrm, they really need to give us a name for this new thing, not sure I want to call it a “brilliant”, and a “glass” might be confusing, like I need a drink or something.  Perhaps I should make a poll to help us name this new thingy, I’ll save that for later tho ;)

The good news is that not only can you use up almost a stack of green gems for each item you make, but there’s no cooldown on the combine.  So you can craft as many as you want – I know I plowed through as many of my green gems as I could.  I ran out of yellow and red though, bummer (what can I say, I’ve been using them for diamond transmutes!).

Without further ado, here’s the data I collected on the gem-combining recipe:

#1 Thingy: Noble Topaz
#2 Thingy: Talasite
#3 Thingy: Dawnstone
#4 Thingy: Dawnstone
#5 Thingy: Dawnstone
#6 Thingy: Talasite
#7 Thingy: Star of Elune
#8 Thingy: Star of Elune
#9 Thingy: Star of Elune
#10 Thingy: Living Ruby

As you can see, for this run I got predominantly lower value gems.  I don’t know how random it will be in the long run, my sample is obviously pretty small.  For me, I don’t even care all that much if I get more high value gems or low value gems.  I’ve always hated the idea of vendoring my greenies, and sadly at this point they have next to no value.  I’m just happy that I can finally do something constructive with them, I feel no need to be greedy about it =)

I have to say, I’m pretty happy they gave us this option and I’ve already submitted my feedback on the PTR, thanking them profusely.  The gem market has been slowly degrading as more jewelcrafters get in on the act.  While I can’t blame them for jumping on our bandwagon, it has really killed the green gem market.  I’m very pleased to see Blizzard recognizing the problem and giving us an alternative use for our green gems.  I know I haven’t felt good about adding my green gems to the glut of stuff on the auctions and for the most part they’ve just been sitting in my bags, taking up space.  Praise Elune, now I can do something helpful with them, woot!!


6 Responses to “More JC goodies from the PTR”

  1. Bone Says:

    I am a pack rat of sorts, and a crafter at heart. I know all of the professions, and even have 2 of the same professions. I am in 375 in all of the professions, and have 2 375 Leatherworkers, and 2 375 Blacksmiths. My swordssmith is my warrior and my armorsmith is my paladin. I have 10 70’s and still have stuff saved from the Azeroth. Since I am maxxed out on toons for the server, I am thinking of auctioning things from Azeroth since I have no use for them and my bank bags on all of my toons are overflowing. Fortanely, I have saved all of my green gems instead of vendoring, thinking Blizzard might make a useful thing from thing. My ”packratism” has finally paid off!! BTW, my 10th 70 is a enhancement shammy to go along with my elemental / resto shammy. I find that gearing up toons for vastly different specs is very annoying. Unfortanely I can’t make a boomkin / resto druid, as in I am maxxed out on toons for the server. Alas, I have been saving my quests rewards for my caster druid. Hopefully the Deathknight won’t take up a character slot or I will have to x-fer one of my shammys off of the server to make room. Believe it or not, I can’t wait until summer. Winter is getting old, and I can’t wait to start exercising outside again! Winter is bleh! No offense Kaliope, but For The Horde! lmao Take care

  2. kaliope Says:

    Bone: I would never take offense at the honorable Horde who visit my site :) I agree with you on the winter thing, I’m pretty done myself. It was kinda nice to play around with the Summer festival on the PTR, even though it’s not really summer yet. I am a total packrat as well, I still have ZG, Argent Dawn and CC stuff I’m saving “just in case”. Glad to see that I’m not the only one with bulging bags due to excessive paranoia/optimism that someday these obscure goodies will be needed, rofl.

    If you haven’t already, start your own guild for one or more of your less playable toons. I did this with my banker alts, and now I have 2 pages of guild bank space I can use for my excessive inventory.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Oh, this sounds awesome, can’t wait to get that recipe as Im drowning in green gems myself :)

    On my server, its come to the point where peeps put green gems in the AH at lower price than what they could get for vendoring them… Talk about screwed up market (or just plain stupidity on the part of the sellers :P )

  4. Aurik Says:

    I logged onto the PTR to test this and though I’d add my results to yours –

    Dawnstone x 3
    Star of Elune
    Living Ruby
    Noble Topaz x 2

    Those dawnstones seem to be common – though there’s a lack of Talasite so far from this, very small, data set (not a bad thing, really… heh).

    Overall, though, I’m glad to see this change as I always have a tonne of small gems hanging around even when I do use a lot for transmutes!


  5. ClemSnide Says:

    Thomas: I’ll cast my vote for stupidity. “Never attribute to vindictiveness what you can attribute to incompetence.”

    I make a few silvers picking up overlisted things like Frostsaber Leggings patterns which are going for less than vendor price, and selling them to the Innkeeper. Oh! and I don’t use Auctioneer for this, either.

  6. kaliope Says:

    I received another small sampling from my friend Squorg’s JC on the PTR:

    1x Talasite
    2x Dawnstone
    3x Noble Topaz
    4x Star of Elune
    1x Nightseye

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