Karazhan and the Angst of the Set

Last night I went to Kara as a fill with Kaliope. We did Shade, Netherspite, Chess and Prince before folks had to leave for bed (it was past 3am server time, understandable). I was just happy to be getting some VE faction and badges – hooray for badges being added to Kara! In one night I practically doubled the number of badges I’ve gotten over the last six months.

Anyway, the Prince dropped the token for the druid/warrior/priest helm and somehow I won it. I’m very excited, but also torn. Kaliope is currently wearing the Hood of Primal Life, with the Helm of the Claw as her DPS helm. Obviously my first inclination would be to use the token for my healing set helm, but it looks like the stats on the Crown of Malorne are comparable to my current hood. Aside from the sockets I would be losing 6sta/6spi/10int in exchange for +10 mp5. Not that sockets are nothing, but if the sockets are the only differentiating factor it may not be a significant upgrade for me. Most likely I would stuff them with +heal gems to give me a +44 increase in healing bonus.

On the other hand, if I take the Stag Helm of Malorne I could be looking at a significant upgrade to my DPS set. Compared to my current gear, the Malorne helm will give me an additional +28 AP or +2 dmg/second increase. That’s pretty good for one item. That combined with the fact that my DPS gear is lacking more than my healing gear, it might be worth going that route.

The question I want to put out there is, how do you other hybrid builds feel about the set gear? I mean, I think it’s great that they give us choices now and don’t lock us into one item to cover multiple playstyles. But on the other hand, when you get your set piece you still have to choose one path, which kind of detracts from the whole hybrid utility concept. I know that part of the reason Kaliope gets invited to some runs is because she’s a multi-tasker. She can contribute to DPS for one boss and lay down some extra healing power for another. Sometimes I feel like I’m serving two masters though, because it’s very difficult to collect all the best gear x 2 (or 3 or 4… if I were to go all out and build a full tank set and full moonkin set). On the other hand I don’t wanna gimp the group on a fight because I’m kind of sub-par for the role I’ve been given. How do you other hybrid types feel on that issue, do you feel that the group should accept the trade-off for selecting a multi-tasker or they should expect 100% functionality in both domains?


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  1. Solidstate Says:

    +10MP5 +44heal >>>>… (you get the idea) >> 6sta/6spi/10int

    I agree a hybrid, with the correct gear, can help out a lot when needed in a role she’s not specced for.
    But your #1 prio should be to improve the gear for the spec you’ve chosen, not for your “off-role”.

    If Kali is resto, go +heal. By the way, sockets make a huge difference and gold is cheap – you should never buy/use anything but the best gems.


  2. kaliope Says:

    Yes, after doing some research I’ve come to agree that the mp5 and heal bonus are more important for raids than straight stats. Plus the fact that my heal set is my main set, therefore I should go for the Tier 4 healing set bonus before worrying about DPS gear. The only part that muddies the waters is that I’m basically even-steven spec with 31 resto/30 feral. That said, my gear priority has always been the heal gear and the reason I’ve maintained the feral part was for versatility to benefit the guild. So I agree with you, I’m nabbing the healer helm :)

  3. Tsark Says:

    In my experience, as you progress through more and more content, you will find the hybrid specs to be losing out in favour of purer specs. I know as a raid leader I would rather invite a 41-resto druid than a 0/30/31 one – though some of our druids had exactly that spec for Karazhan, most of them have switched out, and either become full feral or full resto. I think the abundance of ways to get gold means you can just respec (and I do have some raiders who consistently respec every week), though I try not to ask anyone to do that just for one raid. Keep also in mind that within the same instance, it’s rare to have fights that require a different number of healers, though the same is not true across instances, even of the same tier – TK can all be done with 6 healers, SSC with 7, and I’m told you need at least 8 for BT….

    So, my take on your question is very much: specialise, and if you need to, respec once in a while (and maybe even get the guildbank to pay for that :-D)

  4. DaddyGamer Says:

    Yep, build your primary role first, and by that I mean the one you like to play the most. You are playing the game for your entertainment – not others. Sometimes we kinda forget that.

  5. Kruachan Says:

    I agree on “build your primary role first” that makes item attribution easier too: a feral piece will go to a resto druid only if no other feral druid as main role (or rogue) needs it.
    This is the same thing for item token, get your main role T4 piece first thereafter when all main roles have their T4 (or don’t need it) …
    Try also to get 20 slots bags, if you do not have those yet, that help to carry several sets (resto/cat/bear/etc …).

  6. Erik Says:

    So it’s not just all fun and games having two (or three) characters in one then.. =)

    Luckily, you’re not completely locked into one spec, since you can always get another token later. We have a quite steady Kara group, and I think our hybrids are into their second or third glove/helm token.

    Druid: “Nobody? Are you sure? Really? OK, I’ll take it, I might go Moonkin some day.”


  7. Alazasthas Says:

    As a fellow druid I can only tell you that set pieces are sometimes a mixed blessing. Take the Crown of Malore as an example. its not one of the best healing head pices out there….but if you are getting the 2 piece bonus that might make your coice really easier.

    For example, I did wait for a long time for the helm to drop from the Prince, as that will give me the sweet 2 piece bonus for my tanking set….I was wanting to use it both for my tank and kitty sets, but the head enchant really makes it just my tanking head piece.

    As a healing pice, I would say that unless you have the gloves, keep the Hood of primal life and go for the feral set. The hood is really great, and there are a couple of pieces that you might get your hands soon enough: the one that drops from Gruul or the one that drops from the Dragonhawk in ZA.

  8. kaliope Says:

    Wow, thanks guys :) Sounds like most of you are tracking in the same direction that I was leaning myself. I appreciate your insight into the later 25-man runs Tsark, we just started Gruul’s so it’s hard for me to gauge what our needs will be when we are fully into the 25-man content. It’s good to hear that pure specs will be more dominant, I have always considered myself a healer first. Knowing that, I can beef up my healing gear with confidence!

  9. frmad Says:

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  10. Andy / Zanthos Says:

    My Druid who i raid with is hybrid resto/Feral and i raid heal (but have been known to tank and occationly DPS) for Kara/ZA/SSC/Grulls/Tempest. I have bags full of kit, for Healing, Tanking and DPS. Ofc Healing drops are what i get primary and then any other kit if no other people are around if they want it.

    Set peice wise i only have T4 for my healing kit as tanking kit wise the non Tier stuff has the Defence i need due to spec.

    Feel free to mail me to discuss what kit i use. :-)

  11. Madphil Says:

    As a member of a guild that will moving into Mount Hyjal and Black Temple this week, I can concur with the fact that most classes in the 25 man raids will play to their intended role.

    There are some exceptions though. For instance we have a warlock respec for the Leothoras fight in SSC purely to deal with the demon phase of that fight. For the same fight, it is wise to have a dps set handy because you risk fighting your own demon self with a timer limit attached (not getting him down=you being mindcontrolled for the rest of the fight)

    For the first boss in SSC (Hydross) tanks need to have a frost resistance and a nature resistance set available for the 2 phases of that boss.

    I could go on, but you get my meaning.
    The general idea is that a priest is mainly used for healing in those instances, rogues are used for dps, warriors are used for tanking, and so on.

  12. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, hybrid classes really shine if they have the right spec for their spec. Feral and Resto druids really shine in any of the 25-man contents if they are played to their strenghts. A Resto druid can easily raid heal most of t the fights, and that will be really handy as there are many raid-healing intensive fights ahead of you. Feral are the true hybrids of the druid class. A feral druid in the raid can easily adapt to the needed role easily (if they have the gear for it). On mnay of the trash pulls you will be needing an off tank that could be done by a feral druid (just someone that has his Strength of the Clefhoof Set and some heroic pieces), on some tougher mobs you can help on the dps and finally on the boss fight you can give a help on the healing (specially raid healing).

    Take the road to the Lurker, your very first boss of the SSC (most guild will go to him before they are ready to do Hydross). the naga pulls will be needing 2-4 tanks, depending on the raid composition. the bog giants will need lots of dps and finally the Lurker needs some raid healing. If you have Hearth of the Wild, and Intensify coupled with a 1200+ healing set you can easily do all 3 roles in one raid.

    Many people say that hybrid class should only be played “the intended way” but each of them can bring great synergy with your other “pure” classes. Don’t gimp your guild and allow a well geared hybrid to be used as anyway the played wants to play his character…..and just suggest them that they should work on their healing gear just in case :D

  13. Anya Massey Says:

    Talking of druids, has anyone here had much experience using a balance/resto specced druid? I have just changed my druid from full feral to balance/resto because I felt like a change and am finding it a lot of fun so far.

    However, I’m only a level 49 and don’t do raid at all so am not sure how useful this built is when it comes to the serious stuff! One thing I will say though is that the balance talents compliment the resto talents really well in terms of mana regeneration and I have a feeling that moonkin form could actually be pretty useful for that extra mana you get from clobbering things, even if you intend to use that mana for healing rather than balance spells. Plus, being balance/resto and completely ignoring the feral aspect means that I can concentrate on getting spell-related gear rather than strength or agility boosts. Hopefully the same gear will benefit both roles, at least to a degree.

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