Love is in the Air!

I had hoped to bring everyone some early news from the PTR today, but alas the character copy has been down all evening and I’m not able to take any of my toons over to see what’s what. Instead I spent my evening doing the Valentine’s Day quests :)

This is not a new event, and it’s also a bit weird that it overlaps with the Lunar Festival in my opinion. But I decided to noodle around with it anyway because I actually like Mr. Peddlefeet (call me weird). So I went around town collecting cards and pledges and actually got 2 out of the 3 faction’s “gift collections”. In case you’re unfamiliar with how this event works, you can find a nice write-up on the WoWWiki. The quests can be pretty confusing, in fact even I learned some new things that I never figured out last year. There’s also a few points that aren’t covered in the Wiki that I wanted to share after an evening of kissing random strangers (mmpphhh… lips… chapped…).

The first thing is the chocolate – once per hour you can snuggle up to an NPC and get a “Gift of Adoration”. There are a number of random rewards which usually include a box of chocolates. The chocolates have a variety of food buffs with pretty nice stats. The really nice part is that the buff will last for 60 minutes instead of the usual 30. And it stacks with regular food buffs. I tested this personally and I know it works. I dunno about you, but I’m going to stockpile these bad boys! But as I said, you can only collect one “adoration” gift per hour and that’s played time. You can’t log out and come back in an hour, I tried that too and unfortunately it didn’t decrease my time a bit.

Also, for those of you who’ve been green with envy over the Picnic Basket items that a few folks have gotten through the trading cards, there’s a similar item that is rewarded in the Gift of Adoration. I got two of them on different toons, so they don’t appear that hard to get. They also don’t have any sort of expiration on them, but they do have a 3-minute cooldown.

A few other tips I wanted to share were regarding the Friendship tokens. After you get the Gift of Adoration (once per hour) you can continue trading tokens with NPCs to collect Friendship items. These are combined into a collection that you turn in for your city of choice, or you can do one for all three cities for even better rewards (more chocolates, so I’ve heard). If you need to collect “cards” or “pledges”, make sure you talk to city guards and not the other NPCs. Wandering guards seem to have a better chance of giving a card, so if you’re short on those try to chat up the wandering guards instead of the stationary ones. Also, in Darnassus there’s a severe shortage of male guards for us female toons to snuggle up with. While I don’t normally advocate gender-switching, you can wear the cologne instead of the perfume and the female guards will give you their tokens.

I also found that many of the quest items are soulbound, but the cards/pledges/etc are not. So if you end up with a surplus of something, send it to another toon to make their rounds easier. Alternately you could store them on a bank toon for a future wave of collecting. As I said, I fully intend to collect as many chocolates as possible before this event ends, so I will milk every advantage I can get =)

Have fun and make sure you post and share any other tips you might have!


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  1. ClemSnide Says:

    I love this event! The minmaxers hate it, which helps. Most of the prizes are RP or just plain amusing items. I’m glad that it overlaps with the Lunar Festival, because that means you get Hordoids in the Alliance towns looking for the Elders, and you can shoot them with the Silver Arrows to give them little Peddlefeet pets. Last year they hated that.

    If you haven’t already, /kiss Kwee T. Peddlefeet (there’s one in each throne room). You get a buff that I haven’t gotten yet this year, but I remember it as being good. Also, when you combine racial items/cards/pledges into bundles of 5, then combine one of each from a particular city into a (City) Gift Package, you get a buff!

    When you accumulate Gift Packages from each of your team’s cities (the Draenei, as far as I can tell, haven’t been written in yhis year), you get an Alliance or Horde Gift Package which goes to Peddlefeet. He gives you another box of chocolates, as you mentioned, and your choice of fun items. But he also bumps up the vote counter for that city. At the end, whichever city has the most votes gets Kwee for another week! And that means that you can /kiss him for that much longer.

    Being a left-leaning sort, I do enjoy the ability to cross-dress, flirt with same-sex guards, and in general do things that would annoy fundamentalists. (They imagine that we’re dabbling in Satanism by playing this game in the first place, so why not?) Unfortunately the clothing reward for the single long chain quest, Dangerous Love, isn’t all that great (and is soulbound, limit one per year, to boot). The Dinner Suit is as plain as can be, and the Lovely Dress is just a recolored White Wedding Dress. Frankly I’d much rather have the Festival garb, which is my favorite so far.

    I ought to mention that each of these items has a duration. Most are soulbound as well (the Love Fool, which is sort of a Target Dummy, is an exception; I’m accumulating them in one chara.) Last year I was hard pressed to use up my stock with a single chara, let alone a stable of eight. But, we’ll try. I am sorry to see the time limit; I’ve been saving Rickety Magic Brooms and costume wands since Haloween just to have fun at some random time during the year! A shower of rose petals in September would have been extraordinary. Oh well.

  2. Dorgol Says:

    In three years I’ve never really participated in this event. I’ll have to look into it this evening to see if I can get my Gnome some Exodar rep. :)

  3. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I’ve been trying to get the pick nick but no luck until now :) Thanks for the 1 hour info that was i was wondering :)

  4. Dorgol Says:

    Did some of the event last night. Went through the whole “quest chain” on my Mage. Got bunched of gifts from guards and civvies.

    I even got a picnic watcha call.

    I’m hoping to get a Pebblefeet, though.

  5. Aufero Says:

    Minor correction – the Adoration debuff timer *does* count down while you’re logged off, it’s the Heartbroken debuff that only counts down during played time.

    So as long as you’re not Heartbroken, you can log off for an hour and get gifts again!

  6. kaliope Says:

    Aufero: I noticed that yesterday as well, which is helpful for picking up new Adoration boxes. Those seem to be the main way to get more chocolates. I finally completed the gift collection for Alliance – but all I got was another box of chocolates. It was a lot of work to end up with the same thing I can get with the Adoration gift, so I probably won’t do it again.

    And in case you haven’t noticed yet, the food buffs are soulbound and have a duration on them, but if you leave them in the box they don’t. I have just been mailing the Adoration boxes around after removing the items I want each toon to keep. I don’t know if this will actually circumvent the Box duration – I plan to test that next. But it does circumvent the candy duration and the soulbound problem with the goodies inside.

  7. Feanwe Says:

    Also, I received a “pet” Peddlefeet from one of the adoration gifts (i.e. one that is permanent). I don’t remember if this was around the last 2 years, but I thought that was cool (…yes…yet another pet to fill up my bank slots!)

  8. ClemSnide Says:

    Well, it’s over now, but I remembered a few things from last year and found a few new things this year, so I will post and maybe it’ll be available in 2009.

    The (City) Gift buff that you get for combining a bundle of Pledges (5 Pledges make a bUndle), a collection of Cards, and a bag of the racial items is +30 to a stat. I mailed one of each bundle to my appropriate charas, for example the Stormwind bundles to my Mage, and he mailed them back to my banker/Alliance Gift Collection turn-in mistress after getting the buff. It’s nice: +30 to AGI (Darnassus), STA (Ironforge), or INT (Stormwind)! And at an hour, it’s just as good as the candies.

    I found myself with a lot of Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets in one chara and few in another. I forgot that you could shift-secondary-click on the Pledge of Adoration and pick items one by one, assuming you have Autoloot turned on. Then you can mail the Adoration gift to an alt. I am doing the same thing as Kalliope: Mailing back and forth to reset the timer. But as she also mentioned, there is not only a timer on the Adoration box itself but also on many of the items, so we’ll see if the old mailbox trick works. I think it will. If I was programming that part, I wouldn’t start the timer until the item was instantiated (created in a usable manner), You can figure out a lot of game mechanics by imagining what would be the least trouble for a programmer…

    I’m up to my ears in picnic baskets, which cannot be disenchanted, alas. I am saving Love Rockets for the 4th of July celebration and Silver-Shafted Arrows to annoy Hordoids in August. I didn’t get a Peddlefeet perma-pet, but I did get a Lovely Black Dress. This is the same pattern, albeit a different color, as the “Dangerous Love” quest reward garmetn. It also goes for completely insane amounts of money on the AH, if you take a look at its purchase history on Allakhazam. My Draenei Priestess, a clothes horse, “won the roll” so to speak. But like the Blood Elf Bandit Mask that goes so well with the crafted Festival Dress,, she ain’t selling!

  9. ClemSnide Says:

    The mailing trick works! After both the chocolates themselves and the Box of Chocolates disappeared, I took out one of the Adoration packages and found it had 7 days left on it. The Box of Chocolates inside had (I think) 10 days, as did the chocolates inside.

    My Mage is grinding Timbermaw rep in Felwood now, and that up-to-23 bonus on spells really helps a lot. Unfortunately I’m down to my last two boxes, Well, there’s always next year.

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