Windy Returns, Chocolate Cake and Discoveries!

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that they fixed my beloved gas clouds during the maintenance, even though they didn’t release the 2.3.2 patch yet. Hey, I don’t care how I got it, I’m gonna take it! So now I’m back in business farming motes for my warrior’s epic flying mount.

Also, tonight I went with my usual Kara group to ZA and got a resto druid belt. I’m a bit torn, because this makes two out of three Windhawk items that I’ve now replaced. The tunic was never even made before it was displaced by the Stonebough Jerkin that drops off of Nightbane in Kara. Either way, I think I’ve given up on ever having the full set. Clearly there’s not much point anymore, but it makes me sad that the major advantage to leatherworking is already DOA <sniff>. I’m saving the gear I already made on the off-chance that they buff it in a future patch or give us upgraded versions similar to the smithing items.

On the plus side, I did the Cooking daily right after ZA and finally got that chocolate cake recipe :) Now I just have to collect the various mats and I can start cranking out yummy baked goods for my guildies. I’m so happy to finally have the last recipe from this quest.

Also, I’ve been transmuting diamonds each day for my Jewelcrafter with my new diamond transmute recipe. Today I got a bonus that I wasn’t really expecting. I discovered how to transmute Primal Mana -> Fire. I suspect that this particular transmute is of questionable value. The primal mana might be worth 6-8g more than a primal fire. But for me it’s still nice because I can farm mana motes with Herbalism as well as Engineering. Primal Fire is the only kind that I haven’t been able to harvest with a gathering profession, now I can create my own and completely avoid the Auction House for primals. Neat!!


8 Responses to “Windy Returns, Chocolate Cake and Discoveries!”

  1. Diabolos Says:

    Congratz on more Kara loot! I ran into the same thing with Elemental LW and Kara drops. I replaced my Primalstrike Bracers a week after I made them and never even got to making the rest of the set due to Kara drops (and me being lazy about getting Primal Nethers).

    And when eating the chocolate cake, make sure you let the eating run its entire duration!

  2. Adahn Says:

    I’m pretty sure you can farm Fel Iron pretty well for motes of fire. Granted not the most efficient way of getting it, but I have a mate who swears by doing laps of Hellfire to get his.

  3. Dorgol Says:

    I recently finished collecting all of the new cooking recipes on both my 375 Cooks. Kibler’s Bits was the last one for both guys – took forever.

    In my opinion, the only non-blue transmute (be it a diamond or a Might) worth doing is the Primal Earth -> Primal Water from being Revered with Sporegarr. Sure you can create Fire from Mana, now, but you’d make more money doing a diamond transmute and buying the Fire.

  4. ladyjess Says:

    Congratulations! I dread making my windhawk set for my druid, however I don’t think I’ll be seeing nightbane or anyone else that’s going to give me a replacement any time soon so that’s what I’ll be working on after my hunter levels.

  5. Solidstate Says:

    @Dorgol, I’m not sure what you mean by “blue transmute” but at least on my server the Primal Water->Primal Air transmute is also well-worth doing since air goes for several more gold in the AH.
    I also use the Primal Earth->Primal Life transmute on one day and Primal Earth->Primal Water transmute on the second day and send the 2 Primals to my Tailor. This gives me an almost free Primal Mooncloth (Primal Earth being dirt-cheap on the AH, pun intended :)).

  6. Begonia Says:

    There are quite a few Windy Clouds in Nagrand that are in mid-air and unreachable. Has anyone found a clever way to get to them? I tried dismounting in flight and fell to my death (“You can’t do that while moving!”) I get so excited to see a Windy Cloud on my minimap just to realize it’s one of those that’s mocking me.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Heheh, Begonia – I feel the same way about those devious little taunting Windys! Most of the ones I’ve spotted have been near a floating island, so I will often try flying up to the island and waiting for the cloud to drift next to me. I’ve actually managed to snag one that way, but it’s must harder to get those. Usually I wait a few minutes to see if I can reach it, if not I move on.

  8. Yaksha Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the Windhawk stuff is some pretty decent starter Balance gear. Always nice to have that stuff around for when one spec gets boring, neh?


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