Some goodies from the 2.4 Test Server

The test server has been quite a challenge for me this time out, the character copies were down for close to a week and now that I’m finally there, the lag is beyond horrible. Plus, I couldn’t find the new quartermaster the first day, despite a good hour of looking. I finally located him on the second day and got some screenshots for you, but then my copy of Photoshop 6 died a ghastly death and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the images in a blog-friendly format. Thank goodness Adobe has trial downloads on their site, or who knows how long I would have been stuck :) Now I’m finally ready to share what I’ve collected so far, woot!

The new faction is the Shattered Sun Offensive, and I’ve been compiling information on them in addition to my recipe hunting, which I’ll share in a future post. For now I snagged all the crafting items from the rep vendor and here they are:

2.4 Patch Eternal Earthstorm Diamond2.4 Patch Ember Skyfire Diamond

As I understand it, the Eternal Earthstorm Diamond is shaping up to be the tanking gem after this patch (according to Berginyon of Tankspot), so it should be a nice design to have. I’m not sure what the story will be with the spell crit meta, but since they both require Revered you may as well get them. I’m a tad disappointed that Blizz set it up this way though, why not one recipe at Honored and one at Revered instead of two at Revered? Not a big deal, just would be nice to get something at Honored, perhaps just a blue gem recipe instead of a Meta.

Also, they have the two new Enchanting recipes from the SSO, including the much anticipated Void Shatter recipe. Apparently I’ll be doing the new dailies on all my toons – eek!

2.4 Patch Enchant Chest - Defense2.4 Patch Void Shatter

I’m guessing this new chest enchant will also be big with tanks, especially those having trouble meeting the Def cap. Once again they are giving two recipes at the same rep level, personally I think they could move one of these to Revered. I guess I won’t complain about it since it will save poor Kayree some work, she’s already hoarding void crystals in the bank, rofl.

One final tidbit that’s not a new recipe, but a recipe change. They modified the Broiled Bloodfin recipe to give it more desirable stats. I hadn’t seen exactly what they changed other than a vague comment about resistance, so I checked my cookbook on Kaliope and saved a screenie for you:

2.4 Patch Broiled Bloodfin

I have to say I’m a tad surprised that they gave a food buff +8 to all resistances. That seems pretty beefy to me, especially when you compare to JC gems and the necklace that give lower numbers to resists. I’m thinking these may end up being a decent item, time will tell I suppose.

So that’s my first wave of goodies, I’m still working on more articles for ya. I’ve been doing the fishing and gathering dailies, and collecting some stats to share on that. I will also continue to hunt up the new recipes and post as I find them. As I mentioned earlier, I also plan to do a write-up of some basics for the new faction at the Sunwell. So stay tuned, more stuff coming down the pike!


4 Responses to “Some goodies from the 2.4 Test Server”

  1. Ratshag Says:

    I’s thinking the new meta gem and new chest enchant will be most usefuls fer tanks what be wearing a lot of PvP gear, which has oogles of STA and armor, but no defense rating or other avoidance.

  2. Dorgol Says:

    2.4 is looking to be a really good patch for crafters.

    In fact, all of the production tradeskills are getting updates… except Alchemy. Oh, sure, we can Transmute Arcanite without a cooldown now, but woopideedoo. You know something is wrong when ENGINEERING gets new stuff and Alchemy doesn’t… :)

    So do you have any thoughts on the new Fishing Dailies, Kaliope? I’m going to get my warrior’s fishing to 350 pre-2.4 and then use the daily quests to get him the rest of the way.

  3. kaliope Says:

    I’m working the fishing dailies as well, I plan to write a post on it later this week or early next week. The drop rates on fishies appear to be wildy variable, one day I collected almost 50 fish without getting my quest drop and the next I got it in five. I’m seeing comments from other fishermen on the PTR that seem to support the variability theory (some folks not getting a drop, others get it quickly).

    I’ve run into other issues on the PTR as well that I hope are testing problems and not legitimate design problems. Overall this is the buggiest PTR I’ve been on, either that or I’ve become much pickier since 2.3. I’ve been submitting bug reports almost every day I’m on it, and my quest surveys are negative more often than positive. On the one hand I’m really excited by some of the changes, but from what I’m seeing it looks to be a long road to live based on the current situation. And did I mention the lag is horrific? ;)

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    LAg is terrible, and I would like to say that the fishing daily is not that hard to do…..specially to old timers like myself. I leveled fishing the hard way before the fishing buff in 2.2 so I can stay 15 minutes in a place fishing to no end…..and 15 minutes with no repair bills is a great way for met o pass sometime :D

    I want to say that both the cooking and fishing dailies are a grea way to procure food for the riads you are….or even to flood the market with cooked stuff raiding guild would love to have, and you have to invest only 30 minutes to have that. Perfect in my opinion.

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