Part Two ~ The Mage Takes The Cheese

Well once my partner in crime, Wildark, saw how handily my 70 rogue acquired the Green Winter Clothes recipe, he immediately proposed that we try to get it for our actual Tailoring toon – Fimbulwinter. Only problem? Fimbulwinter is a 37 mage. Personally, I saw no way to achieve this. Even if we use the disguise and waltz right past a bunch of Horde players, how is a level 37 going to avoid the guards? Luckily Wildark had a plan.

He had me concoct 2 Invisibility Potions, 2 Free Action Potions, 2 Healing Potions and 2 Swiftness Potions. I told him he would never be able to use them all due to the Global Cooldown, but he wanted them anyway. Ok, I guess this is worth a shot. I gave him the good Invisibility Potions, which meant I had to farm a few Ghost Mushrooms, but I hoped it would be worth it.

We went on this mission immediately after the 70 stealth run, since it was now 4am server time and I figured Fimbulwinter would need the advantage even more than Krystella did. A bonus for us was that a big Horde guild had decided to raid Ironforge earlier that evening and apparently the Alliance had retaliated on Thunder Bluff and the Undercity. So the Horde players were a bit distracted by the ruckus and we were taking advantage of it, heheh.

This time I let Wildark take the driver’s seat, since Fimbulwinter is his toon. In a crisis situation I knew that I would not be able to operate a mage effectively and hoped that he would. We took the same route to Orgrimmar, including the pit stop at the Costume-izer. I was a bit concerned about the Invisibility Potions for this mission though, because you can’t see the mobs around you. Which makes it hard to avoid running right through them and such, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Nevertheless, he arrived outside the city, quaffed the Invisibility Potion, then booked it inside.

Halfway through the tunnel, the Invisibility wore off and a guard immediately attacked. He then popped a Swiftness Potion followed by a Health Pot and kept running while three more guards joined the fray. Next he Blinked and got ahead of the pack, but two more guards jumped in. Finally he died about 15-20 feet from the vendor.

Fimbul did a corpse run back inside and positioned himself to Resurrect on top of the vendor. As soon as he popped up, he quickly purchased the recipe. Meanwhile more guards had already spotted him from afar and were closing in on him again. He popped his Ice Block in hopes of firing off a Blink after, but that didn’t work out and he died again. Amusingly enough, two Winter Veil Commoners pounced on him during the Ice Block, and were madly pummeling him with their fists. After the second death, with recipe in hand, Fimbulwinter rezzed at the graveyard and ported back to safety.

I’m sure a level 70 mage could do better than this, since they have their own Invisibility to add to the use of potions. They also have ice shields and other neato tricks I know nothing about. Even so, this should give hopes to other folks who are desperate for the Green Winter Clothes recipe. Now is the time! Go for the Gusto! If a level 37 squishie can do it — you can too!!

Once again, digital photographic evidence complete with red-eye reduction (click for full size image):

Level 37 mage (Lowbie) gets the Green Winter Clothes recipe from Hordies at Orgrimmar

Wildark felt that it would be undisputed proof of his deed if we took the screenie in Stormwind with the Royals. This way you can see that they are Friendly to him and not trying to beat him to a pulp.


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  1. Wrenzo Says:

    I went for it tonight. I took my 70 Lock in at full speed on my epic mount. Just a few steps before I got to the vendor I dismounted and waited for all the guards to catch up to me. Then I hit Howl of Terror. I bought the pattern and started for the door. I popped a swiftness pot that I’d brought and made it to about 5 steps outside the gates before I got taken down.

    Thanks for the ideas!! I never would have even thought to get that one!

  2. Bob Says:

    Kurigraminfo post is a spam FYI.

  3. Time Trap Says:

    Well, I had to try it.

    As a priest I figured I die alot so I decided to get naked and make the run in my birthday suit…a very old decaying suit(this was a big mistake)…anyway, Iron Forge seems to me a tad rougher to get to then Orgrimmar. I was arriving at Iron Forge and already had guards chasing me up the horrably long ramp before the gates, still I had an Epic mount so I was out running them, I made it into Iron Forge and just over the west bridge when I was informed by the guards that they can use nets to stop me….crud. A quick phychic scream later and the guards were scattered, the alliance players how ever had started to now notice I was there. So, now walking, I rushed to the male goblin( thanks for that little bit of info by the way) unfortunatly he wanted me to do a quest, so I had to click twice to get into his store. I had just enough time to buy the recipe before I was horrably mangled by the alliance.

    Sad part was, there were only 4 level 30-40’s trying to kill me, I think if I had left me gear on I may have made it out alive. Meh, I died res’d at the spirit and promptly hearthed the heck out of there.

    So thanks for the exciting quest! One question though….Do our horde guards throw nets?

  4. Wrenzo Says:

    Yes, they sure do! :)

  5. Dorgol Says:

    I got the recipe on my ‘lock. Made it into Orgrimmar (I literally ran straight through about 20 horde dueling) without too much problem. However, on my epic mount + Riding Crop… I apparently was going to fast for the NPC to be visible and I ended up going right passed her. I would have stopped, but the Horde 70 Elite rooftop guys hit cloth hard.

    Anyway, some warrior in full S2 decided I was a nuisance and took me down.

    I ran back, rez’d in a dark corner (Org is good for that), and got my health back up. This time I equipped my Orb of Deception. Mounted up, rode to the vendor, bought the recipe, rode out of town. No one even chased me.

    I then dropped a Curse of Agony on a lvl 37 hunter that was getting on the Zep… he died as it was leaving… (evil warlock laughter).

  6. kaliope Says:

    Bob: Thanks for the heads-up, the offending spam is gone :)

    Wrenzo/Timetrap/Dorgol: I love your stories, let’s keep them coming! I’m glad that my self-sacrifice and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds (heheh) encouraged others to try. I was hoping some Horde would get up the gumption to hit IF, they deserve Red Winter Clothes as much as we deserve the Green. Plus I think it could be fun to spice things up a bit with some faction scraps outside the BGs. I still the winter costume is key if you don’t want other players to pounce on you, but I suppose if you really want to increase the challenge factor you can do without that. Good luck all – let’s see more Tailors give this a try!!

  7. Delsie Says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion! I ran in today on my 70 Priest. However, I took the backdoor and I think it was much easier. Once you get past the bridge, there are no more guards (I only had to get past 4 or 5) and you can boot it down the path. I then leapt off the side of the path by the bank onto some rooftops. I shielded and ran to the vendor. At the vendor I used psychic scream to get rid of the bank guards and bought the pattern. I think I might have made it out but my hearthstone was still on cooldown … So, one death, one pattern. Not a bad trade.

    My brother then tried the backdoor with his 60 Priest. He wasn’t so lucky and was killed on the bridge (the guards are level 65 and his psychic scream had no effect). But, he rezzed and was able to mount up and ride down the path. He died again just steps from the vendor (the bank guards got him). Then he rezzed on the vendor, bought the pattern, and was promptly killed by the Horde players. He said it was the most fun he’s had all week!

    Happy New Year all!

  8. Sellia Says:

    I’ll have to try it too … :)

  9. ClemSnide Says:

    Hoo-hah! Got it on my level 37 Gnomagineer! That was fun! I hope I never have this kind of fun again!

    Not knowing the Horde side of things as well as many, I took my Orc (on Sentinels) and visited Orgrimmar; fortunately he was close by. I found the vendor and verified where the pattern was. (With my eyesight I didn’t want to have to search for it while the guards flattened me.) For the curious, Org’s front entrance turns right then left, and the vendor is past a weapon shop and the inn as you angle slightly right after that.

    I had originally intended to go at some insane hour of New Years Day, when the population would be lower (even gamers stay up to watch the ball drop and then drink themselves into oblivion). Then I found ther’d be a rolling restart at 0500 server time (0800 EST). Initially I hoped to enter right after the restart, when the population would be mostly NPCs; but then I got antsy and began to fear that the restart would mark the end of the Goblin vendors for another year. Besides, a guildie had done it with a Mage that was just a few levels north of Haloperidol, so back to plan A it was.

    I went in armed with lots of things that I didn’t get to use or just didn’t work. The Gnomish Cloaking Device either fizzled at the wrong moment or just plain didn’t work; the gate guards got me just past the entrance. Fortunately I had planned on this, and not only was stripped nekkid but had left all gear that had a Durability in the bank. I knew that I’d be taking the res sickness.

    First retrieval was in one of the niches, right near the three Revelers. I was able to drink an Invisibility potion, which got me the farthest into Orgrimmar that I got all day. The guards near the signs got me.

    Second retrieval was pretty much a wash. I couldn’t get to anywhere safe, so I was out in the open. I pointed myself at the cart and Accepted, then Blunk (Blinked?) while running. And down I went.

    But the third retrieval! I don’t know how I planned it this well, but the corpse was just at the right distance so that I could retrieve in the yoke of the Goblins’ cart. I did, secondary-clicked, agonized for what must have been the longest split second in the world (“Time is momey, friend,” she said; no, my dear, time is life) and got the window. Secondary-click to buy and whack, dead again.

    Back to Razor Hill. Wisely, I verified that I did have the pattern before accepting the Spirit Healer’s offer, then portaled back to Stormwind. I had a bunch of Runecloth, so I made up two green outfits and sent them to my Factors. They also have the shoes to match; I just wish there was a good hat to go with. (Frankly, I don’t see how the women stay warm– that’s more lingerie than winter garb! Putting a Red Linen or a Green Holiday Shirt underneath makes it more modest.)

    Thinking back, it really wasn’t that hard if you do the planning ahead of time. I brought a new chara from Northshire Abbey to Booty Bay to serve as a Factor and must have corpserun a dozen times along that route. In both cases, the reward was worth it.

  10. Armath Says:

    Thanks to Kaliope’s inspiration, I did this with both my Horde (61 undead warlock) and my Alliance (32 gnome mage) tailors, and had a fun time!

    I originally tried sneaking into Org with my gnome, but after getting two-shotted, just gave up on that and resigned myself to the die/runback/rez closer cycle. I finally rezzed in front of the vendor and had just enough time to buy the pattern before being being whacked by the Org guards for the 4th (or was it 5th) and final time, the graveyard rezzed and teleported home to IF.

    Doing it with my Horde tailor was much easier, except I tried to hit the gnomerizer – big mistake. It’s too close to the entrance, so that slowed me down enough that the guards were able to nail me before I hit the vendor. I was close enough that I got the pattern after only the one rez, and had enough time to try the wrong vendor before getting the right vendor and finally getting killed. Rezzed a the graveyard and, since my hearthstone was still on cool down, went over to visit with the nice leper gnomes in Gnomeregon for a while.

  11. Elfshine Says:

    bummer. I did not see this post until today, 1/3/2008, and now all the winter revelers/holiday stuff is gone. bummer! I would have loved to attempt to run my Blood Elf mage into an ally town to get the red! Oh well. At least I have three red suits, and I can make the green ones. If anybody wants to swap colors, let me know. I’m on Skywall.

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