Accidental Farming, Just Me?

Last night I was wandering around Netherstorm with my Engineer. Kayree just made her epic flying machine, thanks to the loan of 3000g from my other toons, and was out trying to regain some cash through questing and mote farming. I was working on the manaforge quests and any other Consortium or Aldor quests I could squeeze in at the same time. I’ve also been making a point to kill some of the BoP recipe guys I happen upon in my wanderings, not serious farming but more like fly-by-farming. I’m not really looking forward to doing real farming on a Prot warrior, what can I say?

So I made myself this list of the various mobs that drop recipes I want. Since Kayree is also an Enchanter, this list is annoyingly long. I actually did farm Ethereum Nullifiers/Jailors for about an hour awhile back, but didn’t get lucky that time. And the respawn is fast enough that it wasn’t terribly safe for me there, perhaps I can find a buddy to come hang out with me? We’ll see…

Anyway, as I was flying around Manaforge Duro I thought I remembered that Sunfury Bowmen were on my list. Since I had a couple of quests for the same area, I stopped and killed some on my way in. Oddly enough, a recipe did drop after about 12 of them — just not the recipe I wanted to farm. I wanted the Adamantite Arrow recipe, which drops off Sunfury Archers, what I actually got was the Khorium Scope recipe that apparently drops off the Bowmen.

The scope recipe wasn’t even on my list, I had no intention of farming it after hearing others’ war stories about getting the drop. The stupid thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve made a pit stop to farm Bowmen. Maybe Blizz should stop naming mobs the same basic thing so I won’t get confused, at this point I don’t even know where the actual Archers are. I see Scryer dudes shooting bows… I kill them. Help me out here fellas, stop recycling names!

So anyway, now I’m the proud owner of the Khorium Scope recipe. I suppose I could be nice and make one for my hunter Korlyn. The mats are pretty steep though, I hope it’s not a money sink like most of the other Engineering items.

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  1. ClemSnide Says:

    I doubt it, in fact I think you may make money (though with materials costs so high that’s never a dure thing). A friend of mine who lucked into a Sniper Scope recipe before BC made some good money selling them. After all, there aren’t that many things that you can do to ranged weapons, and Hunters are always gaga over more damage.

  2. Thistlefur Says:

    So far of all professions the only ones I ever made money or make money on are:
    Leatherworking – Cenarion Hold Chest recipe – I made 600g ea off them selling to the guilds running AQ.

    Jewel Crafting – I had 4 ea of the blue gems stored from loot and Consort rewards from all my otehr toons. I also had over time made 6 ea of the meta raw gems. So as I bought recipes I made back all my money spent on recipes back from selling gems and then some. Only slow movers were the 6 Brutal Earth meta gems though I sell 1 every 2-3 days.

  3. Matt Says:

    Actually yesterday was my day of luck. While running Sethekk Halls doing various quest we came across a herd of Avian Rippers and after AOE blasting them down a loot popped up Need or Greed, Pattern:Netherdrake Helm, my heart jumped out seeing it and I, like a bolt of lightning, typed I need that I’m a LWer. Then another person in the group said he was too. Everyone passed cept me and him. He casted Need. I crossed my fingers and did the same, turned my head away knowing my luck with loots (which is horrible), then slowly turned back and saw “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” above it was “You Won Pattern: Netherdrake Helm.” Never got so lucky off any other drop, was not expecting it, and now looking forward to many many more runs =D.

    P.S. Have no fear Rumor, we will farm yours as well :)
    (Rumor is the other LWer that casted need on it, who is now in my guild)

  4. Dorgol Says:

    I ‘accidentally’ farmed the BoP Alchemy “Fel …” recipes in Shadowmoon Valley on all three of my alchemists – picked them up during normal quest grinding. These recipes, at least, aren’t rare at all.

    After that I went and got the other world drop BoP recipes (the Major Arcane, Shadow, Holy Protection recipes). They, also, drop pretty quickly once you start going for them.

  5. Feanwe Says:

    I found that farming the NS engineering recipes, as well as the new Repair Bot recipe in the BEM area was not too bad. I actually intentionally farmed the Khorium scope recipe, since I received the crit scope drop in our Kara group and I needed to lvl engineering form 350+ to 375. It dropped relatively quickly and was nice to have any way for guildies.

    The Adamantite Arrows took me about a 1 hour try (had to compete with people on quests and other farmers), and then it dropped on the 2nd try after 4 to 5 mobs.

    I give Blizz credit for at least making it do-able. You have to work for the drops, but it’s not so unbearable either.

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