New Fishing Quest from 2.4 Test Server

I’m pretty tickled that Blizzard is putting a Fishing daily quest into the game.  Fishing is pretty much the red-headed stepchild of the crafting world, so any love we get is good love.  Clearly the folks who came up with the quests have some fondness for the profession, since they put some actual TLC into the quest design.

So far I’ve done four of the five quests that are supposed to be available.  One sends you to Nagrand to catch the World’s Largest Mudfish and another takes you to Zangarmarsh for some shrimpin’.  My personal favorite is the Crocolisk quest that has you hunting the sewers of Stormwind or Orgrimmar for renegade baby crocs.  The croc quest was also more difficult for me, it took over 40 casts to catch the little booger.  Most of the quests I was able to do in less than 10 minutes, but occasionally I had one that took longer.  From what I can tell they are all designed for open water fishing, it took me a few days to figure this out.  It can be especially frustrating when you are on the mudfish or darter quest, so don’t torture yourself by hunting for pool spawns because it doesn’t appear to matter.

The rewards are typical for a daily quest, at least the rewards I’ve seen.  I usually get 7 gold and some random fishy items.  This can include Jaggal pearls, water motes, vendor trash and some of the new fishing lures they’ve added to the game.  The lures are comparable to aquadynamic fish attractors, so that should be really handy to folks that can’t make their own.  I’ve gotten 5-6 lures in each goodie bag, more than enough to keep my supplies up. There may be some additional rare items that drop from this quest, I have yet to see any but Wowhead is listing a new pet as a possible reward (so far not corroborated by any other sites, so who knows how accurate this is).  Either way, a fun addition and worth doing if you fish anyway :)


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  1. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I saw somewhere that there are four available pets :) i dont remember where … Im gonna love that daily :D

  2. ClemSnide Says:

    I’ve also head (but, as everyone else, haven’t run across in my limited PTR play) a Truesilver fishing line that attaches to the rod. What it edoes, though, is anyone’s guess, but I’d imagine that it gave a modest +fishing bonus to the rod.

    I’ve got Seth’s Graphite Rod, which is the equivalent of the Big Iron, but if I got that I’d wait to get a better pole to attach it.

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    I suppose the new line must be around to the fishing contest one, and hopefully is not a unique drop, so you could get another one sometime in the future.

    I love this new daily, specially when you get the new booze that helps in fishing. The mats are really easy to get. Just go to any innkeeper and you can supply yourself with an extra 10 fishing that might make orbreak you attempts to get Mr Pinch. With the experience of the cooking dailies, expect to take a while to get any of the rare drops from this quest, specially the 2 ring, thepets or the line.

  4. Kevin F Says:

    I’m very excited for these new quests. I recently won the STV contest for the second time, and have given up on ever seeing a Mr Pinchy. Now I’ve got some more fishing goodness to look forward to.

  5. Madphil Says:

    Is a Mr Pinchy that rare?

    I’ve fished up 3 of them in the last 4 months. Sadly you can only use one ;)

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    Speak of the fevil and up he pops! With a blue dress on, no less. A day or so aft r I posted about the Spun Truesilver Fishing Line, I got one in a fishing quest reward box. Woohoo!

    It doesn’t seem to do much of anything. Boohoo!

    I haven’t been around for the fishing contest much (won a hat, then got a lot of acting gigs on Sundays), so I can’t compare it against the STV reward. But if it’s just a different graphic, sure I’ll put it on Seth’s rod. I did on the test server and haven’t noticed any stealth bonuses yet.

  7. Jenjie Says:

    I love the fishing daily. My favourite reward so far was a recipe for some sort of brew (on work comp so not able to check), but I’m also loving the steady supply of fishing lures in the form of the fishing hooks

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