Whirr… Boop… Ping!

My warrior Kayree finally hit 70 on Sunday night, and the first thing on my ToDo list was to make a Flying Machine. I had to play some mail shuffle to get all the various ingredients to her, smelt the fel iron bars, etc. I also had to buy the elemental seaforium charges – ouch! I had the ingredients in the bank but I forgot that I wasn’t going to have the recipe by then.

Finally, I had all my ducks in a row and I flew down to Shadowmoon to visit the trainer. I hand over my 12g and get ready to craft. But what’s this? My flying machine recipe doesn’t say (1). Apparently they changed the mats on it at some point. Unfortunately for me I had already made the fel iron toolbox weeks ago – what am I going to do with it now??? So I had to send Krystella back to the Auction House to buy some adamantite bars. Very annoying!!

At any rate, I finally got my flyer put together and set out to explore. I donned by ultra-spectroscopic goggles and toodled around looking for gas clouds. I managed to find a few and collect a primal’s worth of shadow motes, here is me looking for shadow motes in my new flyer:

Engineering Flying Machine in Shadowmoon Valley (WoW, Warcraft)


Then I decided to move on to Nagrand. It was early in the evening (for me) so there wasn’t much in the way of windy clouds. I did manage to find a couple though, here’s a shot of me hunting for windy clouds:

Engineering Flying Machine in Nagrand (WoW, Warcraft)

After that I went to Zangarmarsh to farm water motes, but I won’t bore you guys with another screen shot =)

I have to say that I really enjoyed this flyer vs. the other flying mounts in WoW. It sounds like a clunky old engine, sputtering and chugging when you fly around. Every time you land or change altitude it makes appropriate grinding or crashing noises, it’s very cute. I think they did a great job with the animations and the audio effects. For those engineers out there who somehow didn’t make a flying machine yet, I highly recommend it!

3 Responses to “Whirr… Boop… Ping!”

  1. Irwin Says:

    *claps loudly* Hurray! Welcome to the Flying Machine Club! I’ve had guildies tell me how loud and noisy it is, and I LOVE IT! The only downside is that it’s going to be a little bit harder to sneak up on someone now, if their sound is up.

  2. Tsark Says:

    Grats Kal! The mat change almost got me as well, but I caught it JUST as I was clicking “create” on the Fel Iron Toolbox :-D As for the noise – I love it! It’s so perfectly appropriate, I actually have taken to switching to my engineer and flying around, when I’m having a long whisper conversation with someone. Wait until you get the epic version – it’s just a treat!

  3. Wrenzo Says:

    I love the noise too. IRL I drive an old vintage VW, so I’m kind of used to clunky old contraption noises. :)

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