Old World Factions, Part Two: Cenarion Circle

For my second article about old world factions, I want to focus on the Cenarion Circle. The main quest hub for the Cenarion Circle is in Silithus, a level 55-60 zone in Kalimdor. Most of the items they sell are obsolete now, but for Tailors they sell two recipes for Herb Bags at Honored and Revered that have no end-game counterparts. They also sell patterns for nature resist gear, but I believe most of that has been replaced by Cenarion Expedition recipes.

Previously this faction was a bit challenging to level up once the normal zone quests ran out. The primary choices after that were to farm many mobs for drops, kill mini-bosses in the zone or run Ahn’Qiraj raids. The best non-raid options required you to farm elite mobs with a group of 3-5, not particularly solo friendly. I personally gave up at Honored because I didn’t want to burden my guildies with hanging out with me night after night to kill elites.

This has changed quite a bit with the most recent patch, most of the “hive” mobs have been downgraded to non-elites, which makes the Field Duty quests viable for a solo player. They also increased the rep gains for the repeatable quests, so your faction will go up much faster than it did pre-expansion. Here’s a breakdown of the repeatable tasks and the faction they give at level 70:

Field Duty (quest starter task): 50 rep
Combat/Logistic/Tactical Quest (follow-up to Field Duty): 150 rep
Abyssal Crest x 3: 150 rep
Twilight Text x 10: 500 rep
Abyssal Signet: 700 rep

For mob kills you get 2 points per Twilight Avenger and 0 points per Twilight Geolord. To collect the Abyssal Crests for the turn-in quest you need to kill Abyssal Templars, which are summoned using the lesser wind stones at the Twilight Camps and donning the Twilight outfits that are dropped by the Twilight mobs in the area. You can also purchase Twilight gear off the auction if you prefer, there are usually some up for about 1g per piece. For an Abyssal Signet, you need to kill the Abyssal Dukes which are summoned by the regular wind stones at the Twilight camp, while wearing the Twilight gear. Each Duke will give you 50 rep for the kill in addition to the rep from turning in the quest.

If you are level 70 and working on your rep, the exciting part is that you can now solo the Abyssal Templars and Dukes. They are still elite mobs, but being level 60 they don’t pose a challenge. I had no trouble at all killing the Templars, and minimal difficulty with the Dukes. I was able to solo them while wearing my DPS gear in bear form. I didn’t attempt an Abyssal Lord, the hardest of the summoned bosses, but that might also be workable for the right class. I felt the Dukes were challenging enough since they require 3 Abyssal Crests (from the Templars) + 1 Twilight outfit + 1 Large Brilliant Shard to summon. You end up with 750 rep from the kill + quest, but the component cost is quite high. So some folks may prefer to stick with the Templars, which only require a Twilight outfit to summon.

From my experience, the quickest way to increase rep is by killing the Dukes. If you hang around the Twilight camps, it’s fairly easy to kill the various Twilight humans, collect Twilight pages as well as the Twilight outfits needed to summon an Abyssal boss. I think it’s quite reasonable to get at least 1000 rep an hour if you work the camp for the materials for a Duke and then summon one, kill it and turn in the quest. The only item you’d have to supply yourself would be the Large Brilliant Shard if you want to minimize your costs.

It would take even less time if you purchased all the outfits ahead of time, but you’d spend about 3g per summon doing it that way. Since you need to summon four times for the Duke, that would run you about 12g in outfits, plus the shard being another 5-10g. Even this route isn’t terribly expensive in terms of costs/rep gained, so it’s up to you how you want to work it.

For folks who prefer not to deal with the Abyssal summoning, running Field Duty quests is also an option. By doing each of the three different types of tasks, you can get one of each badge type. Turning in a set of three badges will give you 500 rep, in addition to the 150 rep you got from each quest to earn a badge and the 50 rep each time you do Field Duty. One of the badge types requires doing a crafting task, so you’d probably want to be sure you had the materials on hand before you go this route. It would surely increase the annoyance factor if you had to farm the components for old-world items. But this is another option that would probably take around an hour and net about 1100 rep.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the Cenarion Circle, most of this probably sounds confusing. Admittedly, this process is more complex than most other factions. For a full rundown of the various quests, visit the WowWiki page.

6 Responses to “Old World Factions, Part Two: Cenarion Circle”

  1. Time Trap Says:

    Unfortunatly it doesn’t sound like you read my advice on your previous two postings. As a 70 holy priest I was able to go from Neutral to Revered in one night( granted I stayed up late), simply but handing in the twilight text, which is by far the easiest way to gain rep.
    There are three main twilight camps, One right beside the town, the second to the west and the third to the south. If you farm the west camp, you will find a wandering prophet, killing her nets you 7 – 10 text, after killing her zip on down to the south camp and she’ll be there aswell, kill her again. Return to the west camp and farm the text until she appears again, usually about a 10 – 20 min respawn rate, then just repeat the process. With just turning in the (usually) 10 text you get from her that’s atleast 3k rep an hour, plus what ever text you found while waiting for the respawn. I found I was gaining around 5k rep an hour.

    I hope that helps you folks.

  2. Tlo Says:

    I have a tailor alt at level 64, and I would like to get her the herb pouch recipes. Happily, she gets 10 rep for killing Twilight Avengers because they are still green to her (well, she actually gets 11 rep because she is a human). She only gets 2 rep for the Twilight Geolords. (as an aside, I was surprised to find that she was getting 10 Argent Dawn rep for killing some of the mobs in Gahron’s Withering that were still green to her) So, if you have an alt that hasn’t reached the level cap yet, work on your old-world factions before finishing up your leveling in Outland.

  3. Dorgol Says:

    I got my Warlock Exalted with CC at 60 almost entirely solo (I had a few aborted AQ20 PuGs, never killed more than 2 bosses). Oh, and he started @ 50/36000 HATED because I was bored one evening waiting for a MC raid to start…

    Anyway, depending on how far you want to take your rep, the Twilight Texts may be best saved until Revered. Once you hit Revered, the only mobs that grant Reputation are either inside AQ20, or are the summoned 5 / 20 man bosses. As you stated, the 5 man bosses aren’t free to summon.

    So, farming mobs + Templars to Revered while saving all your Twilight Texts for Revered might be the best route if you were trying to get Exalted (for whatever reason).

    Again, this was the case at 60. I don’t know if Bliz has made any changes to rep gains since then.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Time Trap: Yes, in fact I’ve read all the comments posted on my last three articles. While I’ve included the Twilight Text quest in my list, I felt it important to cover all the available options in my post. That way folks can pick and choose which route works best for them instead of me making that decision for them. If someone actually wanted to purchase Twilight gear and farm Dukes all the way up, I’m sure that would get them to Exalted faster than farming Twilight Texts since each Duke takes less than a minute to kill. It all depends on how much you value your time vs money. One could argue that you can make money much faster in Outland, therefore why waste a day farming text in Silithus when you can spend a couple of hours generating 200g and use that to purchase the items you need to raise your CC faction.

    I also felt it was rather limiting to point folks back to the text farming and twilight mob farming – the same methods that have always been available since Silithus opened. This would not have been providing new information to anyone, which is why I explored the feasibility of soloing the elite quests at level 70 and reported on that as well. I personally find grinding the same mob for hours mind-numbingly boring, but I had fun killing Templars and Dukes with a bit of text farming in between. It’s also a blast to solo Field Duty by yourself, something few classes could do before. For some people the gratification of returning to Silithus at level 70 and tearing the place up is a worthy accomplishment in and of itself :)

  5. Alazasthas Says:

    PUGing AQ20 might not be that difficult if you really want to do it. AQ20 has less trash than ZG and can easily be done by a group of 5-10 70’s. I havent been there for a long time, but you can surely give it a go. Specially if you are really green in your rep with the CC. I remember that you can net around 2-5k rep points froma run if you clean all. If you do a quick run to Kurinaxx cleaning all the mobs there you can get some good rep.

  6. Time Trap Says:

    I see, I must have misunderstood what you meant by:
    “As we all know by now, I’ve taken it upon myself to answer these burning questions. I decided to investigate the feasibility of farming old world factions at level 70. Argent Dawn, Timbermaw and Thorium Brotherhood have always had solo-friendly rep grinds, so I’m not bothering with those. I’m focusing on Zandalar and Cenarion Circle because I believe those are the two that were not solo friendly.”

    I thought you hadn’t realised that Cenerion Cirle has always been a solo-friendly rep grind.

    Good job in pointing out some other ways to solo the rep. :)

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