Old World Factions, Part One: Zandalar Tribe

My alchemist warlock was level 35 when the expansion came out, and has only recently reached the old level cap, so it’s doubtful that he will ever see Zul’Gurub. On the other hand, I use him to supply my level 70 toons with potions and such, so I’d really like him to have as many recipes as possible. Specifically, I’d love to be able to make the better Troll’s Blood and Mage Blood pots. I don’t have a lot of time to spare for him though, so trying to get into ZG pugs isn’t really high on my list. This is what sparked my desire to figure out how to get Zandalar faction without running ZG.

I had hoped that I could just turn in coins and bijous for rep, and it turns out that you can. I’ve been checking the auctions regularly and buying reasonably priced coins and bijous, I’m currently halfway through Neutral from that alone. If you pay about 2 gold per coin, it would cost you about 240g to reach Friendly using this method. That really not unreasonable given the price of other high-end alchemy recipes. For those with lots of cash and the patience to wait for folks to post their goodies, this would probably be a solid way to gain Zandalar rep. But I’m not completely satisfied with this option, so I thought I’d explore the possibility of farming ZG mobs for rep in addition to buying rep turn-ins.

So I headed off with Kaliope to ZG in an attempt to solo farm Zandalar rep. I started with the trolls near the entrance, which ended up being a big mistake. The trolls stun quite a bit and also have an AOE axe-throwing ability. When I tried to take a pair of them by myself, I was stunned so often that I was barely able to attack and couldn’t even bash/heal to save myself. After a few tries I gave up and decided to find a buddy to help me out.

For my next visit, I recruited Squorgov to come with me. I figure you can’t go wrong with a couple of druids for situations like this, heheh. We tried the same group when we got there and also died due to the excessive stunning (on him) and the axe throws (on me). On the second attempt, we put some HoTs on him and I tried to stay at max range, which was a bit tricky since there’s not too far you can go without line-of-sight issues. I was able to stand on the stairs and avoid some of the axes, but not all. Since they knock 500-800 health off you per second, you can die pretty quickly to them. But we did manage to kill a couple of these groups with a bit of effort, although we eventually decided they were too much work and moved on.

After that Squorgov tried pulling a pair of snakes with Hibernate. This worked pretty well as the one snake stayed behind while the other got killed. By the time the second snake woke up, the first was about dead. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of these snake pats wandering around, so we decided to try something else for folks that really want to farm rep.

Since the humanoid mobs were turning out to be too challenging, we opted for more critter pulls. We also didn’t want to formulate a plan that relied on stealthing, so we headed left for the waterfall and jumped down to the river (moat, whatever) that surrounds Hakkar. There are fish in the river as well as crocodiles around the banks which we both felt would make better solo targets. It was very easy to reach the river without aggroing any mobs.

In the river are “hooktooth frenzy” fishes that are easy solo kills. Squorgov was able to kill them in bear or cat form with no healing and minimal health loss, we also had a rogue with us for awhile who killed frenzies with no outside assistance. Each gives one point of rep per kill, but no loot. They seem to respawn about every ten minutes, which should be enough time for any player to do a full clear of the moat.

The crocodile groups are a bit more challenging, but I believe some classes could solo them too. Squorgov was able to kill groups of them in bear form without too much risk of dying, a warrior or pally would probably be able to do the same, since they have high armor and hitpoints. Other classes would likely have to experiment with various forms of AOE damage + kiting or crowd control. Each croc has about 10k health, but we felt that ice mages could probably handle them, as well as hunters and possibly warlocks. The benefit to killing the crocs and snakes is that they drop loot. We collected half a dozen coins off the various critters we killed, so if you can handle them you’ll boost your rep gain. Each croc and snake also gave 1 rep per kill, so it will be slow going. You will probably want to do this in combination with coin/bijou collection, the progress will be agonizingly slow otherwise.

Truly the best way to farm Zandalar rep is to recruit a buddy or two. Based on our experience, adding a healer to the mix makes things significantly easier. We tried a handful of different pull types, including a few snake groups and a 6-pack of raptors near the raptor boss (don’t ask, we were trying to click a jinxed hoodoo pile :P) We also killed one of those berzerker things and got 5 rep, but he was kind of a long fight so we didn’t thing he was worth the extra rep. Based on how well we did with two, I think if you had 3-5 people you could probably handle most or all of the trash mob groups, especially if there was some CC in the mix. If you brought a 5-man dungeon group, you could probably clear alot of ZG minus the boss fights. Just something to think about.

In closing, there’s no reason I can see that you couldn’t gain Zandalar rep purely through coins and bijous. If you want to try farming rep by killing mobs, the fish are easy and on a workable respawn timer. For those feeling adventurous, give the crocs and snakes a try. The rep is the same but you can loot coins and bijous from them as well. If you really want to maximize your rep gains, bringing along a friend or small group will help you tackle more mobs than you can by yourself.

I want to give a very big “Thank You” to my friend Squorgov for coming with me and helping me test various strategies for farming rep in Zul’Gurub =) Stay tuned for my next article about the Cenarion Circle.


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  1. Sellia Says:

    Don’t worry ! I’ll stay tuned for sure. Thanks for the great work !!! :)

  2. Mosshoof Says:

    I took my alchemist up to Zul’Gurub myself recently, just to see if I could peek in and stealth around a bit. But it said I needed a raid group to enter the instance. Can you convert a party of one into a raid group? And if so, how?

  3. Jim Moreno Says:

    My troll voodoo priest is looking for this exact thing now. He is also a flower picker / jungle pharmacist, and those potions available there are very worthy to have. I’m going to go give this a shot, see how well I can do. Thanks!

  4. kaliope Says:

    Mosshoof: Yes, you do have to be in a raid. When I went in solo, I had to recruit a buddy to group with me and then convert my party to a raid. Your buddy does not have to come with you, but you have to be in a group. To convert to a raid, click your portrait in the top left and under the party options is a “convert to raid” choice.

  5. Tsark Says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that ZG is also the place where the Turtle book drops – hence some mages may be interested in coming along to help, as long as you promise to kill the Fish boss. The Boss himself is easily killed with a party of 5-6 people – I’ve done it with as few as 3 (me on my priest, warlock and warrior – I’m interested in the book for my mage), but that’s a bit more challenging and requires a bit of gear at least (we had full T4 or equivalent at the time). The book is BoE, and often can sell for more than 2k gold, so even non-mages may be interested in going for that. To summon the boss, you need to complete a “DHL quest” (pick item, deliver to Nat Pagle), buy from Nat Pagle the Mudskank barrel (or whatever it’s called) and fish up 5 Musdskanks from the pools. The pools are next to crocs, so again, nice synergy.

    Another reason to go to ZG – enchants. The ZG leg patches for some classes are actually still better than the BC ones, I’m told. The leg patches require a token from Bloodlord Mandokir or Jin’do the Hexxer. While the latter is still challenging, Bloodlord can easily be downed by the same group of 5-6. Trash clearing is so quick it’s really not a problem.

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    Since you are focussing on reputation recipes, Kalliope, I’d like to make a suggestion for the lists: Select by faction. It’d be handy for someone who might want to know what exactly they’re grinding for.

    (I still have problems with overlaps of the elements at a readable text size for me, but I’m being selfless here and suggesting it for the non-visually handicapped users.)

  7. Alazasthas Says:

    The other day we decided to go to ZG before going to ZA. We havent gotten a full raid for that one so we had 6 folks to go into ZG. We had 2 tanks, 3 dps clases and 1 healer (a feral druid with a healing set with 1600 bonus healing). All 70’s and geared with a mix of Tier 4 and some SSC/The Eye gear.

    First the mobs have a reduced aggro radius. You can easily walk the road from the entrance to the bloodlord without aggroing nothing if you are a little careful, pulling someof the packs of serpents on the way and the 2 berserkers (the one near the head enchant temple, and up the ramp). With that group we could kill the bloodlord with no problem. I imagine that if you can get a group of folks that want to farm the Bloodlord and the Tiger boss (lure them with the mount drop) you can easily get there every 3 days for some good reputation gains….while you farm those you can convice them (specially if you have a mage with you) to farm the fish boss for that turtle tome too :D

  8. Time Trap Says:

    Very nice information, thank you. Be sure to read my post about the cenarion circle on your previous blog, that’s easy rep gain, should help you a lot.

  9. ClemSnide Says:

    Odd how these things happen.

    I knew about the Zandalars but never paid much attention to them. My main got to their island when he was about level 15 (my tradition in MMORPGs is to explore areas I shouldn’t be in yet) and pretty much ignored them. And while I heard of the reputation items, Bijous especially (I like that word), I seldom had opportunity to see one.

    Until a few days ago, a little after this article was posted. I bought up (cheap!) some of the coins on the neutral AH. And when my guys hit Zul’Gurub they’ll have a leg up!

    So, Kalliope, you are affecting the WoW world. I can see no other reason for the long absence and sudden interest!

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