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The other day I was poking around in my referrer log (folks who link to me) and saw a link to me from another blog. Of course I went over for a little visit and saw that they had this to say about me “Is Kaliope ever doing anything but farming?” Naturally my response is “I’m a crafter, of course I’m farming!” But it got me thinking, I tend not to share a whole lot of my other activities with you guys. I assume you come here to read about crafting so I try to focus my commentary mostly on that. In the interest of satisfying Mr. Horns and anyone else who’s curious about my other exploits, I thought I’d bring you up to date on my regular adventures in Outland…

Kaliope (resto druid) is currently my only raiding toon – we are working on Gruul’s Lair at the moment trying to take down the High King. We do that once a week and I try to go most weeks. I’m also on a sort of unofficial “fill” status for our Tues/Wed Kara group, they start a bit early for my schedule, so they sometimes bring me in when other folks have to leave before the run is over. I actually had my first visit to ZA last week as a fill for the same group. Right now Kaliope goes on raids once or twice a week and does the daily Cooking quest, plus a bit of fishing to keep my raid food supply in order.

Krystella (rogue) hasn’t been getting much action lately. She’s got all the neato gear I can get for her without raiding, and she has several thousand gold from jewelcrafting so there’s no need for her farm either. I’m trying to get her into our Sunday nite Kara run, but so far that group is having trouble getting enough peeps to form. Mostly she comes out of hiding when my guildies need gem cuts, lol. Just this past week I finally completed the Ogri’la pre-quests, so now Krys will be doing the Ogri’la dailies in addition to the Cooking dailies.

Korlyn (hunter) is my blacksmith, so for awhile she was farming the mats for her Lunar Crescent. After that I made myself a deal that I would drop Mining on her to take up Herbalism. Since Krystella also has mining, I don’t really 2 toons who can mine. And Krystella has the added benefit of being able to sneak through caves without killing everything for ore spawns, so she won out on the debate over who got to keep Mining. I retrained Korlyn in Herbalism a couple of weeks ago, took me about 3 days (6-7 hours of game time) to get my herbing up to 375. I’m really enjoying it, she’s actually making more money from selling excess herbs than she ever did with Blacksmithing. I send half of the herbs to my wee alchemist, and Korlyn keeps the other half for herself. Korlyn also just completed the Ogri’la pre-quests (no one was running those for the longest time, impossible to get a group) so she’s going to be doing Ogri’la and Cooking dailies along with Krystella.

Kayree (prot warrior) is my current major project, when I’m not raiding with Kali or doing dailies I’m leveling Kayree. She just hit level 69 over the weekend. I’ve been trying to run her through dungeons more often than I did the other girls, it helps her gear up as well as get free XP. Well maybe not free XP, just easier XP than soloing with a fury/prot spec tank. I’ve also been collecting mats to make the various engineering goodies for her. She just made the Dimensional Ripper for Area 52 last week and I already have most of the mats for the regular flyer. I’ve been mailing her all the tanking items I’ve been looting over the last nine months, so of all my toons she’s had the nicest leveling gear.  She’s also got quite a collection of level 70 goodies waiting in the bank, including 2 of the 3 Felsteel pieces and a couple of smithing items Korlyn made. I also like to take her to dungeons in pugs where I can to practice my tanking skills. Occasionally I get asked to tank with Kaliope, so Kayree helps me practice without getting my guildies killed =)

Murkery (warlock) is my alchemist, who I inherited from my son Wildark. Sadly, he’s not a girl, nor does he have a ‘K’ name which impedes my ability to bond with him. But when I’m really bored or really feeling generous, I work on leveling him up. Right now he’s 57 and very close to Outland status. My current goal with him is to get to 60 so he can work on his CE rep and get the meta-gem transmute recipe for Krystella. After that I’m undecided if it’s worth leveling him to 68 so he can do the specialization quest for Alchemy. But considering he was level 35 when the expansion came out, I think I’ve done pretty well with him. He just got to 375 in Alchemy last week, thanks to Korlyn’s herb farming.

That’s pretty much everything I’ve got going on at the moment. As you can see, there’s actually quite a bit on my plate aside from farming :) Luckily all of these things keep me active so that I can continue to discover new things and bring them to all of you.


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  1. Solidstate Says:

    High King has 2 “trip points” – the pull, and downing the king himself after all the adds.
    The pull must be coordinated between the mage (who does the initial pull) and the hunters who MD the other mobs to their tanks. If you lack enough hunters you’ll need to make sure the OTs who pull know what they are doing. If the pull goes all right, you should have after a second or two:
    * A tanking mage with >12k health, standing along the right wall (looking into the cave) keeping Krosh Firehand busy.
    * Blindeye the Seer being tanked and DPSed close to the gate where you entered.
    * HKM being tanked on the far left side
    * Olm the Summoner being tanked somewhere in the middle (as a DPS or healer I never watch this part tbh :))

    After the tanking mage, who needs to keep Krosh Firehand busy or the raid wipes, the second most important raid member is the warlock who takes over the summoned Felhounds and uses them on Olm the Summoner. If he doesn’t take control in time or dies, you will wipe.

    For the rest – tanks, healer and DPS, the raid is standard tank-n-spank, except for making sure Blindeye the Seer’s heals are interrupted. Kill order is Priest->Warlock->Shaman->Mage->HKM.

    The second point where you can trip is once you kill all the adds, start to DPS HKM and he goes into a whirlwind. At this stage it is imperative you keep your heads, tanks must gather him up ASAP and bring him back to the corner to be tanked by the MT. You *will* loose people each time HKM does this but if you don’t panic and continue to DPS him correctly this stage is also fairly easy. The most important thing is to have the tank gather him back quickly, since he can easily 1-shot ordinary raid members and if not stopped in time will wipe you. Healers must also be on their toes to heal the OTs who manage to gather HKM until the MT can take over.

    Once your raid DPS is high enough (for my guild this happened quickly, we’re only clearing up to Lurker and Void Reaver), HKM can be DPSed down to zero before even the first whirlwind, but until you get to that stage, you need to execute well on the last part of the fight, as well as the initial pull.

    That’s it, pretty easy fight throughout, just get a good tanking mage (~13k-14k health with buffs is best), a warlock who knows what he is doing, and coordinate your pull. Get that part right you should soon be staring at a dead HKM and phat loot :)

  2. Alazasthas Says:

    I will say that once you mastered the pull, the King fight is really easy. I’ve seen more wipes from the pull going wrong that from the king himself.

    The ones that do the actual tanking are really important to get all this right:

    The Priest hits like a wimp so havea fury warrior tanking him, but you will only need to keep him interrupted and with high dps.

    The Warlock is tricky. We have tried the no tank solution and it sometimes goes wrong. Better to have a tank along the felpuppies and you will burn him really fast.

    The mage to tank the Ogre mage is a key piece of this fight. Better get a couple or more of your guild mages to have enough gear to tank it.

    For the shaman is great to have a feral duid (something I do from time to time). YOu can easily stand the hits. Just get a single healer on the druid and he should be fine.

    With this setup, you only need 3 real tanks, and you wont hurt your dps that much.

    Is a fun fight once you learn it and you can get to it in a bout 15-20 min :D

  3. kaliope Says:

    Wow, of all the various things I wrote about I wasn’t really expecting High King strats :) We are still working on the pull right now. Our group mix tends to change every week since we don’t quite have enough raiders yet, so unfortunately we spend a lot of time reviewing strat and retraining new folks when we go. I’m sure we’d have it down by now if we had the same people every week.

    Last week we were short on warlocks and had only one person controlling felhounds, so they were taking out the healers before we could down the priest. Strangely, Kaliope got to tank the priest, which was kind of fun. Usually I’m healing the tank mage which is very stressful. But we were mostly practicing the pull which was going well. I’ve actually seen the King go down twice, but unfortunately as long as our group remains in flux I think we’re going to continue struggling with this fight. Our real challenge right now is to find a reliable team who can be there every week.

  4. Horns Says:

    Sorry if my comment about you seemed inappropriate.
    But it is nice to see some insight into your other activities :D
    and thanks for the link

  5. kaliope Says:

    Rofl, it didn’t bother me at all :) I just thought it was funny that you equated crafting with farming, I never really looked at it that way but I guess it truly is. Either way, I certainly don’t want folks to have the impression that I do nothing but craft/farm, so it was good to prompt more info from me. Now my readers can see that I’m a well rounded wow-addict, heheh!

  6. Horns Says:

    “Now my readers can see that I’m a well rounded wow-addict”

    We all are

  7. DaddyGamer Says:

    After 70 we are all farmers in one way or another. We farm rep/honor/motes/badges etc. And often the ones that ain’t farming want to. Like most ppl really wanna get Kara on farm status.

    I have had ppl rejecting going to an instance because ‘we ain’t imba – so I won’t come’.

    When all is on farm it’s more or less just boring. So many want the easy way out. Like in BG (which I’m grinding a bit now) I hear more comments about how stupid and how wrong ppl are playing then actual tips and strategies. A bit sad.

    Shall we start a anti farming ring? :D

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