Goldthorn Tea is Back!

A few of you have commented on the missing Goldthorn Tea and if you’ve followed the patch notes, you know that Blizz promised to fix that in 2.3.2.  Well we got our 2.3.2 patch on Tuesday, so I’d been planning to visit good old Henry Stern in Razorfen Downs.  Last night I finally managed to trek out to the Barrens and wander through the dungeon to find him.  Previously if you visited him while the recipe was broken, you only got his “end” dialog.  I know this because I went to visit him before they implemented the fix, what can I say… I was a bit confused on when the fix was going to happen :)

But now he actually allows you to learn the recipe and you can go back to him and re-acquire it if you want to do so.  I think this recipe is only of interest to the “collector” types out there who want to have every recipe for their profession.  It’s a run-of-the-mill mana regen drink for mid-level players, nothing special about it.  But I know there are folks who are unhappy they lost it, so I can confirm that it’s back.


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  1. ClemSnide Says:

    I was one of those people, and I was also one who waited for three hours in the instance for a Blizzard rep to give me the Sony answer. (“Nothing I can do. Thank you for playing our game. Can I help you with anything else today?”)

    But I went back the moment that 2.3.2 hit the streets (more or less) and have the tea recipe back. Phew. Kalliope noted that the recipe isn’t all that and a bag of chips, which doesn’t go far enough in my opinion; the product is no better than the stuff you can buy at that level, that is, Sweet Nectar (or Enchanted Water, which drops like rain from Water elementals, like the ones you kill for the Curse of the Tideas quest chain). Goldthorn isn’t a particularly prolific herb, and it grows in areas more suited to a level 35 than a level 25 chara.

    But think about it from a RP angle. What’s the center of much social activity? Eating and drinking. What do we have to drink in the game? Water, fruit juices, lots of different kinds of beer, and two red wines. (No wines that go with your fish dinners. Sorry.) And that’s purchased food. To impress someone, you have to make it yourself, and in that case we’re limited to holiday beverages (Hot Apple Cider and Egg Nog, assuming you banks a lot of Holiday Spices) and one kind of tea. (Two if you’re a Rogue.) I’ve taken to referring to imjaginary beverages, like the Trollish drink from Stranglethorn Vale, kah-veh: a berry that is roasted, crushed, and infused in hot water.

    So I’m glad to see Goldthorn Tea back, but I hope it’s just one of many more recipes for drinks that we’ll be able to learn in the future (and, I hope, without having to achieve level 68 to do so).

  2. Bisok Says:

    Hello, Kaliope. Great blog and great website. Keep up the good work.

    Just a comment about a Cooking recipe change that I noticed since Patch 2.3.2. As a maxed out chef (375/375 Cooking skill), I have the recipe for Fisherman’s Feast — 1x[Soothing Spices], 1x[Huge Spotted Feltail], 1x[Goldenbark Apple].

    When doing the Cooking daily quests, you sometimes get the Huge Spotted Feltail from the Fish Barrel reward. When I went to cook this fish this weekend, I noticed that the ingredients changed — 5x[Soothing Spices], 5x[Goldenbark Apples] for each Feltail. And, the bonus is that you get 6x[Fisherman’s Feast] which is a great +30 Stam buff.

    I don’t recall reading this change in the Patch Notes, but I probably missed it at the bottom of the list. I like this change especially because the apples sell in stacks of 5, and the old recipe gave you leftover apples rolling in your inventory.

    Have a good day!

  3. kaliope Says:

    Bisok: Thanks for sharing that – I’ll look into it and update my site :) I wouldn’t have thought to check those recipes either. This undocumented patch update thing is how Blizz normally sneaks changes by me, so it really helps me when my readers tip me off to them!

  4. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I’m goin to take it soon with both of my chars :) Just for collection purposes as u mention :)

  5. Deo Says:

    thx for your tip

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