The Winning Essay

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over a year since I started this blog. Those of you who haven’t been with me that long may not remember that it began as a Beta blog for the Burning Crusade expansion. Crafter’s Tome was a floundering newbie site at that time, and I was looking for a way to put us on the map.

Shortly before Thanksgiving Blizzard started giving beta keys to various fan sites, encouraging them to give the keys away through contests. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to me, as I was dying to know what was is store for crafters in Outland. I scoured the contests, looking for something I had a strong chance of winning. I found my lucky break at WoWStratics… an essay contest with the top 90 receiving a key. I knew I could write a decent essay, all I needed was a winning topic.

To make a long story short, I submitted my essay and I won a beta key. I started this blog as a way to report my findings to the WoW community. After the contest, WoWStratics told everyone that they intended to post all the winning essays online, but that never seemed to happen. I’ve finally given up on them and I’m now posting it on my own site for all to enjoy.

How to be the Jester of your Guild by Kaliope of Llane


3 Responses to “The Winning Essay”

  1. Jim Moreno Says:

    Huzzah! Here’s to wishing you another year. Thanks for helping me understand the whole crafting gig that much more. If you’re ever in the mood for RP, look me up!

  2. Solidstate Says:

    Gz on a great year of writing!

    There are many great class specific, pvp, pve or just general rant (yey Tobold :)) blogs out there, but for all my crafting info, there’s only one blog I turn to – Kaliope’s!

    So thanks for giving us all such a great resource. May your next year be as good or better as the year before :)

    Your fan,

  3. xcal Says:

    GRATZ on the year:-) You helped me drop my NUUUB status, not only as a crafter, but as a player!


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