Lunar Festival Arrives

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the Lunar Festival went up this past Tuesday after maintenance. For those new to WoW, there are some special recipes available during this event. The only professions offered are Tailoring and Engineering, but if you have one of those professions you’re in luck. Tailors could potentially even make money now by crafting the “festival” wear and selling them on the Auction to folks who don’t want to bother with coin collecting to buy their own. Engineers probably won’t be able to take advantage, since the fireworks recipes they can purchase are likely canceled out by the fireworks vendors associated with the event. Even so, if you’re an Engineer this is a great time to beef up your recipe collection.

Even lower level characters can get in on the fun. All that’s required to purchase goodies from the Lunar Festival vendor is Coins of Ancestry. You receive these by visiting the Elders that are located in most zones around Azeroth. All you have to do is speak to them to receive a coin. When you find an Elder, you can also have him to point you to other nearby Elders. Other Elders are not always located in a town, but sometimes just outside of town. Occasionally they are nowhere near a town, but just standing in a random spot in the zone. So you might have to do a bit of exploring if you don’t see the Elder right away.

If you visit enough Elders, you can collect enough coins to purchase recipes. Just be aware that the recipe quests have a level requirement equivalent to the skill level required for the recipe, that being 45/55 for the schematics and 50 for the Tailoring patterns. So if you aren’t high enough level to learn the recipe, you probably won’t be able to access the quest for it. Each recipe costs five coins, so if you want more than one recipe you’ll have to collect additional coins.

There are other fun items available too, such as Fireworks, some nice health/mana regen food and a nifty gun that shoots Fireworks at NPCs (I still have several from last year). Collecting coins in also a great way to boost your Alliance/Horde faction, so if you happen to be working on one of them already, you can get some easy rep this way. Each coin you collect yields 75 rep to all groups in your main faction (for Alliance that would be Darnassus, Stormwind, Ironforge, Exodar and Gnomeregan Exiles). Pretty nice for just walking around and clicking NPCs. Sure, there’s a lot of travel involved… but hey, you’re getting out, seeing the world and getting some fresh air for a change!

Another tip for those with low level toons, this is a great way to collect all your major flight paths. If you haven’t yet made the trek to Ironforge or Darnassus yet because you started on the other continent, now is the time to get it done without the pain of traveling on foot. Simply visit the Festival questgiver in your nearest city and she will give you a quest which rewards a “Lunar Festival Invitation”. You can use this invitation to travel back and forth to all the major cities and no dying is involved! Just make sure when you port to Moonglade that you select the correct beam of moonlight to travel to the city you wish to visit. And don’t forget to grab the flight path while you’re there =)


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  1. ClemSnide Says:

    I found, to my delight, that the recipe quests were level-driven but the recipes themselves had no restrictions beyond the normal Engineer and Tailor skill levels! They also aren’t Bind on Pickup, so what I did was to take my level 69 Warrior around, gathered 10 coins (plus the 10 I had from last year), and bought up all the recipes… then sent them to my level 43 Mage Tailor/Engineer.

    The clothing is great, by the way, though it does require Firebloom, not the cheapest herb. The Festical Suit and Festival Dress have no minimum level and do not Soulbind, which means that you can (a) put them on your level-1 bank charas and (b) mail them to whoever needs them for casual wear, just in case you like to roleplay and people keep making snide comments about “those who show up for dinner in full battle gear.” The dress also looks great with the Blood Elf Bandit Mask, which is the reason I levelled my Stormwind banker up to 5.

    And as for the fireworks launchers… well, I have some of those Lucky Rocket CLusters left over from last year, and also I’m sure I’ll get about a dozen more in the lucky red envelopes. You can certainly throw them into a seasonal event launcher to get the Health buff, but by the time you Griffon to where you’re questing or grinding, half of the duration is gone. With the portable launchers, you can get an additional little health bump for your group that lasts the whole evening!

  2. ClemSnide Says:

    And I ought to add (a system error prevented me from editing that last post) that those initial quests give you a total of 160 Cenarion Circle reputation, which helps for when you want to get those sweet recipes that they sell in Silithus.

    Also, the “counter” has been reset this year. Between 2006 and 2007 you couldn’t revisit any Elders that you had honored the last time, which meant that if you spent all 50 coins on dumplings you were out of luck for patterns. But this year you can visit all 50 even if you talked to them in 2007! Between that, the amusing quest rewards (I’ve been making Stones of Elune for the past year from my Solid Stone mining results), the Lunar Festival is one of the better events in WoW.

  3. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    Just got all Engineering recipes :) Last year i was able to get half of them :) goin to throw a fireworks/cluster party tonight.. is it able to add the firework launcher in shat? :)

  4. Diabolos Says:

    Please correct me if I’m mistake, but aren’t the engineering fireworks/launchers recipes BoP? All of the other crafting recipes shouldn’t be BoP.

  5. Dorgol Says:

    My level 62 mage picked up 48 / 50 Coins. I tried the LBRS Elder, but pulling 4 elites + 2 non-elite dogs was too much. I didn’t even try to get the Strat coin.

    I spent 40 of the coins getting every single Engineering recipe. 5 coins went to getting 40 dumplings. The last 3 are sitting in my bag. I don’t need more dumplings (I’m a mage, I get to make my own food already), but I don’t have enough to get the Tailoring recipes for my Warlock.

  6. Armath Says:

    As I recall, the recipe-packs for fireworks are BoP, but the launcher schematics and tailoring patterns are not, so I was able to outfit my L35 Mage Engineer/Tailor with everything but the higher-level firework recipes.

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    Quite correct; the recipes bought with the various “Rocket” quests are BoP. Actually you get a scroll which unrolls into three smaller scrolls, but they’re all BoP as well. I suspect that they’re level 45 items, as my 46 Mage was able to buy them.

    However, the Tailoring recipes, and the Launcher recipes necessary for the rockets to actually work, are not BoP. I saw a few of them on the AH, and later confirmed it with a purchase by a Blacksmith who sent them to a Tailor/Engineer (the aforementioned Mage). Thing is, you get so many fireworks with purchases that I doubt if I’ll ever make any. But I want them for completeness’ sake.

    Actually I really wish I could make one of those Love Rockets that are being given away for the Love Festival! First, they have one of the most suggestive names in WoW; second, use one and look at the burst pattern. Awww.

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