At Long Last, Gem Transmutes!

Over the weekend I finally got my Alchemist to level 60 and bought out all the Unidentified Plant Parts on the Auction House to get the Honored reputation needed for the Earthstorm Diamond transmute. This has been a long-time goal for me, especially when you consider that the toon in question was level 35 when the expansion came out. I realize that getting one character to 60 in a year isn’t a huge task, but when he’s at the back of the line with 4 other gals who were trying to go from 60-70 at the same time, it’s a big deal. At least for me =)

The main reason I kept going after he hit 50 and maxed his Alchemy was because I had a huge amount of uncut green gems that I needed to get rid of. You just can’t cut and sell them fast enough, every time you prospect for blues you make more. The only way I could think to use them without resorting to vendoring was to use them in meta gem transmutes. So finally I made my first diamond this weekend – woot!

Really, I’m quite amazed at the profit potential on these. If I actually purchased all the mats on my server, I’d spend around 50 gold. That’s assuming I don’t hunt for bargains. Since the uncut gems are going for at least 75 gold, that’s a 25 gold profit. I find that amazing when you consider that most professions have to take a loss on crafted items vs. the raw component value.

If you’re a jewelcrafter with mining, you can farm almost all the materials yourself. I only have to purchase two of the four necessary primals and I’m good. After I cut the gem, it adds another 25-50g to the value depending on the cut. It appears that the +heal and +AGI meta gems are worth the most on my server and can bring in 125-135g. For the cost of two primal water, I can earn at least 80 gold in pure profit. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

But even if you are only working half of that equation it’s good money. I’m not sure what the Alchemists are whining about as far as their profession being unprofitable. From what I can tell it’s still way better than all the other professions except perhaps Jewelcrafting or Enchanting. And since it doesn’t have the random factor that prospecting does, nor the spammer requirement that enchanting does, it looks like the best of all worlds from where I’m standing.

I know, I know, the transmutation spec doesn’t proc as much as you folks would like. Even without the extra procs, you guys can make meta gems that give a solid 20% or higher profit over the cost of materials. That puts you ahead of every other profession as far as I’m aware. My blacksmith can’t make money selling anything, period. My leatherworker isn’t much better in that department, she can make armor kits that sell for about the cost of the mats. Enchanters only make a 10% fee for their service fee, if they are lucky enough to get a good customer. Surely I don’t even need to bring up Engineering. I can’t vouch for Tailors, but I assume they are in the same boat as the other armor-crafting professionals.

I’ll probably get blasted for this, but Alchemy gets my vote for the easiest and most profitable profession.


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  1. centizen Says:

    I used to make a tidy sum on Alchemy before the expansion (I haven’t played that character mush since then) I would carry around stacks of thorium bars and arcane crystals. Every two days I could make a transute, some times logging in for five minutes just to transmute. Then my auction mule would have a stack of arcanite bars that could be traded for gold (3-5) and materials. That way I had a constant influx of gold and never ran out of materials, nor did I have to hang out in IF waiting for a buyer.

  2. Taur Says:

    I don’t know what alchemists you were talking to who were whining about their trade, but alchemy is far and away the most profitable profession (outside of gatherers).

    I was an alchemist/herbalist up until recently, and gold just seemed to flow in from everywhere! Healing and mana pots sold well and were easy to make with only casual farming for mats; flasks sold very well and could be produced reasonably easily. And on lazy days you could log on, buy an earth primal for 4g, transmute it to a water primal (revered Sporoggar rep recipe), put it on the AH, log off in less than a minute, and have money waiting for you when you log back on! Money for jam!

    Not to mention that potions/flasks were the consumables you used the most for raiding, so you never really found yourself spending money on anything more than armour repairs.

    Once i had my epic flying mount and daily quests came in as a good source of money, I switched to leatherworking… not to make money, but for a few recipes that filled some holes in my armour slots. I was tempted to switch to engineering for the same reason, but i actually really like the drums :)

  3. dinosaur fact Says:

    Had some thoughts about this a couple of weeks ago, always i tend to forget things like this.

  4. Dorgol Says:

    I have 3 level 70s, all three are Alchemists (one of each specialty).

    What I love about Transmutes is the absolute lack of any farming requirement. As you stated, I can buy mats, transmute, sell for profit. I originally though Primal Mights would be the number one gold maker, but strangely a Might is generally worth less than the components (on my server at least).

    For about 2 months my daily transmutes went like this:

    Warrior: XMute Earth -> Water – – Send Water to Warlock
    Paladin: XMute Earth -> Water – – Send Water to Warlock
    Warlock: XMute 1xEarthstorm Diamond (using the Waters provided by my other Alchemists).

    So a single transmute was costing me somewhere between 20 and 25g. I sold the uncut diamond for no less than 70g. Usually it sold for 75-80g. Prior to 2.3 and the influx of Season 1 gear I stopped selling my diamonds. I sold 7 or 8 within the first two days of 2.3 for 90-95g each.

    Since then I haven’t done any transmutes. Not because they aren’t profitable (they most certainly are), but because I have nearly 9k gold and all three of my guys have their epic flying mount…

  5. kaliope Says:

    Well I’m glad to hear that you guys are in agreement about Alchemy. The whiners I referred to are on the WoW forums, it seems like every time I stop over there to check the Professions section I see at least one Alchemy thread complaining about how Alchemy isn’t worth keeping, usually because of the “horrible” transmute proc rate. I’m so pleased to see that my readers are not of the same ilk =)

  6. Taur Says:

    Relying on Alchemy Master proc’s as a money making scheme is the same as a money making scheme based around gambling… totally unreliable and a pretty poor money making strategy.

    Sure, the transmute procs are pretty low… but really what can you expect? You are working with pretty high-value items most of the time! Any proc’s should be seen as a bonus!

  7. Dorgol Says:

    Transmute Mastery proc chance is low. Too low? I dunno. It would be nice if it were a “When used your next Transmute will yield 1 or more bonus items. 7 day cooldown.” That way you won’t go nearly a month without a proc (I’ve gone 22 days without a proc).

    What can also make it frustrating, though, is watching an Elixir or Potion Mastery Alchemist. I’ve had mats for 20 potions turn into 30 potions. That’s a 50% increase. When something like this happens on Flasks… well, Transmute Mastery just isn’t the money maker people thought it would be.

  8. Alazasthas Says:

    Kaliope, I always take the whinning I the WoW forums with a grain of salt. If you want to hear only whinning and whats not right in the game go there…..else you better be in many other places…..

    I’m a LW and a feral druid ….both of which get lots of bad comments in the official forums :D

  9. Bob Says:

    Feral Druids? Everyone loves Feral Druids.

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