Smells Like Green Spirit

A few days ago I challenged my readers to confirm the plausibility of Alliance characters acquiring the Green Winter outfit recipe from the Horde vendors. No one took me up on that, but I decided that having my own level 70 rogue, I should attempt to infiltrate Orgrimmar myself. I didn’t actually believe this was a workable task, but I pushed onward regardless of the self-endangerment factor. The things I do for you people!

Unfortunately, I’ve specced completely out of the Subtlety tree and no longer have MoD. I do still have my panther trinket and my stealth boots, so I got a modest stealth boost from the two of them. With any luck this will provide enough protection from any level 70 Hordies I run into along the way. For my travel route, I opted to go the Booty Bay -> Ratchet path to Durotar. I then ran north through the Barrens and up to Orgrimmar, avoiding towns and other populated areas.

To aid in my disguise, I made a point to hit the Wonderveil Gizmatronic device on the Booty Bay dock near the boat. I figured that if I somehow did get busted, perhaps the Hordies wouldn’t immediately recognize me as foreign if I were wearing the Winter Veil costume. Then I’d just blend in with all the other dorks who got zapped in the Costume-izer. This turned out to be a very good thing in more than one sense…

When I arrived outside Orgrimmar, it was about midnight (3am server time). Seemed like a good time to sneak about with minimal interference. The guards in the area were only level 65 – so far so good. I walked through the main entrance and down the corridor into the city itself. Unfortunately I got too close to a wall torch and was popped out of stealth, but I was able to Vanish and re-stealth.

I camped on a rooftop until my Vanish timer reset, just in case I needed it again. Then I quietly made my way over to the Smokywood Pastures cart. I carefully positioned myself among the presents and clicked the vendor. Doh! I chose the wrong one. Luckily no one seemed to notice or care that I was there. Clearly my small size and my gnomish costume was helping me blend right in with the locals. There were Hordies milling about the area, but no alarm was raised. I carefully slid over to the other vendor and she had the recipe. This kind of threw me off, because in Ironforge the boy goblin has the recipes and the girl goblin has none. In Orgrimmar it’s the opposite, which is why I picked the wrong goblin initially.

For anyone who decides to try this, make sure you costume up first! I firmly believe this was a major contributor to my success, the Winter Helper costume enables you to blend right in with the presents near the goblins. It also makes you look like other folk wandering the city and more importantly, makes you NOT look like an Alliance interloper!

After I made my purchase I was able to restealth and sneak right back out of the city. After that I just found a secluded spot and hearthed back to Shattrath. Here’s my triumphant photo documentation of my adventure (click for full size image):

Green Winter Clothes for the Alliance

You’ll notice that I have the recipe in my inventory, along with my character sheet proving that I’m a human and not just a cleverly disguised Orc or something. Unfortunately you can also see that some uncouth Undead is actually ogling me and being terribly rude about it. He even ruined my first screenshot, so I tried to shoo him away. He was a persistent little booger.

Unfortunately Krystella is a Jewelcrafter, so this recipe is useless to her. In Part Two of my adventure series, we’ll see how my actual Tailor (a 37 mage) got into Orgrimmar to buy the recipe. Stay Tuned!!


11 Responses to “Smells Like Green Spirit”

  1. Dorgol Says:

    Since I let you do the dirty work… I think I might go buy myself the green recipe this weekend. :)

    Also, has anyone made any Hot Apply Cider recently? My wife has been hogging the PC lately and I keep forgetting to check… but apparently, newly made Cides DO NOT have the 2 day duration the first batches did.

    Color me in love if this is true.

  2. Demon Says:

    That is really cool and funny!

    I keep fighting the urge to take my 38 twinked rogue to 70… but its fun cause chaos in the BGs.

  3. Armath Says:

    WooHoo! Go Kaliope! You give hope to all use recipe completists!

  4. Dorgol Says:

    OK, I can confirm that the two day duration on Hot Apple Cider has been removed. Color my paladin happy. I’m just trying to decide how many stacks I might need…

    Oh, and I’m currently on my way to Org to get my Green Winter Cloths pattern… :)

  5. ClemSnide Says:

    I can imagine the chatter on Orgrimmar LocalDefense: “What the deuce are all these Alliance blatherskites doing in our city?”(before translation: “wtf thrs lts f aleyunce her lol stfu????????”)

    Of course, by the time I get to do it, everyone will know of the Allianceers sneaking into Horde territory, not to cause mayhem, but to complete their Tailoring colelction.

    My offer is still up: Any Horde players on Silver Hand, please write to and we can trade the red pattern for the green. Use the Neutral AH at some hour to be determined and trade-even.

  6. Erper Says:

    I just got there and got the pattern on my 70 human priest. Only took one death to get there, and one after I made the purchase. Thanks for the tip!

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    Oops. They’re BoP. Never mind. Weird– I don’t remember the craft-appropriate ones mailed at the beginning being that way, but I wasn’t really looking.

    I doubt if a Mage could get into Org. Maybe with a stack of the level 37 Invis potions (I wonder, does my ALchemist have that recipe?) and some good timing, as well as a lot of corpserunning. Dang, now I’m thinking seriously about it…

  8. kaliope Says:

    Clem: Stay tuned, next post covers just that scenario =)

  9. Linaomine Says:

    Just got the recipe for my 70 warlock, had some guildies with me as distractions got it with only 2 deaths, and a final one as I ran through the massive amount of level 70s dueling outside. Good times.

  10. Kaidance Says:

    Thanks for this tip. I decided to try on my 70 warlock during peak times. I brought a few guildies along for distraction. Had about 4 deaths, each time I rezzed I got a little closer to the door. LOL I couldn’t resist the urge to dot up a few flagged horde as I ran. When I finally got outside, I just waited for my flag to wear off. Very glad I did it. Been reading your blog for quite a while now, and love it :)

  11. xcal Says:

    I’m a Hordie on Lightbringer(PVE) and saw a lvl1 human player with a ‘Ghost costume’ under our Ogrimmar Xmas tree a few days ago. I tried talking to him with /s, he then ran into the auction house and was lost in the Crowd;-) I’m sure that he’s one of your readers.

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