Winter Veil is Here!

Happy Dance for Winter Veil

This is Kaliope doing the Happy Dance in her new Winter Veil outfit!

Winter Veil has finally arrived in Azeroth. For crafters, this is the time to collect even more new recipes! Greatfather Winter will send you a recipe or two in the mail if you are around 250 skill in an appropriate tradeskill, so check any messages you might have from him. Also, make sure you do all of the Winter Veil quests. They feature random rewards that sometimes include a special recipe. If that’s too much trouble for you, keep an eye on the Auction House for them. This is the only time of year they’re available, and players will often start dumping the ones they can’t use. It might be a good idea to wait until after Christmas is over, when folks start slashing prices. Right now people seem to be charging a premium, but in a week or two you can probably get some good deals.

If you’re one of the lucky crafters who can make the Winter Outfits, now is the time to cash in! Have fun and don’t forget the Egg Nog and Gingerbread =)


7 Responses to “Winter Veil is Here!”

  1. Alazasthas Says:

    Seems some people are not getting their new TBC pattern (Leatherworkers get Winter Boots and Cookers get Apple Cyder)…..Seems this is a bug thats happeneing to some people. Take care and enjoy your winter cloths and food

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hmm, that’s interesting Alaz. All my various toons got the appropriate recipes, even two who didn’t technically qualify. My level 306 Cook received the Apple Cider (req 325) and my level 225 Tailor got the Winter Outfit (req 250). My LW also received the Winter Boots and I believe all my 70 toons got the cider recipe. To those who didn’t get one of those three items, try putting in a ticket with a GM and perhaps they will resend? Couldn’t hurt to try – good luck!

    Could also check the AH in case someone sells theirs… I know I don’t need 5 copies of the Apple Cider recipe.

  3. Dorgol Says:

    I got the Cider recipe on both cooks and the Tailoring Pattern on my tailor.

    Frustrating note: Cider has a 2 day duration. I made 60 Ciders thinking I’d just stockpile them for my paladin (he never needs to eat, but DRINKING is necessary). But no, Blizzard won’t give me an easy to obtain water recipe. Guess I have to go back to leveling fishing on my warrior (330 and climbing…).

  4. kaliope Says:

    Dorgol: I noticed that the Apple Cider was a pretty nice water item, and had the same thought on stockpiling. But you’re right, the duration is kinda tacky. You realize you can just buy a bunch of sparkling apple cider, holiday spirits and holiday spices and stockpile those instead? I know it’s less space efficient, but if you really want to ensure that you have a long-term supply of cheap water, it’s a viable option. I will probably do that myself :)

  5. Alazasthas Says:

    Kaliope: I did send a ticket to the GMs. They told me thats a current bug in the game and they are looking at it. I will be waiting to see if I can get them sometime this season….hopefully :D

    On the Cynde thing, Items in the mail dont age, and if you get an item with a palying time duration, it resets… you could endesly sent it back and forth between alts to help on the storage :D

  6. Bombardem Says:

    I dont understand why they only make the effort to create gift recipes for a few trades. Especially since most of those trades already had gift recipes from winterveils past, not to mention other seasonal gifts or the same crafts.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Alaz: Thanks for the tip on the duration issue, I didn’t realize that leaving things in your mail was a way to circumvent the countdown.

    Bombardem: I agree with you, I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t throw in a few new recipes for the quest reward to spice things up. If nothing else I think it would have been nice to add a Jewelcrafting pattern to the list. As it is, JC’s are the only tradeskill with no Winter Veil recipe.

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