Rustle me up some Stormchops!

The other day I finally got a blue cooking recipe from the daily quest – Stormchops! For those who aren’t familiar with this item, it gives you a “proc” style lightning effect that lasts for 30 minutes after you eat one. Not that this is terribly useful, I think it falls more into the fun category. Still, it’s a rare recipe and I’m happy to have it. The tough part comes when you are ready to make them. It requires a clefthoof meat + a lightning eel.

Lightning eels were previously a high-end fish that dropped in places like Winterspring, EPL, etc. Of course that’s not high end anymore, but given that eels can only be fished up during the day you will still have to put forth some effort to get them. I didn’t want to assume I could just visit my old haunts for the fish, so I consulted El once again to see what he had to say about it. He doesn’t give any drop rates, but he points readers to a chart on Thottbot for some hard data. Unfortunately this list doesn’t take into account the day/night fishing hours for the eel, so I didn’t know how reliable it would be. Once again, it’s up to me to quantify this information for the general public :)

I visited five different spots on the list, including Deadwind Pass, and caught 40 fish in each location (except Moonglade, there I did 50 cuz I forgot the number I was supposed to do, lol). Keeping in mind that the prime fishing window for Lightning Eel is 12pm to 6pm server time, here’s what I got:

Deadwind Pass (about 3pm server time)

  • 5 Lightning Eels (10%)
  • 20 Barbed Gill Trout
  • 5 Crescent-Tail Skullfish
  • 10 Bloodfin Catfish

Moonglade (Lake Elune’ara, 5pm server time)

  • 10 Lightning Eel (20%)
  • 22 Redgill
  • 10 Sunscale salmon
  • 3 Oily blackmouth
  • 5 Mithril Trout

Winterspring (Frostfire Hot Springs, 5:30pm server time)

  • 1 Lightning eel (2.5%)
  • 21 Whitescale salmon
  • 15 Sunscale salmon
  • 2 Redgill
  • 1 Major Heal Potion (shrug)

Eastern Plaguelands (Thondroril River, 4pm server time)

  • 3 Lightning eel (7.5%)
  • 12 Sunscale salmon
  • 7 Oily blackmouth
  • 1 Mithril trout
  • 17 Redgill

Feralas (Wildwind Lake, 4:30pm server time)

  • 20 Redgill
  • 12 Sunscale salmon
  • 2 Oily blackmouth
  • 6 Lightning eel (15%)

Now I was a little bummed by this because my two favorite spots from before the expansion are now the two worst spots. But it’s kind of good to see how things may have changed instead of just following the old routines. At a glance Moonglade appears to be the winner, although I returned a couple of days later and got drop rates only slightly higher than Deadwind Pass. I personally will probably stick with Moonglade since it’s very easy for Kaliope to reach as a druid. I guess anyone else could still port to Darnassus and be there in one hop as well, so it might be more convenient than Deadwind. I consider Deadwind Pass the better location if you need the other “new” fish, but not necessarily the best spot if you only need lightning eels.

On a different note, I also tested the lightning proc on the Stormchops just for fun. I ate one and then went to Skettis to do the daily Kaliri bird extermination. Since you also have to collect warp flesh I killed some of those too. From what I saw in my combat log, the Stormchops seem to proc about 2x per fight for me. I didn’t actually time my fights themselves, I would guess them to be around 20-30 seconds since I’m not the fastest killing machine. Each zap of lightning did about 20-25 damage and is capable of critting, which brought it up to about 30 damage. So it’s really not a huge bonus you’re getting, it’s mostly a fun item. I didn’t test it in caster form either, so I don’t know if that affects the results or not.


12 Responses to “Rustle me up some Stormchops!”

  1. Tsark Says:

    The MT for my raid is a paladin, and he says the chops are actually useful for him when he does AoE tanking (lost of trash, the whole of Shattered Halls)…. but yeah, I would agree with you about the fact that they are mostly a fun item.

    As for where to catch eels, of course that means that Horde has it more difficult (so what else is new?), if Moonglade and Deadwind are the two best places now…

    Now, if only I could get the Chocolate Cake recipe, I would consider myself happy :-D

  2. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    I really want to take that recipe :) but still not shown up. I love that kind of fun food and i hope we will have more than Stormchops and Dragonbreath Chili :) I was not able to fish any eels yet but a couple of friends that asked me: “What the hell is this?” sent them to me :D

  3. Talius Says:

    Got the recipe a few days ago, and finally had a chance to use the buff while farming. I was sad to discover that the lightning it shoots does not benefit from my Elemental Shaman talents (a lot of other items do, such as The Lightning Capicator). Just a fun food buff though, and I’ll keep them around for RP purposes, much like Navuud’s Concoction and it’s sexy “Now shooting electricity out of your eyes” buff.

  4. Ratshag Says:

    Had a lotta fun with the dragonbreath chili back when I was 40-45, and I’m looking forwards to getting the stormchops recipe. Multi-target tanking does seem to be a good use for them. No lucks so far, but I confess I haven’t been pushin’ hard. I did get the delicious chocolate cake to drop the other day, but I’s been too busy to bake one so far.

  5. Solidstate Says:

    I want to see a movie of a raid with all 25 people buffed with this food. Man that would be some cool lightning effects :D

  6. Bombardem Says:

    It’s funny, I was reading this article while on the way to make my spiritual stew, and then received Stormchops as a reward.
    This is only the third recipe I’ve received so far, and I got it out of a meat crate rather than a fish barrel.

  7. WiReD Says:

    Got this recipe the other day, first time I did the quest. Kind of surprised me that it was a “blue” cooking recipe. Got it after choosing the fish in a barrel quest choice.

    On my alt, I saved about a dozen of these from a few months ago–drop rate was higher then, and I was wondering why Blizz had this fish( item marked as a white item) so held on to them–wish I had of fished more back then as it looks like Blizz lowered the drop rate.

  8. Jim Moreno Says:

    Thanks for the info Kal! Fishing and cooking are two of my favorite things to do in WoW. For us roleplayers, making use of game effects like the lightning zap from Stormchops help add an extra bit of character to our alter egos.

  9. Diabolos Says:

    Be careful! I was told that I was breaking Shackles due to my Stormchops!

  10. ClemSnide Says:

    I still have a level to go on my main before getting the recipe quests, and since he’s the recently-nerfed Warrior class, it may take a while. Oh well.

    I would, though, question the idea that you can only catch Lightning Eels during the daytime. That was supposed to be the case with Sunscales and Nightfins, and I’ve caught each of those at all hours, sometimes one after the other.

  11. kaliope Says:

    Hey Clem – if it makes you feel any better I got my fury/prot warrior to 70 just recently so it can be done. I did run more dungeons with her to ease the pain tho, it also helps you get nicer gear :)

    I tried fishing for the eels at night with no luck. I went to Deadwind Pass and Winterspring and got several stacks of fish, but no eels. Perhaps there are better locations, but my spot testing seemed to show little or no action at night. That’s unfortunate for me because late evening is when I actually have the time to farm.

  12. Bombardem Says:

    I fished in Moonglade for 45 minutes and caught 20 Eels. 20% seems like a fairly accurate number.

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