Meta-Gem Dilemma

I don’t know about you guys, but I often get questions about what’s the best gem for X class or Y class. Now if I happen to play that class and know what stats they stack, I can answer effectively. Or at least answer with what I think they should use, obviously not everyone agrees on this type of thing. But at least I can make intelligent suggestions which they are free to take or disregard.

But if I don’t play that class, or perhaps just not a particular spec, then I’m at a loss. As a druid, I know what the healers should shoot for and to a lesser extent what the ferals prefer. But ask me about moonkin and I don’t know squat. I have no idea what moonkins look for in stats, I can only assume it’s the same as mages. I don’t know what mages like, or pallies, or shammies of any spec. I don’t know what MM or survival hunters prefer, cuz my hunter is beast-spec’d. For my toons, I do the research and I know what the recommended gems are because it’s relevant to me.

I feel bad that I can’t give people more information when they ask me these things, as a service provider I should be able to make suggestions. There are just too many specs and play-styles to really cover them all well, so for the most part it’s up to the consumer to know what they need. Of course, the twenty questions thing can get pretty time-consuming too. This got me thinking, should we take the time to figure out what each class wants and be prepared to tell them? When it comes to blue gems, I feel it’s fine to just ask what stats they like and try to suggest gems based on that information.

Meta-gems are kind of another ball of wax completely. They don’t tend to be pure stat boosts, some of them are proc-based. Which makes them a weird hybrid between a gem and an enchant. For this, I think it would be better if we knew more about them and their intended recipient. Enchanters usually have a good idea what their enchants do and who they are appropriate for, perhaps we need to be able to do the same. In all likelihood, most players won’t be familiar with the different meta-gems and what they can do, so as a seller we probably should be.

So I thought I’d put this out there and see if we can get the ball rolling. I’ve put together a poll that covers each class and (I hope) each spec. Let’s see if we can get the community to weigh in on what the best meta-gems are for various classes, especially those who have experience with high level raiding. I think this information could be invaluable to casual players or those just jumping into the raiding arena. And it will enable us Jewelcrafters to do our jobs even better, in addition to selling our most lucrative gems =)

Meta Gem Preference Poll


12 Responses to “Meta-Gem Dilemma”

  1. Kevin F Says:

    Can’t say I’ve had to deal with these kind of questions for gem cuts. People seem to know what they want, probably because you’ve got to be pretty high level to even need a gem and presumably know what you want.

    My enchanter on the other hand gets loads of these kind of questions. However since I don’t rely on enchantments as any kind of money-maker (its for me and my guildies) I don’t feel the need to do any research for my customers. I ask them to do some research and get back to me. If I’m feeling nice I point them to


  2. xcal Says:

    I agree with Kevin. my Gem customers usually know exactly what they want.

    OR they are NuuB high levels and ask ‘what can you do with this gem’ or ‘What do you have for a blue slot’…then I have to explain ‘green and purple also works for blue’ ;-)

  3. Talius Says:

    One thing I tend to notice is that for PVP (especially arenas) people tend to go for Powerful Earthstorm a great deal of the time, for the added stam, and because they tend to stack stam gems as well.

    Most gems seem to be grouped into loose PvP or PvE categories, so in addition to your survey, you can continue to ask them what they plan to do, or what helm it’s going into. Along those lines, you can reccomend them towards the vendor metas in Allerian (Horde equiv) and the Blades Edge Mountains event for more stun resist metas.

  4. Armath Says:

    My main is a Moonkin, but when I went to fill out your survey, I ran into the problem of only being able to choose one gem, when any of the four lower options would be good for a Moonkin, depending on other gear and playstyle.

    You might want to re-create the survey with checkboxes instead of radio buttons, so people can select more than one gem in each category.

    Moonkins and Mages do have similar needs – spell hit, spell crit, spell damage, intellect, and mana regen. As a hunter (my 1st alt is a 64 BM hunter), I want attack power, hit, crit, agility, and also mana regen. With my warlock (61 corruption), I want the same things as my moonkin, but stamina is good as well since that can be converted to mana. And since DoTs don’t get the same kind of bonus from spell crit as direct damage spells do, that stat is of lesser importance.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Armath: I purposely made the poll allow only one choice for the meta gem, as I want folks to select their #1 choice of gem. If people can select multiple gems, it will likely dilute the results as we’ll see everyone picking 2-3 gems and it will be harder to find a predominating one. I realize that often your current gear will dictate which stat gets priority, but assuming all things are equal and you aren’t short on a particular stat, which gem would you socket? Maybe I should add that to the poll….

    As for the other comments – I guess maybe my experience is unique compared to other JC’ers. Our guild regularly has new players coming up the ranks and looking to prepare for raiding, they often don’t know which meta is better because they haven’t had a chance to try different ones. I naturally assumed other people were running into this, perhaps not.

  6. Kevin F Says:

    Even in your case Kaliope, I wouldn’t give advice for a character type I didn’t raid with. Redirect the question to the class-leader for you guild.

    I know the warrior best, and even then I could only make a choice for tanking (+18 STA). So many things go into making a choice for a DPS gem that sitting down and saying THIS is the best gem in all cases just doesn’t make sense. There are specifics to talent builds beyond what tree you are in, and the gear/weapons you uses that can influence the choice.

  7. wowup Says:

    yeah.just like that @kevin :I wouldn’t give advice for a character type I didn’t raid with

  8. Demon Says:

    I think I see where your going with this Kaliope and as someone who doesn’t know much about Jewel Crafting or my options when it comes to Metagems. Though I could most definitely benefit from that knowledge.

    I think your intention of pooling information on what people per class and build want for their #1 pick of a metagem would be extremely helpful to those of us that sadly lack the knowledge and even worse the time to do our own in depth research of what gems are available. Not saying that I am lazy and wont research but another perspective from a seasoned player could definitely give me more bang for my buck when I drop some gold into a metagem for pvp or raiding on my hunter.

    Thank you for your hardwork and willingness to help.

  9. Mark L Says:

    I personally, feel the same way as Kaliope. (reading it I often thought to myself, did I write this blog?)

    I too, as someone providing a service to someone, wish to be of the most use and help to that person/player. For one, it builds up a solid clientele; it also doesn’t hurt to get that sense of satisfaction knowing you helped someone in however little a manner you have.

    Well, I honestly haven’t played very many classes to raiding content–let alone different specs in extensive experience–but, I do often ask those players far more experienced than myself what they stack for X and Y classes and A and B specs. Again, it helps me offer a better service to my customers, and to a larger part, my fellow guildmates and friends that come to me for advice because I actually do the research on this stuff. That, and it helps when I actually get my Priest to that level; not to mention knowing the intricacies of other classes and how they play can better benefit your main class.

    I’d have to say, I have the most experience playing as my Warrior (for tanking purposes). Both in my experience, I’ve found that, as a protection warrior, my number one choice is the Powerful Earthstorm Diamond. While the Tenacious has a rather nice proc (I have actually used both), I tend to prefer the extra stamina. Partially because I’m comfortably beyond the crit immunity mark and that bonus stamina is just incredible. I’m always trying to squeeze out as much stamina as I can.

    Now, if they were to make a gem with some stats/procs much like some of the tanking trinkets out there, I may consider changing it–but I’m a bit stuck on the extra stam, they’d have to put a bit of that on there too. *smiles*

    Hope this helps.

  10. Mark L Says:

    Going over the poll a second time, I remembered I wanted to ask why you didn’t include some of the spell caster-type metas for protection paladins. Granted, if you’re doing any kind of raid tanking and are looking for a meta gem, chances are you are looking for primarily the powerful earthstorm diamond. But, what about at the very least giving people the option for other diamonds?

    On a separate note, one talent tree can have more than one playstyle. Reference, Subtlety for Rogues. You may be going Hemo-spec or you can go daggers. Both have differing nuances of stat priorities. Yes, they both want crit and atk pwr and hit, but hemorrhage depends heavier on attack power than crit whereas crit is of more importance for a dagger spec.

    I’m sure you realise this, but it may just yield slightly differing outcomes (where applicable).

  11. kaliope Says:

    Thank you Mark and Demon for supporting my position on this. In an ideal world, I agree that new players should ask a seasoned member of their guild for gear advice. But if someone does ask their neighborhood JC, it would be nice if we could at least tell them the most likely 3 gems they’d be looking at and provide links to those items. There are casual folks who may not be in a raiding guild but can still get a helm by running SV that will need a meta. If they don’t do the research themselves, I think the least we can do as a service provider is give them a reasonable list of options. As I say, not ideal but service-oriented crafts never are ;)

    As for Mark’s question about caster gems for Prot Pallies, etc — I just never thought of it. I assumed that a Prot Pally would want a tanking meta, etc. Not knowing all the intricacies of the various builds, I’m sure I missed the mark here and there. I had hoped that voters would submit feedback to help me fill those holes, but I’ve received no comments so far on the poll forums :(

    I must say that in general this article has stirred more controversy that any other post in recent memory. Interesting…

  12. Ngita Says:

    My warlock (affliction) uses +12 spell damage, runspeed gem. As a dot user, spell crit, haste arent that important to me. But its not listed as a choice.

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