Epic Jewelcrafting Trinkets (coming soon!)

So I finally tracked down the new epic trinkets that are coming our way in the 2.4 patch. They are pretty nifty, I must say. Most of the trinkets are superior to Karazhan loot, which should make them desirable to the average player.

There’s a tanking one with +42 defense which makes it comparable to the SSC tanking trinket and surpassed only by the Black Temple trinket. My rogue Krystella can get an epic version of her Nightseye panther, which I’m tickled about cuz I wasn’t looking forward to giving up my current one. Other melee players might prefer the Khorium Boar, which has slightly higher DPS than the panther but presumably a less productive “on use” effect. Healers/Casters are getting a choice of trinkets, either one with a whopping +18 mana regen (tied for highest mp5 trinket in game with ZA drop) or a stat trinket with 33 Intellect and 49 stamina, which is a pretty serious boost in stats for a trinket slot. Check out the screenshots for full info:

Crimson Serpent Trinket - Jewelcrafting

Empyrean Tortoise Trinket - Jewelcrafting

Khorium Boar Trinket - Jewelcrafting

Seaspray Albatross Trinket - Jewelcrafting

Shadowsong Panther Trinket - Jewelcrafting

The main downside to these items, and I feel it’s rather unfair of Blizzard to do it this way, is that they require Shattered Sun Offensive reputation to acquire (at least as of my researching). Most of the other professions are getting their epic goodies directly from trainers, so I’m not sure why we’re getting the poopy end of the stick with all our epic recipes requiring faction reputation to purchase. Also, they require the epic gems that drop only in the Black Temple to create. I don’t know about you, but I don’t expect to see one of those in my grubby little hands anytime soon, so I’m not sure how they expect the other 95% of us to get one. I don’t particularly want to pay the 500+ gold that the elite raiders are charging for those things, ouch!

So, it’s a nice idea but I think the implementation here kinda blows. I hope they rethink this, as far as I know other professions aren’t required to grind faction rep or pay insane prices for BT drops to make their epic goodies. I realize that JCers also got epic gems a couple of patches ago, but for the most part the stats are such that only one is viable for each class and they are unique so you can’t stack multiples of the one. And as we all know, they are pretty much identical to the epic gems that drop in Heroics, so they aren’t anything special or unique to the Jewelcrafter. Overall I’m a bit disappointed with the offering. The trinkets themselves are really good but the acquisition process I think is really unfair to anyone who isn’t in a BT raiding guild. *Sniff*


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  1. Tsark Says:

    Most of the other new recipes will drop from trash in the raid instance, so these are (in comparison) much more obtainable than, say, the new engineering goggles, especially considering the slew of new quests giving Shattered Sun Offensive rep. As for the raw gem, remember that Magtheridon will drop a gem bag containing a few epic gems too, so as long as your guild is killing Magtheridon (which is being tuned down in difficulty in the patch as well) you have some access to the epic gems. All in all, I think my JCer will get these trinkets a lot faster than any of my other crafters will get the new stuff.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Tsark: I’m not completely clear on how the new engineering goggles compare to these new trinkets in terms of acquisition, as I haven’t researched that yet. Right now I’m comparing these trinkets to the existing epic gear that other classes get from their trainers, since this is the only actual “gear” we’ve have for our profession. I don’t know if Blizzard counts our epic gems as our crafter-oriented gear, but I do not since our epic gems are practically identical to dropped gems in heroic dungeons as opposed to unique items that can only be acquired by the crafter.

    JC is the only profession that requires rep to learn epic JC-only items, other professions are able to get those from their trainer. Other professions are not required to use raid-drop components for their epics either. I suppose if you want to compare our new trinkets to the upgraded Engie goggles you could, but then you’d have to concede that JCs have no entry-level epics for their profession, which is also unfair. Either way you slice it, Jewelcrafters have been left out in the cold as far as unique, JC-only epic gear is concerned. In my mind it’s not really a matter of how easy it might be to get the new recipes or components, it’s more about having at least some measure of equality across the professions.

  3. Tsark Says:

    Alchemy gets ONE unique item, and one potion that is unique to its crafters; Enchanting only gets to enchant rings – so JC is not alone in getting relatively little when it comes to crafting. BOTH the ring enchants and the alchemy stone are rep based – so JC is not unique in that either. (Technically speaking, enchanting rings is not even an epic recipe, but colour is subjective anyway).

    The heart of the matter is – not all professions are equal. JC, Alchemy and Enchanting get worse treatment when it comes to actual gear, but they are the best placed to make money (especially JC). Making money out of tailoring (for example) is virtually impossible, unless you count selling primal nethers for some of the crafted gear or the raid-dropped recipes. So it seems to me that in the end, it sort of balances out – some profession gets more BoP gear, some get more ways to make money.

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    I have always been amazed about people compalining about the BoP items some professions get. I know it’a mazing that you get to show a unique item to all gasp about it, but many seems to forget how painfull is to grind your way to the top levels of any profession.

    Alchemist, Jewelcrafters and Echanters always moam and trash about their lack of useful BoP items for them, and seem to forget how profittable their professions, not only at their top levels but overall. I spend several hundred gold pieces every week in potions from the AH, every time I get a new pieces of equipement I tend to spend some more in jewels and I have to know lots of people so I know who I can ask for a new enchant. Just like gathering professions you always have a steady supply of gold.

    Blacksmiths, Engineers, Leatherworkes and Tailors get to have a useful toy here and there. Yeah I know Stormherald is overpower (until you gget a S3 weapon), I still use my Windwalker set evn in SSC and TK, but I had to sink a lot of time and money into grinding that damn profession to get that single item. I love my Belt of Natural Power, but I had to like 10 whole sets of Strength of the Clefthoof for a great loss of time and money to get that damn last point, well before they nerfed the material req of the drums. So please take into perspective that before you keep on crying about how Overpowered those items are.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Heh, clearly I’ve awakened some tradeskill envy here with my post =) Don’t forget that I actually have all these other professions, so I know how painful it is to level LW, BS, etc. My post is not intended to say that jewelcrafters are being slighted overall, I certainly don’t mean that. My thinking is more targeted to the casual vs hardcore raider situation and I feel these new recipes will essentially lock casual Jewelcrafters out of the epic trinkets. I was intending to draw a parallel between these new epic trinkets and say, the Primal Mooncloth set, which any Tailor can make whether they raid or not. I assume the reason Blizz offers these BoP epic recipes is so anyone, raider or casual, can make 1 or more token epics for themselves, regardless of their raid status (or lack thereof).

    As it stands in 2.3, each tradeskill has the ability to make at least one epic piece of gear with no raid-only components required, except Jewelcrafters. Again, not saying that Jewelcrafting overall is unfair, but I do feel it’s sad for Blizzard to finally offer them epic trinkets and then make them essentially unattainable for a large segment of the player base. It would be more reasonable for them to require Primal Nethers instead, which would make the mats comparable to existing epic recipes. I’m fine with steep mat requirements, but it should be something that casuals can actually get their hands on. Right now uncut epic gems just aren’t readily available to non-raiders via the AH, because raiding guilds can’t realistically supply the full server population in addition to meeting the needs of their members.

  6. Tsark Says:

    Kal, I’m in your situation because I have most professions across my toons (hence why I like this site so much and use it abundantly). But again, I feel that you’re trying to say: “Every profession should have some unique piece of gear” – I’m saying that Blizzard has actually balanced it so that some professions get the unique gear, and some get other things (like making money). Basically, you have the “enhancing” professions (Alchemy, Enchanting and JC which enhance either yourself in certain situations or your items) and the pure crafting ones (Tailoring, BS and LW) which instead provide gear – and comparing one type of profession to the other is pretty misleading. Engineering is a bit stuck in the middle – it used to be the profession of fun and mayhem, but Blizz changed that with BC and now seems to have made it more the profession of fun mount and awesome goggles (but this is a tangent).

    That said, the JC trinkets ARE pretty unique (and used by most JCers well into T5). They’re blue, but honestly, I don’t think we should really get hung up on colors. So, I realise the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but we need to keep some perspectives, or otherwise we will turn any discussion into the WoW forum typical post: “Rock is fine, nerf Scissors – signed, Paper”

    On the topic of the new recipes – I feel they are all targeted towards raiders. They all drop in the Sunwell instance, and most require Sunmotes, which apparently will not drop from the 5-man version. So in that sense, JCers got it slightly easier again, in that their recipes are NOT drops from a raid instance, and they do NOT require mats that only drop in Sunwell (as I said, gems will drop from Magtheridon as well from 2.4).

  7. Alazasthas Says:

    One comment I got from one of the core members of BT raiding guild was: “Don’t worry about sunmotes, you can always zerg the trash before the first boss in the Sunwell”

    With no attunement needed to get inside, you can try to get the trash before the first dragon for random drops and sunmotes, which I have been told “drop in greater quantities than Nether Vortexes in SSC/TK”.

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