Gathering Daily Quest in 2.4

Yes, there’s a gathering quest coming in the 2.4 patch. I actually didn’t realize this until I got in there and started picking up quests. This one starts in Shattrath City, near the flight master. You are asked to collect 8 nether residue, which supposedly drops anywhere in Outland. I’ve done this quest 2-3 times on each of my gatherers to try and figure out the best way to complete it. Unfortunately all of my research is subject to change between now and release. It’s pretty obvious to me that they are still tweaking drop rates. On the first day of mining I collected all 8 quest drops after about a dozen nodes. Two days later it took over 30 nodes to get the same 8 drops, so clearly the drop rate is in flux. Either that or I just had horrible luck on the second pass.

I started with Mining initially, I had another new daily in Netherstorm so I decided to try my mining there too. I didn’t actually count the nodes I mined, but I know I didn’t try to hard and I was getting over 50% drop rate so I’m estimating that I hit about a dozen nodes to get the 8 quest drops. I went to Nagrand the following day and visited 14 nodes, but only collected 5 quest drops. So I thought I’d head back for Netherstorm on the next round to see if the drop rate was still better there. Unfortunately this was when the nerf on drop rates seemed to kick in. On my second visit to Netherstorm I had to gather over 30 ore nodes, which took over an hour, before I finally got my 8 quest items. I was very annoyed and submitted a grouchy survey on the quest that day :(

For Herbalism, I started in Zangarmarsh on my first outing and after nine herb nodes I had zero quest drops. From there I flew to Terokkar and hit 5 herb nodes, scoring 1 quest drop. Herbs were a tad scarce in Terokkar and I wasn’t excited by the drop rate so I kept going to Shadowmoon. I collected 6 herb nodes there and got 2 quest items, a decent improvement over Terrokar. Finally, I decided to try Netherstorm and got 5 quest drops from 7 nodes. This was prior to the nerfing that happened with mining, or at least that I suspect happened. Today I went back to Netherstorm to see if the drop rate was lowered for herbs as well and it took 24 herb spawns to collect my 8 quest items, which seems to confirm that the drop rate was lowered for all gathering professions.  In general I think the drop rate is better in higher level zones, I realize my sampling was small but zero drops in Zang looks pretty damning.

With skinning, I started in Nagrand because it was close to Shattrath and has lots of beasties that I’m used to farming anyway. There’s also another Sunwell quest in Nagrand, so it’s kind of a nice way to combine your efforts. On my first attempt, I had to skin more than 30 beasties to get my 8 quest drops. I wasn’t a terribly happy camper that day. The next day I went to Netherstorm to see if I could achieve the same increased drop rate that I’d noticed with herbs and ore, but I think this was after the supposed nerfing.  I staked out a spot near Cosmowrench where the warp stalkers and such hang out and I skinned just over 30 critters to get my 8 quest items.

In general, I like the idea of this quest. It’s pretty neat to be able to combine farming that you do anyway with a daily quest that gives you faction and a little coin. Unfortunately, as a daily quest it’s looking pretty cumbersome right now. No one wants to spend 30-60 minutes on one daily quest. That’s a waste of time for folks who are farming cash and/or rep when there are plenty of other quests that can be completed more quickly. However, if you view it as a way to further capitalize on farming you’re already doing I can see how this would be a nice perk. I guess what I’m saying is, with the current drop rate I don’t believe anyone will do this quest for the rep or gold. If Blizzard wants to make this quest comparable to other dailies, they need to beef up the drop rate so it can be done in about 15 minutes.

On a slightly different note, I also think that the skinning drop rate should be higher than that for herbs and ore. Since skinners have to kill every mob they collect from, I don’t think it’s reasonable to make the drop rate equal to other players who simply flit from node to node and only have to kill a handful of mobs doing it. Even though I have toons that cover all three gathering skills, I felt frustrated that my druid had to expend much more time and energy to gather her quest drops than the other toons did.

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  1. Solidstate Says:

    Regarding skinning vs. herbalism/mining, I actually think skinning *should* have a lower drop rate since it is usually much faster to kill mobs in a concentrated area than fly around looking for a random vein or herb. However a ratio of 3-1 that you were seeing seems a bit severe.

    I agree with your view about this daily – looks like a nice way to gather some extra cash for gatherers, but not a daily someone would do specifically.

    Do engineers get the quest drop from gas clouds or is it just for the 3 gathering professions?

    What I want to know is, where are the tailoring/enchanting/leatherworking/blacksmithing/alchemy dailies? How come it is always gatherers that get something extra for daily quests? This was already a sore point for me in the Netherwing dailies with my mage, and now it’s happening again :( Good think my alts are gatherers, is all I can say :)

  2. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, this daily is a nice one, but only if you dont activily do it. I will like to see this one just as the Netherwing ones, drop rates just plain suck, so if you only this one for getting the daily done, you should spend you time elsewhere. But if you go it coupled with something else you should get it done sometime and get a nifty coin and rep from it.

    I decided on this approach while doing the Netherwing one. When I go to the mines I usually get both the crystals and the skinning one….then I get both the crates and the ravager killing one….this way I can work in all 4 at the same time, but my time limit is set by the the crates or the killing one. If I get enough crystals and skins to turn it, then all is fine, if not I can come tomorrow to get them doen quicker.

    I would love that the residues where treated just like the gathered hides, ore or herbs from Netherwing, where you can easily trade it as they are not soulbond. That way I can mail them to an alt, to keep bag space for whatever else Im doing.

    Considering the amount of dailies so far unblocked in the new town and Shat I dont think you will fill you daily limit of 25 that easily, so you will have time to go and do some BEM or Netherwing in between your other stuff.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Solid: I didn’t try the gas clouds yet, I suspect they won’t be included in the gathering quest but I can confirm that for ya. I agree with you on the other professions, back in the AQ days they let us turn in crafted items for the “war effort”, it would be nice to see that come back for this new event.

    Alaz: I would also love if the residues could be traded, but I don’t think they are. In fact, once you collect your 8 for the day they don’t even drop anymore, so you can’t even stockpile like you could with Netherwing. Also, no way to get extras for your toons with no gathering prof.

    I am planning to include in my Sunwell rep article a comparison of Outland dailies vs Quel’Danas, I’m compiling stats on them now. I think it will be interesting to see how things shake out once 2.4 goes live and folks start grinding. The first week will be a madhouse tho ;)

  4. Madphil Says:

    “back in the AQ days they let us turn in crafted items for the “war effort”, it would be nice to see that come back for this new event.”

    Isn’t it so that doing the dailies will eventually unlock the bosses after the first 3? If so, isn’t that compareable with the war effort?

  5. Alazasthas Says:

    I think that raid bosses are unlocked only with the Essence of Inmortals turn in. These Essence are only gotten by raiding. So far they drop not only from the Sunwell raid bosses, but also from the Vashj and KAel’thas. With that trend I suppose they will also drop from ARchimonde and The Betrayer himself.

    Dailies helps in getting more stuff for non-T6 guild and people.

  6. Toyman Says:

    I like the idea of daily quests. I think it will help some people like me.

  7. Ayashi Says:

    It sounds (from your description) like this is the kind of daily quest I’ll just keep in my log until I complete it… rather than actually actively trying to complete ^^; so as a daily quest, not so effective, a every 2 or 3 days quest though… maybe!

  8. ClemSnide Says:

    Hm, I wonder if these (like the Cooking dailies) will require level 70? That’d bite; I doubt if more than two (and probably not even that number) of my charas will be 70 by patch time. And it’d be a great introduction to wandering around Hellfire Pen, looking for stuff while killing monsters. I always like doing at least three jobs at once.

    I’m not sure I’d have submitted a bad report on the Mining, though. Yes, 30 nodes for 8 drops sounds bad, but (1) you may just have hit the bad side of those random numbers and (2) mining with a flying mount is simplicity itself. I got my mount the second I hit 70 and love it. (NB: I have also pledged never to be the kind of sky-ninja who swoops down on a node while you’re busy fighting on top of it. One moron actually asked me to move so he could mine the node I was standing on.)

    Besides, you got 60-150 nuggets from your mining, not to mention gems. Even a conservative estimate (Fel Iron Ore at 50s each) puts that at 30-75g for your hour’s work. I’ve mined 30 nodes without any extra reward. The daily will be nice, especially since 2.4 also lets us do more per day.

  9. kaliope Says:

    Clem: I wouldn’t say I submitted a “bad” report on the mining, it was more of a personal observation that the drop rate changed and players might be less inclined to complete the quest every day at that rate. Obviously they will make the final decision based on their intent for that particular quest :) I will probably continue monitoring the drop rate as the testing continues and we’ll see what they do with it. But I agree that in general, you get your crafting goodies which was your primary reason for farming in the first place, the gathering quest is a bonus regardless of difficulty.

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