I Pwnd You

Ok, I don’t normally delve into RL on my blog, but this was so cute that I just had to share!

I Pwnd You

This is what my 6-yr old was working on this morning at breakfast, when he impishly approached me to show off the final product. Apparently we listened to “Code Monkey” a few too many times!

Of course, in true kid fashion he went on to ‘pwn decorate’ half a dozen more pages of his puzzle book, but this first one was the best =)

And no, for you other skittish moms out there, he’s not really a blood-crazed, carnage-driven video game addict. He just idolizes Jim Davis and likes to make us laugh with corny jokes and silly drawings.


7 Responses to “I Pwnd You”

  1. Horns Says:

    Another non-farming/crafting post :)))

  2. Demon Says:

    w00t Pwnd!

    That is cute.

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    While is it PWND and not WTFOMGOWNEDPWND is just fine :D


  4. Alazasthas Says:

    While is it PWND and not WTFOMGROFLMAOPWND is just fine :D


  5. Renèe Says:

    LMAO! That’s flat out adorable. :)

    Yeah, my 10 year old has more WoW words in her vocab than I care for her to know, but alas, that’s no one’s doing but my own. LOL. At least she’s not addicted, err…I mean, dedicated to the game yet. …/giggle

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    I just hope that your kid doesn’t grow up like the other vidkids I’ve taught, specifically the ones who when writing essays think “gib” is an actual word, and a verb at that. (Doom reference, but the spirit lives on.)

    Please, please, Kali, teach him at least the proper way to spell “you.” Me, I don’t even lol (except in the summer, when I loll on a hammock); but then I am a reading enthusiast. Language to me is something that should be a delight, not a chore that you have to get through as quickly as possible.


  7. kaliope Says:

    Clem: You’ll be happy to know that even at 6, he’s an avid reader and reads on a 3rd to 4th grade level. I am working on spelling and grammar with him (I homeschool him) and his spelling is at 2nd grade level now. Bad spelling is one of my pet peeves, so I can assure you that he will not be a bad speller!

    Unfortunately all of my kids are geeks and there’s not much I can do to fix that, I’m just hoping that someday they can go on a game show and meet a hot chic/stud who will love them anyway, heheh.

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