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It’s been a bit slow for me this week in terms of blogging, but I’ve been working on a new set of articles for you and I finally completed my research this afternoon.  One of the things I’ve found annoying about the new Outland recipes is the fact that there are some holes in the recipe progression.  I’m sure every one of us knows of at least one recipe that has no Outland equivalent or upgrade.  One that bugs me is the Mighty Troll’s Blood, my melee toons lived on this stuff while leveling.  Why didn’t we get a new one?  Until recently the Field Repair Bot and the Steel Weapon Chain were also in this category, but there are still others.  Squorgov mentioned the Arcane Bomb as one he’d like to see an Outland version of, my tank Kayree would be thrilled if she could make herself a new and improved Force Reactive Disk.  These are just a few, I’m sure there are many more.

This leaves some crafters in a quandary, if there aren’t any new recipes then they should try to get the old recipes.  What if you want to be able to make an herb bag, but your Tailor never had the chance to run AQ and build faction with the Cenarion Circle?  Seriously, no one does AQ20/AQ40 anymore, so are we just out of luck?  What about ZG, they have the best Troll’s Blood and Mage Blood (don’t even bother telling me about the drop one, that’s a joke) potions in the game but how’s an Alchemist to get ZG rep at this point?

As we all know by now, I’ve taken it upon myself to answer these burning questions.  I decided to investigate the feasibility of farming old world factions at level 70.  Argent Dawn, Timbermaw and Thorium Brotherhood have always had solo-friendly rep grinds, so I’m not bothering with those.   I’m focusing on Zandalar and Cenarion Circle because I believe those are the two that were not solo friendly.

I’ve spent some time working on both factions with my toons and I believe I have some helpful information to share.  Over the next week I’ll be posting articles with my findings, so stay tuned!


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  1. Diabolos Says:

    Sounds like quite an undertaking. Good luck!

  2. ClemSnide Says:

    Steel Weapon Chains ought to come back into vogue, since the big nerf of Warriors in the last patch. Weapon Mastery got taken away from the careful Arms warriors and given to the wildly flailing Furies, and at the same time reduced in effect. Now, instead of spending 2 points on a Talent which would prevent Disarm effects, I have to use a weapon chain to prevent being disarmed by mobs twenty levels below me. (sigh) But, I digress.

    It appears that the 70s are getting really, really bored. A lot of them are, in fact, in the Old World doing things that look to me like faction-building.

    For example, the elusive Wintersaber Trainers. The only thing you get for hour after hour of pointless grinding– OK, you can get some E’ko if you’ve done Mau’ari’s quests, and the Timbermavians like you to kill the Winterfall furbolgs– is a pink cat mount.

    A few months ago, I was virtually alone in Winterspring. I had achieved 60 with my main, a Warrior, and hadn’t yet seen the need for the expansion. So I wasn’t out for XP, just cool stuff. And a pink cat mount was definitely Cool Stuff! I started in the summer, and had been half-heartedly working on it till I got close and could actually estimate how many trips it would take me to Frostsaber Rock. In the past month I’ve stepped up my efforts.

    And have had lots of company. Over the summer and fall when I told people I was grinding for Wintersaber rep the reply was mostly “what?” Now it’s “Are you doing the giants yet?” In fact, one Huntress told me to stay away from Winterfall, as she was so much better at killing the furbolgs there, seeing as how she had both ranged weapons and a Riding Crop. (I congratulated and then /ignored her.)

    OK, end rambling story. I believe that other Old World factions are going to see a renewal. After all, they need less of a group effort than they did when the level cap was 60– and that means they’ll be faster to set up.

    All this will return to “normal,” of course, when WoLK is released, so group up while you can!

  3. Tlo Says:

    With regards to AQ, I started with the Burning Crusade expansion, and I only have toons on one of the realms that were started up with the expansion release. The AQ gates were finally opened at the beginning of December – I see LFG for AQ20 every night. So, if you are really desperate to grind Cenarion Circle rep, you may want to look at transferring to a newer realm.

  4. Thistlefur Says:

    Cenarion Circle can also be soloed in fact I was one of the first 2 to get the epic mail chest recipe for LW. once you do all the solo or at most 5 man stuff you can just farm facton kills with the text turn in’s. Though if like timbermaw you will only get real gain from the text and be thankful that unlike the timbermaw the drop rate is pretty high.

  5. Time Trap Says:

    Cenarion Circle is very much solo’able. On my 70 priest I got this done easy, yay satchel of Cenarious. What you do is keep turning in those twilight text, they’re easy to get too, just kill the twilight culstists, there is also a patrol that wanders around ( two actually, of the same NPC) that drops 7 – 10 pieces of text at once and has a pretty nice re spawn rate. I believe she is called : Twilight Prophet.

    Good luck!

  6. Elfshine Says:

    I just recently soloed the Cenarion Rep to get both the 20-slot and 24-slot herb bag recipes. Don’t know why, just wanted to have them. Took me about two days of grinding for the twilight texts as noted above, plus you get the twilight cultist robes/cowls/mantles that you use for the minor stones. Turn those in for more rep (tauren in the outpost you turn them in to). Boring as hell, but very do-able. Went from low Honored to Exalted in a weekend, basically. Broke up the monotony by rotating which Twilight area I did the grind in, but for the most part did it in the area just southeast of the outpost.

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