Winter Veil for the confused

Some of us have been around for one or two seasons and already have a pretty good idea about how things work during Winter Veil. But I realize some of you may be new to WoW and the information available on Winter Veil appears to be a bit vague. You might be seeing all the neato recipes and wondering how to get them for yourself. Or perhaps you’ve noticed the recipes showing up on the Auction House for crazy prices and you don’t really want to pay that kind of money for a seasonal item.

That’s ok, I’m here to help! I’ve been working on an updated list of all the Winter Veil recipes for you. Here’s a list of all the possible recipes you can get from Winter Veil quests and related activities:

Winter Veil recipes on Crafter’s Tome

While I was working on this, I realized that most of the database sites have nothing in the way of explanation on the “gift” items and how to find them. Part of the reason the information is vague is because the rewards are random. There’s no way to do Quest X and get Recipe Y, so you’ll have to work a bit harder if you want to get a specific recipe. Here are my suggestions to maximize your chances:

  • Do all Winter Veil quests!
  • Let your friends and guildies know that you are willing to trade
  • Get your alts in on the act
  • Make sure you log in on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

Do all quests: This is important! Every time you complete a quest, you’ll receive a ‘thank you’ gift that could contain a recipe. Also, sometimes you’ll get a follow-up message in your mailbox that contains a gift. The more quests you complete, the more you increase your chances of getting a recipe.

Trade with Buddies: If you have friends who are doing the quests, let them know you are hunting a recipe and willing to trade if they get one for your profession. Sure they can just dump their unwanted recipe on the AH, but if they know you need it they might be nice and save it for you :) Offer to send them your first crafted item as a bribe!

Use your Alts: This is one of those times when having lots of toons can really increase your chances. Do all the quests on all your eligible toons and you can really boost your success rate. One toon can go farm small eggs for the others, then you’ll have enough cookies for everyone to turn in. Whatever recipes you receive can be swapped as needed, almost like the friend plan except you are your own circle.

Log in on Christmas: Here’s the part that probably no one will warn you about ahead of time, make sure you check in on Christmas Day or the day after. I don’t recall exactly what day they do this, but right around Christmas they activate the gifts under the tree near Greatfather Winter. Everyone will be able to pick up one or more gifts and receive random loot from them, including recipes. The higher the toon, the more packages they can collect. This is your best chance to get recipes, so don’t miss out! Make sure you use your bank toons also :)

Don’t forget to kiss the Revelers for mistletoe, snowflakes and fresh holly!

5 Responses to “Winter Veil for the confused”

  1. DaddyGamer Says:

    Uhm, this might sound silly. But I cant kiss the revelers. Am I too ugly as a Dranei? :(

  2. Alazasthas Says:


  3. Kestrel Says:

    Great advice, Kali! By the way, I think the gifts are available under the tree for several days after Christmas: I was in Florida last year (as I will be again this year) and was still able to get my gifts on New Year’s Eve.

    @DaddyGamer: The revelers you need to kiss are the (usually, if not always) named ones standing under mistletoe, usually (if not always) in an inn. Simply target one and do the /kiss emote. You can do this once every hour per character.

  4. kaliope Says:

    I think you’re right about the duration Kestrel, but I don’t want to give anyone false hope. I figured I’d better not tell them they have five days if it’s four, or whatever it turns out to be. Everyone should be safe if they check within a day or so of Christmas.

    Daddygamer: You can’t kiss the “Commoners” who tend to be standing outside making random comments. You want to kiss the ones inside the inns, they are generally under some mistletoe and are called “Revelers”

  5. Armath Says:

    Thanks for the list! My LW main is set (had the glove recipe from last year), so now I just have to work on getting all the other recipes for my various and sundry alts.

    Also, your list is missing the Green Winter Clothes recipe, to go with the Red Winter Clothes recipe. One is for Horde, one is Alliance (I don’t remember which is which), and both are BoP.

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