Taking the PvP Plunge

Let me start out by saying that Kaliope does not PvP. She’s been a healer from Day 1, she’s never aspired to be anything else. Oh, I tried PvP a few times because the gear looked kinda nifty. Inevitably I would go in, everyone else would run away, I would look for someone to heal and I would be a pretty little HK with a bow on top for evil Hordies. After a few times of standing around like a dolt and getting repeatedly clobbered, I gave up doing PvP on my druid. Sure I took my hunter in and farmed AV to Honored, but my druid did not PvP.

Unfortunately they are putting some darn nice gear on the PvP vendors, including a very spiffy pair of healing boots. So it occurs to me that this could be a good way to beef up my gear in a few trouble spots. The only problem is the pesky PvP part.

Finally I took the plunge not too long ago. I decided to tackle something easy, the PvP bracers for 20 WSG marks and 12k honor. First I tried letting my kids be Kaliope, since they are more spastic and PvP-brained than I am. The downside is they suck at being a druid, so they completely ignored all the druid tricks. I’d stand behind them yelling “bearform!” or “swiftmend!” while they died hunting for the right button. Ok, Plan B it is.  I have to learn how to be spastic *sigh*.

So I started doing some battlegrounds, mostly WSG since that was the token I needed to collect. At first I tried being feral, but I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with that. I couldn’t really stand toe-to-toe on DPS with all the twinked out PvP folks. Eventually I just fell back into healing, only this time instead of standing around like a dolt, I’ve learned to follow the herd like a lemming =)

Things started out pretty slow for me, I would spend 15-30 minutes to get 1 token and maybe 100 honor points. After a while I realized that I needed to focus on the honor weekends and not bother the rest of the time. I also figured out that tokens rack up much quicker than honor points. So now I have 30 AV marks I don’t need for anything. Blizz needs to give us something we can buy with the extra marks, like the Ogri’la shards goodies or something like that.

I just racked up my last 1k of honor points last night with a few quick AV zergs, so hopefully when the servers come back up tomorrow I will be the proud new owner of some Season One hand-me-down bracers. I’m pretty proud of myself for tackling something new and sticking it out. Next stop… the evil EotS and those dreamy healer boots!


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  1. Horns Says:

    You can buy healing and mana potions in Hall of Champions (I think thats the alliance equivalent of Hall of Legends) – 2 marks of honor for 1 potion. They are the same as Major Healing/Mana potions so they are not completely useless. You can get only 10 of the same kind since they are unique (10), but up to 40 healing and 40 mana max.
    However, if you do battlegrounds often, you will max your potions and still have extra marks :=)

    WSG is a terrible battleground, it can last long and the honor you receive is nothing spectacular. Same goes for AB and EOtS, but they shouldn’t last longer than 25 minutes. I usually play AV since horde seems to win like 80% (on your realm, maybe alliance mostly wins) and honor gain is usually over 500 for a 15-20 minute game. Even if you loose, if enough graveyards and bunkers are capped you shouldn’t get less than 400. AV is a bit more PvE oriented so your healing skills should shine more there. As for other battlegrounds, just try to find a decent warrior (250+ resilience preferably) and healbot him – don’t bother killing anyone as resto with serious lack of resilience.

  2. DaddyGamer Says:

    I hear ya Kaliope.
    Gone that road myself. I didn’t like PvP the least. I made my warrior to tank – and nothing more. Now all my friends joined with friends of theirs in this friendly über guild which put Kara on farm in less than a month. (They are retired hardcore gamers so not so strange).

    Well – I can tag along whenever I have the time. But trying to go Prince in blues and crafted epics doesn’t cut it. So I respecced arms. Both to be able to dps a bit in PvE and to be able to play more since RL made it hard for me to play a whole evening.

    So – I have respecced and re-geared. But my main problem is still keeping them freaking mongrels in melee distance. And to keep track on who I am atacking in these huge fights. More than once I have realized that I have another target tagged than the one I am following. I just hope every one else is as occupied with their stuff – so they dont see that… ;*)

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    With the new daily, you should try to go and do the daily one every day….between the bogus attempts (specially in AV) i can easily get between 700-1500 honor points each day.

    I found that easier BG to farm honor this days are AB and EoTS as both tend to be quickly done. If you can get a group of 5-10 people from your guild to run it at the same it tends to be easier, as even a small group can easily flip the tables to our side. Even if you are PUGing it, you can make some kills and get some honor there…..

    WSG is a pain unless you take the time to get a full 10 man party to run it, as most of the times permades are filling up the BG…..so you end crsuhed and with little honor gained.

    AV is a nightmare for alliance most of the times, I will suggest that you run it only in off-peak hours, as the quality of the palyers suffer a lot when the little kids are playing their shinny little paper dolls, and they don’t listen to any direction or organized attempt.

  4. Joel Says:

    My first character was a holy priest way back when AV still lasted hours and hours. I loved running AV as a healer – healing can make a huge difference. Since 2.3 AV has been mostly zergfests, but a healer can still be a huge help, particularly in the offensive team. Here are some ideas that will apply to most battlegrounds as a healer.

    1. Pick a person or a group to heal. A warrior is ideal – they’ll stay alive long enough for your heals to go through and they don’t have any self-heals. Bear druids and paladins tend to be good choices too. Other classes tend to go squish too quickly, but after a battle a HOT on them can help get them moving again more quickly.

    2. Use terrain – if possible find yourself a nice tree to hide behind, or a tower, or a rock. That extra couple seconds can really help.

    3. When you get targeted, one approach that sometimes works is CC, run away, and circle back to your group – people’s attention spans tend to be short in battlegrounds.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the tips :) In my battlegroup, Alliance still wins AV at least half the time so I’m not having problems there. Lately I’ve been identifying all the warriors and bears in my groups and trying to focus heals on them since they are the front line of the fight. I usually reserve HoTs for other folks if they are between me and certain death or the fighting is over and I’m just topping them off with a quick bloom or two.

    I do find that AV is much easier for healing than WSG because people tend to stay in groups. In WSG I try to stay on D and heal whoever is guarding the flag. If there is no D, I try to stay back a bit from the action and hide in a bush if there is one. I still get targeted a lot, the Horde knows to take out healers asap!

  6. wookiecookie Says:

    Healing is hardest in WSG and AB in my opinion because the teams tend to be much smaller (in AB it’s because different people are at different points) which means healers are bigger on the enemy radar. Thus when smart Alliance teams notice me popping off heals, I instantly get a hunter’s mark above my head. In AV, there’s enough people fighting that they don’t notice me standing in the back of the front line. Healing goes a long way to winning a battleground, especially when you’re on defense in AV with a tank, but all in all I find that healing in a battleground isn’t very fun. While I feel like a vital member of a raid, I feel like an unappreciated pin cushion in battlegrounds. All I seem to do is help the DPS players hog all the glory without getting anything in return. Thus I’ve given up PvP on my resto shammy and I’m raising a feral druid for raiding and PvP purposes.

  7. ladyjess Says:

    I just started myself, as a priest. I totally agree you end up as a free gift. I found my favorite is Eye of the Storm. My job is easy. Hang out at the mage tower, call out any incomng horde, and as soon as the flag is grabbed run dow the hill, shield the carrier and escort him to the mage tower. At least I feel useful there. The others…I just die. And get yelled at for dying. Never mind it wasn’t MY idea to let a holy priest stand alone on defense on the horde’s main route!!

  8. Bob Says:

    “I just racked up my last 1k of honor points last night with a few quick AV zergs, so hopefully when the servers come back up tomorrow I will be the proud new owner of some Season One hand-me-down bracers.”

    I think you meant Season 3 bracers. :) Season one bracers are called Marshall’s and Season two was called veterans. Season 3 is called Vindicator’s.

  9. DaddyGamer Says:

    If you want to feel useful in PvP you should try arena. Druids are AWESOME in arena. With cyclone and roots you can keep one oponent locked up untli the other is dead. I play with a druid friend in arena, and we are both slovly coming to terms with what we can do. And warrior/druid is one of the best combos out there.

    The good thing with arena is that what YOU do make a difference. There is no gank-fests just because you are alone on defence. And just get a good mate to play with and expect to loose a lot at first. Just be able to laugh at it.
    The best part is that each victory will feel as your very own – not something that is chance based on 39 other players. :)

  10. Tholal Says:

    I’ve done a LOT of PvP in all of its forms, and one of the most annoying characters to fight against are the skilled druid healers!

    Insta-cast healing, powerful cast over time heals, and the mobility to escape at a moments notice provide a lot of synergy to any team. The main trick is to avoid getting insta-killed by focus fire (PvP gear with resilience and stamina will help this), and using your forms as an escape mechanism and as a deterrent (bears are tough to kill and you can hide as a cat, waiting until the engagement is under way and initial targets have been selected before popping up for surprise heals).

    90% of my experience is as an arms warrior, so my advice just comes from what I’ve seen my opponents do, but I’m sure you can find some blogs with druid PvP advice

  11. Time Trap Says:

    As a level 70 holy preist ( I stayed holy all the way up), on the horde, allow me to offer some advice.
    Now in my experience in WSG the only way that alliance tends to win is when they attack as a whole, so stay with they group. If you’re playing healer and we find out, we will come after you, at this point go into bear form, no one like beating on a target for 5 mins, mostly we will switch to someone more squishy, afterwards you can transform back and start healing again. And for the love of the game, keep a healer guarding your flag carrier!!
    For Alterac or Arathi I really suggest Joel’s advice, that’s just what I do, pick a partner, hopefully a smart one, and stay with him/them. If you’re on your own, you’re pretty much practice. Use trees and other such oblects to hide behind, try and stay hidden, healing from the top floor of a tower/mine really works well. No on has the time to swing their camera upwards to look for you. If someone sends a pet on you while your up and out of the way, kill it, chances are they don’t know where you’re at and are just trying to flush you out.
    Eye of the storm is just like Warsong, but usually faster. I never actually seen the alliance win so I can’t help you out there, I’ve never even seen them come close. All I can suggest there is pick a friend and try to keep him alive.

    I know it’s not the best advice but it’s all I got. It must be rough playing alliance BG, I think they win more of the Alterac now that they made it no fun. Perhaps you should get your honour there. Honour weeks are the best time to stock honour, but as alliance I suggest when arathi’s week is up(like right now) just go to any other BG, us horde love those weeks.

  12. lolak Says:

    No one mentioned this, but if you’re healing in AV, and “stuck” on defense: HEAL THE WARLOCK!!! We have 10k+ hp unbuffed (I can get 12k+ hp buffed) and when on D, I am spamming Seed of Corruption like there was no tomorrow, so if you keep me alive, I can do MAJOR damage to the incoming enemy offensive team and really buy our O a lot of time to do their thing.

    When I get heals in AV on D, I top the damage meters. And I’m usually not the one paying attention to damage meters (one of my pet peeves in a raid is when someone posts damage output in raid chat: I don’t care if you do most damage if you pull aggro and almost wipe us… anyway…). Just saying that to prove a point that if you keep the lock alive, we can do some serious damage. And though we wear cloth, we got lots of hp and we have CC and we have infinite mana as long as you heal us (life tap ftw). So we can live for 10 minutes spamming Seed of Corruption.

    That is all. :)

    -Lolak, 70 gnome warlock on Smolderthorn US

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