Nothing new to do, no new towns to see
No reason to seek out that new NPC
No new dungeons to pwn or trash mobs to wipe us
and I’m out of crap to buy with my Badges of Justice
I’m Exalted with Netherwing, Ogri’La and Skyguard
too much longer and I’ll be Exalted with my back yard!
While Blizzard farts around with comics and podcasts
we’re twiddling our thumbs and sitting on our @$$es.
My Greench is gone now, the snowflakes have faded
Battlegrounds are pathetic, I’m getting jaded
Lunar Festival? Been there done that
Only reason to log in is the “witty” chat
We need a new fix – a reason to keep coming back
Surely you know that WoW is the new EverCrack?!?
I guess it doesn’t matter, we may as well get out the Sit and Spin
after WotLK comes out, the madness will start all over again :P

Today’s article brought to you by the letter “M” (for monkey) and the number 42. Inspired by the songs “You’re Pitiful” by Weird Al Yankovic and “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton, which I was listening to in the car on the way to the grocery store when I got the idea for this poem. Now you know what a tremendous geek I am…

14 Responses to “ Blues”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    LOL! I’m wondering if I should be jealous though: I’m only Unfriendly with my back yard (the wife is Exalted though!).

  2. Solidstate Says:

    > “We need a new fix – a reason to keep coming back”

    Roll a new alt :D

  3. Bananas Says:

    I must say I’m a little bit jealous.
    Between my 2 jobs and the billards team I’m lucky if I get to spend more than 6 hours a week in game (and thats usually all on one night!). Haven’t even come close to geting netherwing faction rep and I’m still on the starting group quests for Ogri’la. You’ve run out of heroic badge purchases?!?! I’ve only been able to afford 1 item so far. And I’m about out of fishsticks, so the next time I do get to log will probably be just to fish and fish and fish. O, and maybe farm some primal life.

    You want to trade lives for a couple weeks? :)

  4. BarliTruebeard Says:

    I had the (dis)advantage of not starting the Burning Crusade until 9 months after it released. I was on a 10-month hiatus from WoW when I decided to go back again. I’ve spent the last few months “catching up” per se. I’m still working on faction and gear even though my 1st toon reached level 70. I have two other alts who are now in Outland. So far for me, I’m still enjoying the content but things are starting to slow down for me as well and I’m looking for new content. I’ve just obtained my Karazhan key but have yet to step foot inside. So while I can still look forward to that plus a few other uber dungeons, I find myself wishing there were some new quest zones already. I guess WotLK better come sooner than later.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Heh, no reason to be jealous guys =) I’m actually only Exalted with Netherwing and haven’t bought more than a couple of Badge items myself. I just put that stuff in the poem for dramatic purposes, lol. I *am* getting a bit bored with the existing content and would like to see a patch with some substance come out, which is the real point of the poem. The rest is just creative license.

  6. Bone Says:

    Hey, Long time reader, 1st time poster. Your site was made for me. I love all of the crafting professions. Let me tell you a bit about my toons. I have 7 70’s, a 63 and 64, plus a duplicate class, a 34 shammy. That’s right, i know all 9 of the classes and profesions. After Season One gear came out via a patch, I have been disillusioned about leveling up my professions b/c the s1 gear is better than most crafter gear. I am 375 in all of the professions except leatherworking. I have 2 leatherworkers, and 2 blacksmiths, just for the bop gear. I am to the point in leveling up where I have to actually grind to lvl up my professions, but I don’t want to because of the S1 gear. I know that once WoTLK comes out, I would be estactic b/c that means more crafting recipes and more things to learn, but as of right now, it just means more grinding ;-(. Any suggestions to alievatate the blue?

  7. DaddyGamer Says:

    In a way I think that the vendor S1 (although I love it) has broken the progression chain. Same with Kara dropping badges.

    Since Kara started dropping badges no one needed to go Heroics if they where in a good guild. And if you didn’t get anyone from a good guild to do Kara you wouldn’t make it. And not being able to do heroics stops you from entering/playing with a good guild.

    Now you might imagine that S1 for honor might solve that. But it actually made it worse. Foremost because it isn’t possible for a group to clear Kara if everyone has S1. The tank and healers need some PvE drops at least.
    To make it worse many decided that doing BG’s half heartedly was an easier way to get the loot than struggling in Kara.

    One thing about heroics also. They are a half assed attempt of keeping the same instances alive longer. Why not going for a more story related/accurate version of the heroics. Why are they harder? Why the same exact mobs?

    Probably (I’m no designer) the hardest part wit the places are the layout and that kind of graphics. So keep that. The other must be the skins and movement of the mobs/bosses. So keep that too. The third must be placement so the chain properly etc and are at the right level challenge. That needs to change.

    Take Blood furnace for instance. That is a place where they have corrupted orcs to fel orcs and tapped the blood of Magtheridon to do so. Last boss is Kelidan the breaker – a warlock.
    Lets make heroic BF like this: Since the heroes (that’s us ;D ) cleared the place the remnants of Kelidans soul has reshaped into an unstable dimensional rift and is spawning demons all through the place. Make first boss w skin of Omor (from ramp) and some new abilities. Place demons all over the place and make it feel new. Etc.

    In my mind that wouldn’t make it that hard to get done – and give completely new content. Just jacking up the health and damage of everyone seems like a cheap solution.

    Let the Belfs invade the empty Slave pens, make Nagas push into Mana tombs, let the demons take over Shadow labs. And why not revive the old continent instnces in the same fashion. Let them transgress the portal as well as us. What would you like to see?

  8. Demon Says:

    DaddyGamer I know people and have heard of more that have cleared kara in less than what you mention here: “Foremost because it isn’t possible for a group to clear Kara if everyone has S1.”

    Great rhyme, I can’t wait to see whats going to come with 2.4.

  9. MaxBliss Says:

    Had to most fun today in a long time running all my toons to get a Mojo frog pet until Blizzard hotfixed the bug.


    Kinda tells you what is going on in my life.

  10. grelen Says:


  11. Elory Says:

    Would love to do RFC on heroic :D

  12. ClemSnide Says:

    Me, I geenrally dread Patch Day. I stay awake days (well, nights are for playing) pondering what awful nerf they’re going to spring on Warriors this time.

  13. xcal Says:

    /agree Elory HC:RFC FTW

  14. Lance Says:

    Hey Kestrel you are lucky I am hated with my Backyard.

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